Kustom Timber has opened it's doors in the heart of South Yarra...

Kustom Timber Immerse_Bluestone Lane_0 9_Simon Shiff_.jpg


Premium Melbourne flooring company Kustom Timber has opened it’s second showroom– a pop up version in the heart of South Yarra.

Launching in line with the release of Kustom Timber’s exclusive new ranges – Como, Habitat, Immerse, Studio and Outback - customers to the South Yarra showroom will be privy to a first look at these unique and innovative new flooring products. Specially designed and produced to offer ‘something for everyone’, the new ranges include products suited to high end homes, right through to apartment ranges and more.

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Kustom Timber Director Mark Chaz says they’re thrilled to be opening a collaborative pop up space in line with their new range releases.

“We’re very excited to be popping up in one of Melbourne’s premier suburbs. This boutique showroom will give us the opportunity to introduce both existing customers and new clients to our new ranges, whilst giving them holistic inspiration thanks to a space that mixes hard interior finishes with furniture and art.”

“Our new ranges have been carefully planned to offer clients practical yet stunning solutions for all types of properties – whether it’s high rise developments or million dollar homes,” he added.



Launched in Melbourne in 2013 by business partners Mark Chaz and Tristan Tiller, Kustom Timber has spent the last five years building a strong reputation amongst Melbourne’s boutique builders and renovators alike. Unlike their competitors, Kustom Timber provides a full service offering, from product supply to install, right through to maintenance and aftercare.

The Kustom Timber South Yarra Pop Up

439 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm | Saturday 9am - 1pm

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How to make your laundry more efficient for your lifestyle...



When life’s too short to be doing laundry, you want washing and drying clothes to be as efficient as possible. Since the laundry can take up valuable time and space in your home, a functional laundry will help free up time for you to do better things.

Whether you live alone in a studio apartment and do laundry twice a week, or family demands make it a time-intensive daily activity, laundry is easier when everything is in order.

No matter what size house or household, Fisher & Paykel has front- and top-loader washers and dryers to help lighten the load, no matter what size house or household.

 Fisher & Paykel - Condensing Dryer, 8kg

Fisher & Paykel - Condensing Dryer, 8kg

 Fisher & Paykel - Front Loader Washer, 8.5kg FabricSmart™

Fisher & Paykel - Front Loader Washer, 8.5kg FabricSmart™



When space is limited in a studio apartment, and a laundry is simply a single appliance in a cupboard, a washer dryer combo is a two-in-one solution that will save space as well as time.  

Compact all-in-one front loaders are easy to install under a bathroom or kitchen bench-top or into a hallway cupboard and will wash and dry an average load in less than three hours. Specific wash cycles range from delicate to heavy, so you can wash gym gear, delicate’s and towels without worry. And as no venting is required for installation, it means less humidity in a small studio space.




Space is equally valuable in apartments where washers and dryers are likewise hidden behind cabinetry. Side-by-side front-loading machines allow for usable benchtops above, or stacked machines make for efficient use of cupboard space.

With revolutionary SmartDrive™ technology, Fisher & Paykel washers intelligently adjust and optimise the wash cycle for better clothes care. Condensing dryers are quick and efficient and those with heat pump technology dry clothes gently at lower temperatures, which makes for better results and use less energy than condenser or vented dryers




Townhouses may have a small laundry room, but when space is still at a premium, stacking front-loading appliances will free up valuable floor or storage space. Perfect pairs of designed-to-match washers and dryers look good and perform well with complementary designs, dimensions and easy-to-use interfaces.

And because you love your clothes, Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart™ washing machines care for your precious garments. Your favourite pieces will look and feel like new with specialist cycles for woollens, delicate’s and gym gear.

In a rush? Most wash cycles take less than an hour to complete with Fisher & Paykel Vortex Wash, and the Time Saver option activates a special temperature profile and unique tumble sequence to speed things up even more when time is of the essence.

 Fisher & Paykel - Top Loader Washer, 8.5kg FabricSmart™

Fisher & Paykel - Top Loader Washer, 8.5kg FabricSmart™


Family home

Larger laundries are a must-have when your kids’ come home in dirty school clothes and muddy sports gear. And while larger laundries offer more room to move, good design and functionality is no less important for efficient time and space.

Fisher & Paykel’s top-loading washing machine is the perfect choice for meeting the demands of families who do lots of washing, which is why it was voted as Australia’s most popular top-loader by Canstar Blue. The SmartDrive™ technology and flexible fins in the agitator work together to optimise the wash and offer superior fabric care. Based on the resistance of the load, the fins determine the fabrics, sense the soil levels and provide continuous feedback to the motor, creating thousands of specific ‘wash profiles’ in comparison to other brands that only have up to six wash profiles.

Fisher & Paykel’s top-loading washer ranges in capacity from 5.5 to 10 kilograms to handle family-sized loads and bulky items, such as doonas. And because the machine might be going all day, SmartDrive™ allows for a reliable, quiet and efficient wash while maintaining performance in back-to-back cycles.

So now you have the laundry sorted, you’ll always have fresh, clean clothes at the ready for doing better things.

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The Home Renovation Boom Continues...

 Source - Mim Design Studio

Source - Mim Design Studio



2018 is on track to be another solid year for home renovations, with half of homeowners on Houzz Australia planning to renovate their home.

Renovation activity and spend was strong in 2017, with over 50 per cent of homeowners renovating their homes, at a median spend of $25,000. Repeat homebuyers invest the most in home renovations at a median spend of $30,000, followed at a distance by long-term owners and first time homebuyers with $22,000 and $15,000 median spend, respectively.

Kitchens topped the list of interior updates for renovation frequency in 2017, with more than a quarter of renovating homeowners tackling kitchens, followed by living/family rooms, bedrooms, master bathrooms and laundries.

Kitchens were also the most expensive room to renovate, with a median spend of $20,000 for a large kitchen (more than 10 square metres), followed by large master bathrooms (more than five square metres) at a median spend of $13,000.

 Source - Tecture

Source - Tecture

 Source - Taylor Knights Architects

Source - Taylor Knights Architects


"All of the evidence from our research points to 2018 likely being another robust year for the home improvement industry,” says Nino Sitchinava, Ph.D., Houzz principal economist. “Recent buyers and long-term homeowners alike are keen on investing in major projects like kitchens and bathrooms and they’re validated by the value these projects have brought to their homes."

While improving a home’s design or functionality are the top considerations during renovations, increasing the home’s resale value is an important renovation consideration for nearly half of renovating homeowners. In fact, eight in 10 homeowners believe their renovation had a positive impact on home value and nearly half of homeowners believe that their home value has increased by at least the full amount of the project cost post-renovation.

 Source - Heartly Design Studio

Source - Heartly Design Studio

 Source - FIGR Architecture

Source - FIGR Architecture


Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.

With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community empowered by technology, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, find products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality.

For more information, visit houzz.au

 Source - Austin Design Associates

Source - Austin Design Associates

 Source - Kustom Timber

Source - Kustom Timber

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What everyone's kitchen needs... silent range hoods and exhaust fans by Schweigen

 Designed by: Darren Genner, Minosa Design | Photography: Nicole England

Designed by: Darren Genner, Minosa Design | Photography: Nicole England


When building, buying or renovating a home, the kitchen will always be the heart and social hub of the home. The kitchen brings people together, it’s a place where we make memories, enjoy family gatherings and conversations.

There is no doubt that people love to socialise over food and cooking in the home environment, however there is always something that’s intruding on our gatherings – a noisy rangehood.

And here to save the day and our kitchen island conversations is Schweigen. Schweigen is the leading brand of creating solutions for noisy range hoods and kitchen appliances. They not only make quiet range hoods and fans, they make silent ones, and they do this by placing the motor outside of the home. Schweigen has been mastering the art of the silent rangehood for over 10 years, they are Australian engineered and German made, making them the leading brand in the Australian market.

Schweigen’s exciting silent, German engineered technology is not just made for the kitchen, they also make silent multi-purpose exhaust fans that are able to be installed in the bathroom, or additionally a pantry, laundry, garage or cellar.

Retailing at $449, the BR500 silent exhaust fan is Australia’s most powerful and energy efficient multi-purpose exhaust, whisking away humidity and odours in seconds.

Enquire about your nearest store here or on 1300 881 693.

 Designed by: Eat Architects | Photography: Derek Swalwell

Designed by: Eat Architects | Photography: Derek Swalwell

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Snap Lighting - you will soon be able to change your own light fittings in just 5 seconds!


Game-Changing Technology lets you Swap Entire Light Fittings Faster than Changing a Light Bulb!


Snap Lighting is a new innovation that lets you change entire light fittings in just 5 seconds, safely, without tools, and without electricians.

We all know lighting is not only functional, it’s essential for setting the style and mood of a room, but it’s one of the hardest and most expensive things to change. Melbourne based founder and inventor Adam Cusick is changing all that with the launch of Snap Lighting.

The system includes recessed sockets and a range of compatible fittings for down lights, pendants, spotlights and more. The sockets need a simple one-time installation by an electrician or handyman, then fittings simply push in and push out with just one hand.

Once installed you can change your lights to the latest styles whenever you like, safely, without tools or electricians. It’s a revolutionary new idea, and people are already getting excited about it!

Snap Lighting


Founder Adam Cusick came up with the idea for Snap Lighting after he and his wife Rebecca renovated.

“After a while we didn’t like some of our new light fittings, so we had to get an electrician to change them, which was a hassle and wasn’t in our budget. As an engineer and industrial designer, I knew there had to be a better way,”
inventor and founder Adam Cusick said.

Since the initial light bulb moment Cusick has developed the idea from early sketches through to patented prototypes tested to international safety standards by testing service TUV Rheinland. He has manufacturers ready to start the tooling process and suppliers ready act on short notice. 

Snap Lighting is already attracting high interest from renovators, builders, interior designers, decorators, homeowners and renters. 

 Snap Lighting launched a few weeks ago on Kickstarter where people can support the project by pre-purchasing at discounted prices. The campaign runs until October 4th 2018.

After the Kickstarter campaign, Snap Lighting will be available in Australia mid 2019 through the Snap Lighting online store, and retail stockists. There are plans to expand internationally in 2021.



"Your product looks great!" - Adam Dovile, Better Homes and Gardens Presenter

“I LOVE this product! What a game changer!” - Zoe, thediydecorator.net

“So excited... this is pure genius!” - Hayley, mumlittlelove.com.au

“You guys have a great product” - Shay and Dean, The Block winners 2015

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Time to upgrade your home? My top 8 tips to help you get there!


Our lives are always changing, sometimes through choices we make ourselves and sometimes life will throw us a curve ball and turn our life upside down… and sometimes when your life changes, it’s time for your home to change too.

If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to find a new home, one that will suit the new you, ensuring you have as much knowledge as possible is so important. NAB have a super helpful online resource called the Life Moments Hub which is literally a source for finding your way through life’s unpredictable moments - the perfect resource to help you through the life changing moment of upgrading to a new home. Just because life is unpredictable, your finances don’t have to be.

It’s time to turn a daunting and overwhelming situation into an enjoyable and exciting life changing experience…  



1.  Research

It is 100% worth taking the time to research the area that you are looking at. This will ensure that your new home will be your dream home and for some people it may even be your forever home. So, let’s talk through all the things you should be looking out for before signing on the dotted line. Check out the neighbours - if you’re brave, strike up a conversation with the neighbour to see what they are like, remember you will be living next to them for a long time and there is nothing worse than a difficult neighbour. If they seem nice, ask them what it is about the area they like, getting insider knowledge from a local is always beneficial. Look in to the level of crime in the area. Is there a lot of construction going on in the street? Are there properties with planning permits being advertised? If so go onto the local council website and have look at the plans being advertised to ensure there aren’t any apartment blocks going up next door, or across from you. Check the zoning of the area to see if high rise apartments are allowed, or if there are any plans for major roads in the future, as these could be deal breakers. Drive around the streets to make sure that it’s a neighbourhood that you would feel comfortable buying and living in. Another tip, always do drive by’s at different times of the day/night and weekday/weekends, so you will gain a greater understanding of what it would be like to live there.

2. Finance

Make sure you have your finance in place before you start seriously looking, or looking at all. There is nothing worse than searching online for hours, going to several open for inspections every weekend, finding the perfect property and then going to the bank and realising that your borrowing capacity isn’t what you thought. Remember just because you have the deposit, doesn’t mean you can loan what you need, so make an appointment and sort out your finance before you start looking. This will give you peace of mind as well as making sure that you don’t have your heart set on a house you think is your dream home, which you later realise you can’t afford. If you’re also considering whether you should or shouldn’t sell your current home before purchasing a new one, NAB has some helpful info here.


3. Do you have a growing family?

Do you already have children, or are you planning on having more children? If kids are in the picture there are even more factors to consider when choosing where you want to buy your new house – what are your thoughts on inner city versus the suburbs for raising your family? If you are a city dweller through and through what are your thoughts on compromising on a backyard for closeness to the city? It’s also a good time to check out the local schools, think about your new work commute and consider things like public transport and if you’re anything like me, taste testing the local coffee is a must!

4. What do you really need?

What do you need in a new home? Make a list of what is non-negotiable and what you can live without. How many bedrooms do you actually need? How important is ample storage to you? If the kitchen isn’t perfect do you have the budget to renovate it once you move in? Write everything down and it will make your life so much easier when deciding whether each home is a real contender for purchase.



5. Building inspections

You’ve found the one, but what should you look out for before handing over the cash? Always get a building and pest inspection on all homes, units and apartments, even if they are new. Only the professionals know what to look for when inspecting for termites, sinking floors, cracked walls and ceilings as well as damage from things like mould, rising damp and failing waterproofing. A building inspector will also point out issues to you such as poor workmanship and design flaws which you may not have noticed.


6. New or Old?

Have you ever considered buying a brand new home? In some cases, buying a brand new home, either off the plan, or recently finished is a great option to get all the things you want and need with the added bonus of it being perfect when you move in. Moving in without the need to fix or change anything sometimes means a little bit more money in your pocket.



7. Have you ever considered building?

Is building an option for you? If you have been looking and researching as well as going to inspections and auctions and you just aren’t winning the property, or maybe you can’t even find the right property, maybe it’s time to think about building. Building a home from scratch means you have all the choice in terms of your home’s design, floor plan, layout, fittings, fixtures, finishes and overall aesthetic. Although it’s a daunting and seemingly stressful exercise to take on, building a home to your exact needs, lifestyle and specifications can not only be a very rewarding and exciting experience but it also means that you will have your dream home!

8. Location, Location, Location

Do you have a dream suburb that you just need to live in? Most of us do and only some of us ever achieve it. It’s always great to have something to work towards, but if your dream suburb is currently just a little outside the budget, why not look at properties in the next, or a few suburbs over, to see what is available? Expanding your suburb search area a little wider may show you new and exciting places you had never considered living in, but have all the things that you would like. 



This article is a NAB paid promotion and was written in collaboration with NAB. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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Renovating - how to keep your budget healthy!


Renovating everyone’s talking about it. You turn on the TV and there’s a show about it on every channel. You scroll through your Instagram feed and yep, everyone is renovating! So how do people find the time, the inspiration and most importantly the money to start the process of renovating their home?

I’m going to share my top tips for succeeding with your renovation and how to do it within your budget, which is 100% the hardest part of renovating. Having renovated several houses, some a quick face lift and some literally starting from scratch again, I have learnt many things and finding ways to save money has been the most beneficial. Renovating can be an expensive exercise - but with some guidance and helpful knowledge it doesn’t have to break the bank.

NAB have a super helpful online resource called the Life Moments Hub which is literally a source for finding your way through life’s unpredictable moments - just because life is unpredictable, your finances don’t have to be. 



1 - Do as much as you can yourself 

You’re probably thinking, ‘easy for her to say when her partner is a builder’ and yes, that has meant that we have been able to do incredible things and some things that others couldn’t on the same budget but that doesn’t mean you that you still can’t do a lot of it yourselves. There are some incredible resources for learning skills to aid you in tackling your renovation in a DIY fashion.  Use blogs, google, YouTube, the staff at Bunnings, your father in law, or your chippie friend, to gather as much knowledge as possible. And you will be surprised at how much knowledge and skill your friends and family have, so ask around and even ask for a day’s help here and there… your mates will love helping in exchange for a slab!

2 - Shop around

If you love it, don’t buy it…just yet! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying things on the spot because you love it…. ALWAYS shop around, as in most cases you will find that exact item somewhere else for a cheaper price. This is especially the case for interior fittings and fixtures - the main items to always shop around for are: carpet, tiles, floor coverings, light fittings and tap ware.

3 - Do your research 

The most important aspect of any renovation is to be prepared with as much knowledge as possible. This is true for every single part of the renovation journey - what are you planning to do? How are you going to do it? What trades will you need? Do you need council approval? do you need plans and permits? and how long do you estimate it will take? Make a plan, plan a timeline, a schedule and LISTS before you start.

4 - Get several quotes 

Always get at least three quotes for everything, especially trades and you will be amazed at the savings you can make. 



5 - Be prepared

Depending on the extent of the renovation you plan to undertake try to be as prepared as possible. When you have trades coming to quote, try and have your plans mapped out as clearly as possible to ensure that you’re using everyone’s time efficiently. If you know your plumber is coming, ensure you have all your tap ware on site as neither of you want them coming back another day to finish the job because you couldn’t decide on black or chrome.

6 - Don’t get too excited and pick all the trends you see on Instagram

This saying applies for all sorts of things across your renovation! For example, if you are renovating your bathroom, do you really need 3 or 4 different tiles for the space? NO. This not only costs you more money in purchasing costs, it also costs a fortune more in tiling costs, mitering the edges of those bevelled edge, handmade, hexagon tiles you saw on Instagram means HOURS more work for your tiler, equating to an expensive bill! Before you go out shopping, know your style, pick your colour palette and don’t go over your budget.



7 - Do you really need it?  

This tip is following on from the above, just because someone else has it, does it mean that you really need it? So often we see beautiful images online and want that for ourselves, but if you’re renovating on a budget sometimes it’s necessary to go without, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, aesthetic or quality. Know your style and stick with it - you can’t go wrong. For example, a huge saving can be made in your bathroom by removing ‘the double basin’ - how often are two people both needing to use the basin at the exact same time? One basin means one set of tap ware, one basin, one mirror and a considerably cheaper plumbing bill.

8 - What can you live without for now?

If you’re nearing the end of your renovation and money is getting tight, try to only spend on the necessities and the less important things can wait until your budget is a little healthier. A few examples of ways to finish your reno without anyone else knowing it’s not 100% complete. Pendants can wait, get all your main lighting such as downlights in and bring the electrician back in a few months to fit off your pendants when you have saved enough to purchase them. Hold off on luxuries such as sheer curtains if you also have blinds. You can have the blinds installed for now and wait a little for the sheers. New furniture - you can probably live with your old furniture in your new house for a little while. I know it’s not ideal when you want to be surrounded by stunning items in the home you have slaved over, but if it’s choosing between landscaping your garden over a new couch, I would always choose having a gorgeous garden first!



This article is a NAB paid promotion and was written in collaboration with NAB. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Pastel Pops with Haymes Paint - Colour Library Volume 11



Cohabitate - Volume 11, Haymes Paint

The ultimate palette for creating an easy breezy space, where people can come together, communicate and spend time free from technology and the chaos of everyday living. The colours are light, airy and breezy in peach and pink skin tones, with a real focus on pastels being a starting point for introducing more colour into the home using minty greens, fresh lemon and duck egg blue.

Colour is one of the easiest ways to create a separation in a space without physically closing it off. The Cohabitate palette from The Colour Library Volume 11 by Haymes Paint is all about using colour to create spaces that foster conversation and togetherness, while still allowing a space to have multiple breakout areas that can serve a multipurpose.

  Colours used are Haymes Streamwood, Haymes Passion, Haymes Ultimate Seamless Flooring in Storm and Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau

Colours used are Haymes Streamwood, Haymes Passion, Haymes Ultimate Seamless Flooring in Storm and Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau

  Colours used are Haymes Light Admiralty Grey, Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau and Haymes Simply Woodcare Aqualac Satin

Colours used are Haymes Light Admiralty Grey, Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau and Haymes Simply Woodcare Aqualac Satin

  Colour used is Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau

Colour used is Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau


 Suppliers Aura Home, Canvas + Sasson, Clickon Furniture, Cone 11 Ceramics, Country Road, CULTIVER, Designstuff, Domo, Halcyon Lake, House of Orange, Hunting for George, Ikea, Into the Wild, Lightly, Mud Australia, Open Room, Something Beginning With, Southwood Home, Space to Create, St Albans and Voyager.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby

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How to make a grand entrance... Interior Designer Sally Caroline gives her top tips


With a focus on making a great first impression, Corinthian Doors has added several fresh styles to its Blonde Oak Entrance collection.

Interior designer, Sally Klopper of Sally Caroline Interior Design says, “The Blonde Oak Collection has been created with purity in mind; the ability to develop a single, unified theme throughout your home. This visual consistency is crucial to interior design as it reflects a sense of calm - in turn, giving your home a more refined finish. The versatility of the new range means it can be adapted to honour any home style, now or in the future. The quality craftsmanship and materials mean that your door will look great now and can be refinished to create a new appearance if you choose to renovate.”

Here Sally opens the door to some of her favourite looks and how a front door can really make an entrance.

Corinthian_City_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5VG Opaque Glass - Prices start at $834 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



Forget fussy fashions, ‘less is more’ has become a universal design concept. This look is typified by refined simple lines, quality finishes, neutral colours and clean-cut edges. Corinthian’s City pivot door adorns an almost sparse exterior, using vertical glass panels to give the illusion of height and a rich brown shade to the door becomes the understated focal point of a modern home.

“People are often drawn to minimalist interior style for its effortless simplicity, but it’s actually the contrast of tones, proportions and lighting that make the look. Try experimenting with different glass panelling to cast defining shadows in your entrance, and if architecturally equipped, choose a pivot door for a bolder opening to the home.”

Corinthian_Country_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO 21 Clear Glass - Prices start at $466 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40 (T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg


Modern Country:

Modern country inspired homes reflect a sense of warmth and light, by marrying warm colours like creamy whites and chestnut browns, defined by strong timber accents throughout the home.

“The Corinthian Blonde Oak door collection has a true Country style offering. The American White Oak veneer frame harmonises with a beautiful stone facade creating a seamless experience as you walk through the door. An open panel of clear glass allows light to fill the entrance, creating a cosy atmosphere in the home. Alternatively, frosted glass offers privacy for homes with direct visibility of the interior”.

Corinthian_Coastal_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5G Opaque Glass - Prices start at $486 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



More than just a style, the coastal look is a way of life. Everything from the weatherboard, to the doors and windows take their aesthetic cues from the coastline and sunny skies.

“Corinthian’s Blonde Oak Coastal doors reflect the beautiful Australian shoreline. The sandy colours of the door embody the natural landscape, while horizontal panels accentuate the shadow lines of the weatherboard. For a twist – try making a statement with a blue base stained door, drawing upon tones the sea and sky.”

Corinthian Blonde Oak Collection is available from all good reseller stores across Australia. For further information please visit www.corithian.com.au

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This weekend's DIY - Friendly Paving Patterns


With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor entertaining area. And the best place to start is from the ground up with things like pavers, turf and pebbles.

Pavers are a key element for both design and practicality – creating a solid foundation and starting point for your backyard. While the ease of installation is one thing that makes paving a great choice for DIY projects, it also gives you the ability to get creative with different patterns.

“For variety, style and impact for your home, the flexibility that pavers provides is hard to beat. With any one paver, you can create four to six different paving pattern styles allowing you to find the right match for your home,” explains Adbri Masonry’s Brand Ambassador Jason Hodges.

Here, Jason shares his tips on paving in an array of DIY friendly patterns. When laying a paver, it’s important to leave a 3mm gap between each paver – this is for jointing sand that is swept over the surface once you’ve finished the job. This sand will help to avoid the pavers from rubbing and chipping.

The most important element for those looking at DIY paving projects is the fact that some areas and paving patterns require half pavers to fill gaps and this involves cutting. “Some paving patterns will require cuts via the use of a brick saw which can be hired from Bunnings or a local hire shop. While the hiring is easy, the operation of the saw requires caution and all of the required safety gear, so take your time or better still, engage the help of a tradesman,” says Jason.



Stretcher Bond -

Stretcher Bond is the most common paving pattern as it’s DIY friendly, requires minimal cutting and leaves little wastage. It’s a traditional pattern that replicates the classic look of brickwork and can easily hide imperfections in the pattern.

 Stretcher Bond - Designed by  Lisa Ellis Gardens

Stretcher Bond - Designed by Lisa Ellis Gardens


Stackbond -

This pattern is an excellent choice when paving feature spaces such as entertaining areas and patios where the finished look is important. Stackbond is a great paving pattern choice for large format pavers and can make smaller layouts appear bigger – a great design hack. The pattern is simple to install by carefully laying each paver down by one corner, once laid you will see that all four corners of the pavers will meet. Keep in mind that lines do have to be straight, as this pattern will show up any imperfections.




Herringbone -

The Herringbone pattern is a savvy design choice that is making a stylish comeback. Using a smaller format sized paver, interlock the pavers on a 90-degree or 45-degree angle. It’s an eyecatching pattern that will make a great first impression.

 Herringbone - Designed by Paul Gazerwitz of del Buono Gazerwitz.

Herringbone - Designed by Paul Gazerwitz of del Buono Gazerwitz.


Basket Weave -

The Basket Weave pattern is a design that adds character, dimension and complements existing brick surfaces. To achieve a Basket Weave pattern, simply lay two pavers the same way each time, swapping in direction every “set” of two pavers and repeat. When choosing a paving colour, be sure to take a close look at the bricks in your home, as they will be flecked with a few different colours. You need a rectangular paver to achieve this.

 Basketweave - Via Pinterest

Basketweave - Via Pinterest


Mixed Euro Stone -

This is a new trend for both residential and commercial applications that incorporates mixed pavers of different sizes and colours for a modern paved look. It’s a great option for families as the colour variation can easily hide any stains as opposed to one solid colour.

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5 couches that are perfect for small lounge rooms!

 Image credit | Globe West

Image credit | Globe West


Having a small lounge room does not mean that you have to be limited with your furniture choices. There are an abundance of gorgeous and on trend options for creating your dream relaxation space, even if it is a tad on the small size! 

When choosing a sofa for a small space, firstly think about furniture orientation and what will make the space feel bigger and more open. Try not to have the back of the couch as the first thing you see upon entering the space, if possible create a 'walk way' into your zone, this will ensure an open and spacious feeling.

Keep your colour palette neutral and calming. White and light tones create a sense of space as well as reflecting light and you can add in pops of colour with cushions and artworks. 

Keeping your furniture up off the floor with legs can be a wonderful way to create a sense of space and avoid 'boxy' shaped larger items when possible.

And lastly, try to choose items that are the correct size for the space, you don't want to over power and dominate a small space with a huge sofa or coffee table, although an over-sized rug is a great choice for a small space!

What are your top tips for furnishing and styling a small room?


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Top tips to achieve the perfect lighting for your family home...


A dated 1920s Californian Bungalow, located in Glen Iris, Victoria, has been transformed into a Nordic inspired, blush-toned wonderland, in five short months. The norsuHOME, built by Nat from norsu Interiors and her husband Dan, is a family home that exudes visual design and practicality, whilst meeting the needs of a young family.

 Photographer Stu Morley | Stylist Beck Simons

Photographer Stu Morley | Stylist Beck Simons

 Photographer Lisa Cohen

Photographer Lisa Cohen


When it comes to lighting plans and design, Nat from norsu worked closely with Gerard Lighting to find the perfect balance between architectural design and practical application for family living. “Lighting shouldn’t be seen as just a mere necessity; instead it’s an important design process in achieving the overall mood and feeling of a home,” says Nat.

“Gerard Lighting’s extensive range and their expert advice enabled us to create a carefully thought out lighting plan that met all of our objectives,” continues Nat.


 Photographer Stu Morley

Photographer Stu Morley

 Photographer Stu Morley

Photographer Stu Morley


Starting with interior lighting, it’s important to create a signature statement about your individual style with a carefully curated range of feature lighting. The home features Pierlite Litelux Opticolour LED Downlights, which have the ability to change colour temperature when dimmed and Pierlite Astara Real Ambient Sunset Dim LED Downlights, allowing the user to “colour shift” the light output for a balance between visual comfort and ambience.

Today’s modern technology now allows for smart home connectivity – making life easier with lighting control solutions. Being able to operate lighting by remote control helps to create a home that is more energy efficient, secure and satisfying. Offering state-of the-art simplicity, Gerard Lighting suggested the Diginet Sitara Lighting Control system for the norsuHOME. The homeowners can personalise the way they control their lighting via their smartphone or tablet, whether it be setting different lighting levels in a range of rooms, choosing lighting moods or having lights turn on to simulate occupancy whilst they’re away.


 Photographer Lisa Cohen

Photographer Lisa Cohen

 Photographer Lisa Cohen | Stylist Beck Simons

Photographer Lisa Cohen | Stylist Beck Simons


“We have two young children and having the ability and luxury to turn lights on and off remotely were extremely appealing to us. Our children are still at the age where they are at times frightened by the dark, so the Diginet Sitara wireless feature allows us to control the dimming of their lights from the comfort of our sofa,” says Nat.

“We can also utilise the timer feature to ensure we’re being sustainably conscious once they’re asleep. Being able to turn on the lights at night wirelessly before entering the home ensures we always feel safe. Additionally, we love the colour coding of the switches knowing we can quickly identify the right light the first time and it also helps the little ones,” 

"Gerard Lighting also made invaluable recommendations such as the Diginet Smart Scan Sensor MKII to control LED strip lighting in the bathroom and laundry, ensuring a safe passage for the children during the night,” says Nat.


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House of Home - Bathware Excellence Awards

House of Home


It’s time - House of Home are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Bathware Excellence Awards and we LOVE who you, the public have voted as your winners!

This year’s awards have been very exciting with thousands of votes from Australian bathware enthusiasts. The results for all of the categories were incredibly close which reflects the unique design qualities that each nominee offers.

“When it comes to choosing bathware for a new bathroom or renovation, Australians are spoiled for choice. The shortlist of manufacturers should be commended on producing on-trend, quality fixtures for Australian bathrooms. Quality, design, function and price are integral parts to choosing the right fixture for a bathroom. When a manufacturer nails all these categories, it gives the renovator confidence with their bathware choices.” Bec Senyard | The Plumbette

Without further ado, drum roll please, the winners are....

     Best Shower Brand:    Phoenix


Best Shower Brand: Phoenix

  Best Vanity Brand:  Timberline

Best Vanity Brand: Timberline

  Best Tapware Brand:    Phoenix

Best Tapware Brand: Phoenix

  Best Bathtub Brand:  Vizzini

Best Bathtub Brand: Vizzini

Source: It’s time - House of Home are pleased to ...

Nailing Design within your budget - workshop event with BuildHer Collective



Do you want to build your dream home, but still need to stick to a budget? BuildHer Collective can show you how!

BuildHer Collective was created to empower women with the right tools to build the home of their dreams. Rebeka Morgan and Krisbashini Hannon of BuildHer Collective have created an online course that guides you through every step along the journey, with the support of like-minded women. This fantastic duo brings their vast construction and renovation experience and mission to help women create their dream home with clarity and confidence for a unique, strategy-packed workshop!


4 Hour Workshop


The Nailing Design Within Your Budget Workshop!

Learn how to "Build like a BuildHer" and get the design you want, whilst managing your budget at the same time.  It's tough ask though right?... BuildHer get that, and although winning the lottery will solve most of your budget problems, most of us haven't (yet).

Money is a massive thing to think about with any build or renovation project.  You can get crippled by the fear of going over budget… you don't want to blow it and if you do, how can you afford to fix it and finish???

Everyone’s heard ‘those’ horror stories and continue to hear them.  However, the reality is that if you follow BuildHer’s simple process, you can make sure that you are in the best position possible and avoid overwhelm, conflict and regret.



You don't want to put yourself in the position of having to make massive sacrifices at the end of your renovation because of bad budgeting AND you want to be able to shop for the "fun stuff" at the end like fittings and furniture obviously. You know that new couch you've had your eye on would look perfect in your new dream home!

BuildHer Collective can show you how to "get that designer look" whilst managing a "realistic budget".  They can help you set up your build to ensure a winning outcome!

So whether you're thinking about building or have just started, this workshop is for you.  Not only will you learn some super practical and relevant information, there will also be some tasty treats and beverages for you to enjoy from Chef - Michelle Boyle.

Build Her Collective


Here’s what the workshop covers:

-The practical and relevant information to understand the right renovation and building options, without having to make massive sacrifices at the end of your project.

-The simple steps to navigate a fun and fulfilling building process whilst knowing exactly what to ask from your designers and architects. (Communicate your needs with a clear 3-step process!) 

-The strategies and how-tos to create stunning details without ever being worried about going over budget.

Build Her Collective


You’ll leave the event with a clear plan that works for the project that’s guaranteed to save you money during your project - without sacrificing an ounce of style.

P.S. It’s important to know that the workshop is limited to just 30 people, so don’t miss out!

The goal is to create an intimate, exclusive workshop for you to get the steps you need whilst sharing your current ideas, challenges, and get your questions answered! Think of it as the opportunity to spend the afternoon with your own renovation and design think tank for just $197.

Plus, the steps and strategies to create your dream home with clarity, confidence, and support.

Grab your spot HERE!

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A builder is just a builder right? 

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

What you need to know about choosing a builder with Director of Nexus Home Improvements, Matt Keogh.


Customer experience is the biggest factor when choosing a builder. You aren’t just purchasing products, you are purchasing a home, your home - something in which to make your life better! Therefore your builder should always make the building process enjoyable for both of you by focusing on providing a premium customer experience as well as a premium product.  

Choose a builder that is suitably experienced. This helps to ensure that there are no costly mistakes made along the way and that you can put your complete trust into them, knowing that you will receive your dream home at the end of the process.

Choose a builder who you feel comfortable with, it's important to be working with someone that will follow your instruction if need be.

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


How did you find this builder? A lot of quality builders will source their work through referrals and word of mouth, so speak to your friends, look online, read reviews, can they show you current examples of their work, where was the last house they built? 

Big - but not too big is important. Ideally it’s best to deal with a boutique company where the director or owner will personally work on your project - they will have a support system of supervisors, trades and designers that will assist with the day to day running of your project.

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Nexus Home Improvements complete Second Storey Additions, Home Renovations, House Extensions and Custom Designer Homes. Their attention to detail in build quality, design and finish, coupled with modern building techniques ensure that they stand out from the crowd and that their projects are second to none. 

Nexus Homes Improvements major focus is on creating the optimum customer experience through good design, thoughtful consideration of client requirements, expectations and budget. Part of this involves having a skilled and enthusiastic team of designers and trades people, coupled with careful planning to minimise variations and really listening to what you want!

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Building with Nexus you are always in contact with a director which allows for organised communication throughout your building process.

Something that we love about Nexus is their Prefab 'pods'. They are a super modern ‘pod’ addition which contrasts perfectly against the traditional and/or original facade of your home. The ‘pod’ addition is a modular extension, which in basic terms means it is pre-made and finished offsite and then craned into place (scroll down for progress pics), this allows for a faster build time, less chaos at your home over an extended period of time and it’s obviously just pretty amazing! 

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

 Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

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Trending | Mixed Metal Tapware



Dorf’s bold mixed metals range is leading the way in bathware innovation – and right now, there’s no hotter trend in interiors than mixed metals.

For some time, various metals such as silver, gold and rose gold have often been paired with “flat hues” to create complementary schemes. However, in the last few years, designers have started to think outside of the box in order to come up with new, fresh design aesthetics, pairing differing metals together as they discard previous design “rules”.

According to experts, this new mixed metals’ trend will be one of the hottest elements in interiors for 2018 and is here to stay. Think rose gold vases on top of silver platters, brass hooks alongside silver edged picture frames, and even differing finishes combined into the one item such as a gold and silver mirror frame.

The Dorf range features a wide variety of tapware in the most progressive mixed metals finishes - such as black/rose gold, black/chrome, white/chrome, black/gold and black/copper. 

Dorf creates minimalist and cutting-edge products that strike the perfect balance between form and function and has established a reputation built upon innovative thinking and creative functional designs. Behind Dorf’s stylish aesthetics are leading edge technologies that have enhanced the functionality of all Dorf products.

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3 steps to coat your deck - long weekend DIY!


The Easter Long Weekend is here, therefore it's the prime-time for home improvements and outdoor entertaining. So why not tackle those odd jobs and DIY tasks around the home that you have been putting off!

Just in time for the 4 day weekend Cabot’s have released a decking product called the 'Finish in 1 Day system' - turning what is usually a six-week gruelling and time consuming process into a one-day job, yes ONE DAY! This fantastic new product means long-term updates are now much faster, giving you more time for outdoor lounging and entertaining on your fresh deck!

There is a 'Step by Step guide' below as well as a super helpful 'how to' video!


Step 1

Take your Cabot’s New Timber Prep and apply it evenly to the boards with your Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

New Timber Prep imitates the exact effects of weathering, by drawing out the timber’s tannins and oils. 

After 15 minutes, rinse away the residue with a hose, leaving the surface ready for coating.


Step 2

Immediately clean the timber with Cabot’s Deck Clean.

Cabot’s Deck Clean should be mixed with water (1:4 parts) and applied to the timber’s surface using a bristle brush, like Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

After 20 minutes, it should be rinsed off with a high-pressure hose.


Step 3

Once the deck is dry, it is ready for coating.

Stir the Cabot’s Aquadeck to ensure that the colour is well mixed and even.Start by carefully cutting in around the edges of the deck with a paintbrush. Apply oil to three or four boards at a time using the Cabot’s Deck Coat Applicator.

Always work along the whole length of a board to a natural break to prevent patchy results.

Allow 1 hour to dry for the first coat and then reapply.

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Thinking of an outdoor shower? My top 12 designs for you!


12 outdoor showers to get you excited!


We love outdoor showers... we love the coastal feel, the holiday vibes they give, the novelty of being able to shower outdoors if you feel like it and just the overall idea of having one!

The best thing is you don't need a lot of space, if you're lucky it won't involve too much plumbing and as long as you do your research and put it in a place that will drain adequately, you're good to go (I would advise getting professional advice on where to put it, better to be safe than sorry)!

 Via Pinterest - designer unknown

Via Pinterest - designer unknown

 Via  Home Beautifu l - Photo Chris Warnes

Via Home Beautiful - Photo Chris Warnes

 Designer -  Shareen Joel Design  | Photography Brooke Holm

Designer - Shareen Joel Design | Photography Brooke Holm

 Via Inside Out Magazine

Via Inside Out Magazine

 Image via Brooke Holm

Image via Brooke Holm

 Architect  Robson Rak Architects  | Photography  Shannon McGrath

Architect Robson Rak Architects | Photography Shannon McGrath


Thinking of updating your space with Wallpaper? Check out these Wallpaper Tips from Luxe Walls...

Light Grey Wood Panels.jpg

Top Tips for incorporating colour into your space with Wallpaper!


Choosing wallpaper can be a little overwhelming with so many available options, but if you stick to these top tips from Luxe Walls you are guaranteed to create wall coverings that you love looking at.

Before you can decide on the perfect wallpaper, you need to consider the style of the room. Is the wallpaper going in a traditional or contemporary space? What is the purpose of the room - a casual or formal living area or a quiet place for rest and relaxation. Are you wanting to create impact with a feature wall, or wallpaper all walls in a room with an overall pattern. The look you want to achieve will be different depending on your answers to the above questions and so too will your wallpaper choices.

Floral Bouquet Wallpaper (1).jpg

Formal spaces lend themselves to stripes, traditional florals and damask patterns, where bolder patterns such as geometrics look fabulous in rooms with a contemporary feel. Bedrooms are the perfect place for your personality to shine through, but remember they are the place of rest so stick to calming colours and patterns.

With seasonal change upon us, new colour trends are appearing to excite and inspire. Gone are the bright colours of summer -  instead we are being tempted with earthy shades, sage greens, warm neutrals and shades of red and orange. These brighter colours are being mixed with warm neutrals to create shades of terracottas, a new favourite of the season. Grey greens are another key player for Autumn 2018. To create coziness, combine terracottas, rusts and warm neutrals to your grey greens for an autumnal feel.

Moody Floral Wallpaper.jpg

At Luxe Walls, we see many trends come and go, and a couple that are shining at the moment are florals and wood panelling. Florals can change the vibe of the room depending on the colour and size of the blooms and we can modify your pattern size depending on the look you want to achieve. A small delicate pattern works well for wallpapering a complete room and gives a subtle visual to your walls, especially in soft greys . Alternatively, an enlarged floral pattern creates impact and works better as a feature wall.

Pink Wood Panel Wallpaper.jpg

Wood panelling is another on trend wallpaper at the moment, with many requests being received for our Wood Panel wallpaper in a variety of colours. At Luxe Walls, we can customise your artwork choice. We can match any pantone colour, change the size of a pattern and even alter the width of wood panels.

Wallpaper is a versatile wall covering option and the perfect way to personalise and create interest to the walls in your home. Whether you are choosing to follow seasonal trends, or following  your own creativity, with over 100 million images, Luxe Walls has you covered.

Oriental Floral Wallpaper.jpg
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Time saving and oh so smart, say hello to the LG TWIN Wash...


Everyone is busy - whether it be work, family, kids, friends, trying to have a social life or all of the above! Our day to day lives are hectic at the best of times and because of that I know that finding new ways to save time is always a good idea, especially on the less than exciting things like laundry!  

So it’s time to start saving a few precious moments of your day to day life, and what better way to do it than with the new LG TWIN Wash – smart, efficient and most of all time saving! 


First and foremost, the feature I am most excited by is the Dual Loads feature, yes you heard me correctly - you can wash 2 loads at once! With the uniquely designed Mini Washer for those all-important small loads and delicate items, you can do two loads of washing at the same time - boom, life is already better, getting all your washing done in a flash is my type of washing machine! And as an added bonus, even though it’s a front loader it has a Mid Cycle Pause feature, so you can always get that lost sock in.

My next favourite time saving and life changing feature is the Washer/Dryer Combo. The front loader in the LG TWIN Wash also doubles as a dryer, so you can load it, set it to wash and dry, and then come back and TA-DA it’s all done in one click of a button! The Washer/Dryer Combo also saves you valuable floor space in the laundry by having just the one laundry specific appliance… and isn’t storage space just the best thing in the world?! Time to say hello to more of it!

P1050300 (1).jpg

Now we all love a bit of technology, it’s the way of the modern world and now you can get tech-y with your laundry appliances too! The LG TWIN Wash smart phone integration feature means you can manage your laundry anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone with the LGSmartThinQ app! You can remotely start or monitor the wash cycle while you’re at work, on the move or even outside watching your kids play – excited much?! 


And I just need to add because it is such a major factor for me and I’m sure for many of you, that this washing machine is oh so sexy… sleek, modern and with an anti-fingerprint stainless finish - what is that you say? literally your fingerprints won’t end up all over this, so you don’t need to add that to your cleaning list, hallelujah!

Although mundane daily tasks like laundry exist when we would all much prefer to be sunning ourselves, sipping a cheeky vino and reading a book, LG makes it a whole lot better with inventions like the Twin Wash! Now, when will they make a robot to actually load the washing for us?!


Disclaimer -  LG gifted me the Twin Wash to trial and review, all opinions are my own. 

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