Dot + Pop is an online destination for all things design, home and renovation.

Curated by seasoned renovator Eve Gunson who has over 10 years hands on experience within the design and building industry, and has an eye for style and the finer details.What was once a place to share the inspiration behind her personal projects, Dot + Pop has since evolved into an interior styling business and a voice of authority in the home and design space.

Together with her partner Matt, a registered builder, they have completed several home renovations in inner city Melbourne over the past 10 years and continue to put their hand to stunning projects that fit their minimalist and classic design aesthetic, with an emphasis on workmanship and finishes.

Eve shares her tips on renovating, takes you inside homes that capture the modern Australian lifestyle and showcases products that she discovers through her styling work within the industry. The result, a community of design lovers who engage and connect with each other through their shared desire to make their house a home that they love.

Dot + Pop work with numerous brand partners to bring engaging content to life, if you'd like to hear how we can connect you with our community please get in touch....