Just in time for Christmas.. The new collection by LYNKA.INK

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We loved sharing LYNKA.INK with you a few months back when we first discovered their beautiful artworks. And now it's time get excited because they have just released their latest collection of fine art prints, entitled Fragmented. The key influence behind the collection is the artist Lyn's love of modern art and minimal design, and we can't get enough of it!

"For this particular series I was strongly inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, particularly its influence on modernist architecture. This body of work is largely hand painted with some experimentation of collage, and I have further explored my fascination with contrast and balance, to create unique and thought provoking compositions."

"As with my first collection, I have created it with a passion for making art more accessible to art and design enthusiasts who want to be able to appreciate art in their homes but may not have the opportunity to own the original art." says artist Lyn Gowin.

The editions have been reduced to only 50 per print, and due to the high interest in her work she will be working on some one off original artworks in the new year. Don't miss out - SHOP here!

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Why we are in love... with Love Your Space!

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Love Your Space was created from a love of photography, travel, the ocean and breathtaking landscapes. We love the soft pastel colours, rich earthy tones and the stories behind the beautiful artworks that Love Your Space have created.

We chatted with Dani Burley, the creative force behind Love Your Space to find out about her life, her love of photography and her budding business... scroll down to check it out and to see more of her divine photographs.

And if you need one of these beauties in your house by the end of our interview below (which I promise you will!) get onto their SHOP here and use my code: SPRING for 25% OFF.... and  these beauties start at just $12, is that not the best news ever?!

Can you tell us a little about your background and Love Your Space?

I'm a country girl at heart, I grew up in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW. I’ve lived in different parts of Australia and overseas since leaving home in 1997, but it was my 12 months in Mission Beach in 2009 that opened my eyes to photography. It started as a hobby, but I was keen to make this my full time job. So I moved to Melbourne, did a photography course and I began working as an assistant wedding photographer. I then ventured out on my own as a freelance wedding photographer and loved it. 

At the end of 2013 I went traveling for two months around South America where I captured the most stunning images from a 4-day trek from Atacama Desert, Chile through to La Paz, Bolivia. 

Our first daughter Wila arrived in 2014. It was then I decided to have a break from weddings and focus back on my original passion of capturing landscapes. It wasn't until our second daughter Hazel arrived in 2016 and the move down to Warrnambool for hubby's work that I decided to bring Love Your Space to life. 

I've always loved interiors and styling, so I thought what better way to make my little mark in this industry then having my artwork displayed and styled in beautiful homes and spaces.

How would you describe your work?

Pastels, natural light and a lot of landscapes. I’m always adding to my collection, I'm looking to incorporate some richer tones, more flora and some quirky animals.

Where did your love of Photography come from?

I was always playing with the big old video camera as a kid, making pretend documentaries and movies, so I always thought that would be the path I’d take. But it wasn't until I was 29 that I became obsessed with photography and creating beautiful images. 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Living down along the great ocean road means I'm spoilt with the countryside and the ocean, so where I live inspires me the most. Other artists also inspire me, I've been an avid Jonas Peterson stalker from years back, the way he works with light is insane.

What can we expect from you next, do you have any new collections coming out?

Next year we're hoping to venture to New Zealand, a place I've wanted to travel to and take photos of for years. I'm also working on some darker tones, so I'm currently brainstorming ideas for my new collection. 


Who are your favourite artists/designers/photographers at the moment?

Artists - I've just discovered Leden, she's from NZ and does the most beautiful water colour pictures

Photographers - Jonas Peterson, Leila Jeffery's and my friend Elisendra Russell. All so different, but I draw inspiration from each of them.

Designers - I'd like a whole wardrobe of Gorman please. I’ve also been a part of the talented duo at Beeline Design, taking their very first product shots years ago. Watching them expand and producing the most gorgeous pieces of furniture has been super inspiring.

Dani Burley - Love Your Space

Dani Burley - Love Your Space


Modern, Deliberate, Individual - Art prints by LYNKA.INK

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We love sharing new beautiful art with you and we know that you will just love boutique design studio LYKNA.INK, founded by artist/designer Lyn Gowin.

Built on a love of conceptual design, an eye for the unique and a passion for making art more accessible, Lyn takes a modern approach of experimenting with both traditional art methods and digital technology, to create premium statement art prints. 

And Lyn is offering you all 10% off all orders - use code D+P10 at the checkout, YAY - SHOP here! Code ends 30th September 2017.

I sat down with Lyn and chatted all things art, inspo and design... scroll down to check it out and you might just need ALL of these prints in your house by the end, I know I do!

Cracked _ Passing Ships.jpg

Can you tell us about LYNKA.INK and what led you to becoming an artist?

I have worked in Fashion for over 10 years but was always drawn to the graphic/illustration aspect of the business rather than actual garment design. Having always illustrated and painted my own art on the side as well, it was after having my daughter that I decided to focus on these passions outside of the fashion industry. The light bulb moment for LYNKA.INK came when creating some wall art for my daughter’s room. When friends showed interest in it, it opened my eyes to sharing my work as quality editions so more than one person could enjoy it.

Outside Box - High.jpg

How would you describe your art?

I like to think of my work as thoughtfully considered art and design. Every design has its reason & own evolution. My work tends to be quite minimalist, graphic and modern. I am a less is more kind of person and this definitely comes through in my work. I am passionate about making my art accessible, yet retaining its exclusivity, and that is the key concept of why I chose to create my work as limited edition art prints.

Each print is archival grade, and stamped, signed & numbered by me. Currently the first collection holds 100 editions of each design, but I plan to reduce this number to 50 with the next collection.

Can you tell us about the creative process you go through when creating your pieces?

It all starts with pen, paper and lots of random sketching. I am old fashioned in that respect and even though my art is digital in final form, I never sway too far from my love of traditional art methods of hand illustrations and painting.

So for me its all about experimenting in the studio. Sometimes an idea just has better impact as purely digital work and other times I will mix the two together for a more organic feel.


Where did your love of art come from?

My love of art definitely stems from my mum who is also an artist and graphic designer. From an early age my artistic side was always nurtured and in particular I was encouraged to think outside the square when being creative. I think exposure to the modern, abstract & cubist art my own mother was inspired about and painted herself, strongly fuelled a similar love for this art within myself.

Mosaic 1&2.jpg

Where does your inspiration come from?

My ideas are so random and just come from the everyday…my surroundings – basically anything! It can be the lines of a building, the composition of an interesting photograph or just something I am looking at broken down to it's simplest forms of line & shape. Very often as well, I love the idea of just putting a line or shape on paper and seeing where it takes me. I like to think these pieces are more guided by emotion and how I am feeling at the time.


Who are your favourite artists/designers/architects at the moment?

I love uncomplicated yet thought provoking design and am drawn to such artists & designers. I really like the French artist Frederic Forrest’s work. His unfinished sketches seem so complete at the same time. I really also admire Melbourne artist Caroline Walls and how she stays so true to her subject matter whilst reinventing it all the same with each new collection.

What can we expect from you next?

I am currently working on my next collection which I plan to release later in the year. I kept my first collection quite broad but with this next release of art prints, I am keeping it tightly curated to what is my design handwriting. I am really enjoying experimenting with different mediums and can’t wait to share the finished concepts.

I recently showed my collection at Melbourne’s Décor + Design show which was an incredible experience and confirmed a really clear vision for LYNKA.INK. My next focus is the Finders Keepers market in Oct where I look forward to showing my work to the public outside of the trade show arena.

Boxed In - Building Blocks.jpg
Lyn Gowin of LYNKA.INK

Lyn Gowin of LYNKA.INK


Artist Profile - Kaz Djordjevic... and your chance to WIN!


We are so excited to be sharing artist Kaz Djordjevic with you today - her work is absolutely stunning, abstract, vibrant and inspiring... and we know you are going to love it just as much as we do! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Kaz about what led her to becoming an artist, where she draws her inspiration and what we can expect from her next.

And in exciting news you also have the chance to WIN one of these amazing limited edition of 25 pieces, 20” x 20” size with a value of $449 - all you have to do is:

- Like Kaz Djordjevic on Facebook here.

- Comment the name of which print you would like to win on Dot + Pop's original Facebook post -  here and tag a friend!

Can you tell us a little about your background – what path led you to becoming an artist?

Ironically, it took me many years to pick up a paintbrush and actually just start.  I always had paint, brushes and canvases ready to go in my studio, it was something I really wanted to do, but something was holding me back – and I suddenly realised I kept thinking ‘what will I paint?’ and that's what was actually holding me back. And then time eventually came. I had just left a business and was taking some time out to regroup… it was a beautiful sunny day so I grabbed everything, along with a yum bottle of vino, grabbed one of my favourite albums, cranked the tunes and just went for it! Ta dah! I’m an abstract painter!

This actually made great sense. Being completely unrestricted and working in an almost meditative way, using music to guide me was such a liberating process.  Being in that in-between place where you’re in a dreamy sub-consciousness, yet so lucid and technical all at once.  I’ve always been hugely creative and have studied a variety of art forms throughout my life - from being heavily involved in dance from a young age, to studying Art & Design, Fashion & Textiles as well as Photography at RMIT. I’ve always had a huge imagination and a want and a real need to create. 

Over the past six years I have been painting artworks with every bit of spare time I have, with the intention to explore it further as a potential career path. Painting makes my soul sing; the world suddenly seems a brighter happier place, so I’m going full steam ahead to turn my passion into my lifetime career. Thoughts of having a career as a painter have always rattled around in my head, recognising the lifestyle that could be had really appealed to my sensibilities. It feels like I’ve gone full circle; however that desire to be a true, raw, real artist was always on my peripheral; I feel that being a painter allows this.  The universe somehow aligned and made me open up my eyes to this possibility, for me to recognise that I can make a significant contribution as an artist; and in a way that shirks the connotations that being an artist comes with an expectation of struggle.

How would you describe your work?

I am very comfortable with what I can produce technically, from life drawings in pencil and charcoal through to intricate surrealist paintings… however my paintings are nothing like that. I don’t want them to be like that. I needed them to be an exploration and to push boundaries, to have freedom and continually surprising the viewer. They are very much about taking a chance and seeing what happens, a discovery and creating a new visual language.

“Her palette is limitless with unusual and highly improbable mixes of colours. They are brilliantly bold, whilst intuitively balanced.”

With this in mind, their beauty lies in the manner of their unique expressionism style. They are distinct and sophisticated, surprising in their elegance; surprising due to the naivety and rawness maintained of the beautiful organic forms. They are truly individual works of art that are extraordinary, refreshingly real and instantly recognisable as a Kaz Djordjevic artwork. The works really asks the viewer to look at the movement of the paint and expression of colour on the canvas.  I often have a giggle as the question “what does it mean?” is raised with me more often than not. I love this challenge and being a bit cheeky as I am, I respond by asking the viewer to breathe, spend some time in front of the piece, really be one with it and then let me know what it means.

I’m continually amazed how people connect with the works emotionally and what they draw from the painting. I feel they find their own little ‘dance’ in each piece and I suppose that’s the effect I want them to have; for each person to go away owning the experience in their heart and viewing the world in a slightly different way.

Can you tell us about the creative process you go through when painting?

That first day I started to paint really harked back to my training as a dancer and a photographer - having to be so technically astute, decisive and surprisingly methodical to actually be able to let go and be free as an artist, free to create. What was most important though, which grew through the many years of training, is the instinct of knowing when to stop. To instinctively trust that your creation is, right now, at it’s best. This forms the basis of everything I do.

Time and place is so important for me as I really need to delve and be ‘in the zone’, finding that sweet zen spot where I’m supported by the space I’m in. I have a natural eye for design, so my studio spaces are always beautiful and welcoming with eclectic furniture, lots of plants, plenty of art from other artists, loads of natural light, essential oils burning and great music playing - of course with good set of speakers to assist in cranking the volume. The spaces I work in really appeal to all of my senses allowing me to be in a comfortable, groovy place, where my mind is open and ready to create. I describe my painting process as a dance, using the music to guide me. I’ll listen to the same piece of music, the same album, over and over, working on one painting until it’s finished. I let the music ride over me, absorbing it and harnessing the energy.

My works align with a Dadaist philosophy, utilising ‘laws of chance’ in my method and creating works that can never be replicated. The Dada chain of thought is “to destroy the hoaxes of reason and to discover an unreasoned order.” I paint with no plan or expectation and really take this on the Dada approach by starting to work with the paint, grabbing whatever colour is jumping out at me, inline with the energy of my movements - it’s literally a dance with the canvas as I rely on my natural instinct to ‘play’ with the colours, forms and textures as I procure them on the canvas.

Every painting is different - I might use big brushes and lay down all over colour, filling up the canvas, or I might throw paint straight at the canvas. I love mixing up colours to create my own palette, it feels like the colours I produce have never existed before; seeing how dragging paint or making marks with random implements or by using my hands unfolds on the canvas. Yep, I’m generally covered in paint from head to toe by the time I finish!

Not much changes whether I’m painting indoors or outdoors. I work all my paintings in the round, so I continuously move around them painting, having a groove, noticing how the light hits them, turning them to explore gravity, making paint run to create interesting organic forms. As such there is no correct way to hang my paintings, literally no ‘top edge’ to them. They actually work being hung anyway up, ‘the right way up’ is purely what appeals to you the most. They can look really different depending which way they are hung and I want people to have a play to see what works for their sensibilities.

Where did your love of art come from?

Growing up on stage in a theatrical environment, being around such an array of costumes, stage design, lighting of sets, music scores and dance styles was the starting point. I really understood early on that everything is connected, that art is everywhere, it is part of being human. Growing up in Perth, which is officially the most isolated city in the world, definitely contributed to me having a huge imagination and wanting to learn and explore what the rest of the world is about.

Being a child of the 70’s, it was a carefree environment where I’d explore and roam, encouraged to think big and be confident in myself.  I’m inquisitive by nature, so I was always dreaming of other places and of creating in anyway, shape or form. When not in the ocean my hours were spent watching art-house movies, being fascinated by exhibitions shown at the Art Gallery WA and losing myself in B&W photography and French and Italian Vogue magazines.

My uncle was a hobby artist, abstract also, therefore watching him work and what he would surprise us with next was really exciting for me. I was always trying to get him to stop a painting (even if I had to steal it from him), before he painted over his own brilliant work. There would be achingly beautiful paintings strewn around, absolute and lyrical but by the next day they had vanished, transformed and painted over because what I had seen “wasn’t finished”. This had a really big impact on my appreciation for art and the mastery of being an Artist who can accept their own work for what it is.

What does a typical day involve for you?

Gosh, everyday really varies - it depends what stage of ‘the process’ I’m in. I try to set days of the week for particular areas of the business so I can manage everything I need to do without becoming overwhelmed. I really need to be (try to be) methodical as my roles are definitively split between being a creative and business development. I really do need two of me! I tend to paint in blocks of time, so I’ll set aside a week or two so it’s all I need to focus on. Before I start painting it’s imperative to spend some time setting up so everything is at hand to use if I need it or not.  Paints, brushes, a variety of implements, lots of cloths and a truckload of drop sheets.  Deciding on the music to listen to takes up a big chunk of time too. Some days can turn out to be totally messy, so I have to preempt the disasters that can easily happen with oil paint.

The actuality of my everyday as I begin is to straight away put on some great tunes, burn essential oils to make my space lovely to get into the day - setting the stage somewhat. I’m never in a rush in the morning, taking time to become focused, I really give each day the respect it deserves. I’m not subscribing to the ‘rat race’ and usually find myself driving against traffic which gives me great pleasure. 

The most important thing as I work on my own is to not go stir crazy! So with this in mind I make sure to be actively networking, meeting other entrepreneurs and refreshing my brain and soul with a little cruisy afternoon bike ride around my hood. I’m also doing Pilates and Yin Yoga each week to balance myself, reconnect to the present and keep my body and mind healthy. Running your own business is really challenging and always being on the go can quickly take it’s toll.

Pretty much every day finishes with cooking a beautiful meal (I’m quite a foodie), matched with a fabulously appropriate vino and relaxing with my love.  My partner is a chef but he doesn’t get to cook at home. It’s really a win win situation, as I liken cooking to being my meditation and I get to spoil him at the same time after his long hours in the kitchen.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration is everywhere - I might see a flicker of light or a play of a shadow, it could be an interaction with an animal, a photograph, an artwork, walking into an amazing space or something humorous that makes me laugh out loud… if it piques my interest it’s mentally filed away. It could really be anything but it is music that makes it all happen.

What can we expect from you next?

Next I'll be launching a collection of luxury scarves in cashmere and silk.  They will feature my paintings reworked as textile designs therefore creating a new dimension of my works. The scarves are a gorgeous quality, holding my designs well as wearable art.

With Kaz Djordjevic Studio I want to push the boundaries of re-imagining existing items as modern products that are relative to this era.  I’m really gagging to start to conceptualise the photographic campaign around this and can’t wait to photograph the range creating timeless and jaw dropping imagery.

As a brand I’ll be researching and developing home and lifestyle products with a huge focus on sustainability and innovation.  I will be making items that you will have for many years that won’t be disposable, stunning pieces that you will have in your personal space or that will be functional for your everyday.

Outside of that I’ll keep on painting and creating more original works to exhibit as I’m aiming to have an exhibition within the next 12 months.  With those works I’ll continue to expand on my limited edition print and scarf range, I'm hoping to have quite an interactive affair when I do pull the exhibition together. It would be lovely to start looking at doing some commissions too, so that will also be on my list of things to do.

Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment so far?

I sometimes will receive emails from people who have come across my work to let me know how much they love it.  This is the best ‘pinch me’ moment. It’s unfiltered and real and it melts my heart that they have taken the time just to let me know.  It’s these moments that keep me pushing forward to follow my passions.

Who are your favourite artists / designers / architects at the moment?

I really adore a lot of Indigenous artworks, finding each artist so distinct and different than the next – a lot of the work I’ve seen really blows my brain. The influence of place is remarkable. I find the more contemporary artists really interesting in the sense that they are creating their own stories rather that purely painting the stories that have been passed down through generations. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a handful of contemporary Indigenous artists and have had the experience of seeing artworks being created and hearing their stories which is beautifully grounding.I have very eclectic tastes, hence I’m always defending myself in the fact that I don’t have favourites. In anything. I love, enjoy and celebrate so many different aspects that I generally find something intriguing with most spaces, designs, artworks and well, things. 

I’m a big fan of ‘clever’ design that unashamedly sets it’s own style. So for me architecturally speaking I’ve always been a fan of the aesthetics of Architects like Frank Loyd-Wright and Gaudi who have an almost surreal integration, whilst creating a connection to the natural environment. I greatly admire designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Viktor & Rolf who create over so many mediums – very much like myself.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions or collections coming out?

I’m planning to exhibit within the year, however just needing to find the right space to do so.  I’ve conceptualised a fantastic experience for the exhibition (which I’m keeping under wraps). So on that note, if anyone would like to attend the launch, please subscribe through my website to join‘Art Lovers’ for updates and an invite when the time comes.  If anyone is reading this who has a fab space to house a fab exhibition… then please call me right now! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for the launch of my wearable art scarf range.

Limited edition print details:

  • Signed and titled by the Artist. Title and signature is handwritten and embossed Artist’s seal are placed in the white border on the front of all prints.
  • Giclée print.
  • Limited edition of 25 or 50.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Embossed with Artist’s seal. The artist 'seal' will always feature as embossing on the lower edge as an assurance of authenticity.
  • Hand torn edges.
  • Printing is always on to the highest quality papers available. Digitally giclée printing onto 100% cotton rag matt paper. This is museum quality paper that is an uncoated, acid and lignin free certified archival paper with a 85 year guarantee for image stability.
  • Printed with Epson UltraChrome™ K3 archival inks.
  • Framing is not included, all prints will require framing on arrival. 
  • Paper prints have a white border added to the actual image size for handling & framing.

Kaz Djordjevic limited editions are available exclusively direct from the Artist. Production runs are tightly controlled and are strictly limited to the number in the edition. All prints are handcrafted by expert fine art printers in Melbourne, using premium museum grade parchment and archival inks - presenting an exceptional depth of true colour and rendering of fine detail with the highest image stability available.

Get in touch -  1300 077 021 - www.kazdjordjevic.com - Facebook - Instagram

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. The Winner will be picked at random on Sunday 20th August 2017 at 10pm. Winner will be notified on Facebook and will need to contact Kaz Djordjevic Studio directly to claim their giveaway prize.


Bloom | new collection by Kimmy Hogan


There is so much to love about Kimmy Hogan's latest collection BLOOM. \

Her art is digitally created, however each line and each shape has been created with the stroke of her hand, resulting in the feeling of her pieces being hand drawn. Every line and every colour is carefully considered and each piece is an absolute masterpiece - we can't decide which one we love the most, which is your favourite?

Each piece is limited edition, so be quick - Shop at Kimmy Hogan or Green House Interiors .


New Art Gallery designed for Interior Designers...

Jessica Watts - You'll Always Be Like This To Me

Jessica Watts - You'll Always Be Like This To Me

We love art and Sydney's latest art gallery offering has us super excited!

A collective of 13 Sydney artists have recently opened a new gallery space, ‘Sydney Road Gallery’ on 7 June in Seaforth which disrupts the traditional gallery model of showcasing and selling artworks.

The collective are accomplished mid-level exhibiting visual artists from disciplines including painting, printmaking, textiles and sculptural basketry, who have come together to jointly open and manage a combined gallery space.

Sydney Road Gallery objective is to create a business around relationships: artists with artists, artists with customers and artists with stylists and interior designers.

Jessica Watts - So Deliciosa

Jessica Watts - So Deliciosa

Fiona Chandler who came up with the idea for the gallery said, “Artists are collaborators, it takes many people to see original artworks on walls. We want to acknowledge the coming together of patrons as well as stylists, interior designers and architects who create a unique and aesthetically beautiful space place to live and work.”

“What we wanted to create is a conversation, developing relationships with the people that buy our works.”

Debbie Mackinnon - Wavelength

Debbie Mackinnon - Wavelength

“Every artist in the collective see buyers of art as patrons of the arts rather than simply a transaction. When you spend hours or even months creating a piece, each painting or sculpture has a story woven into it.”

“We want to tell those stories to our ‘patrons’ and the people who change spaces with our art such as stylists and interior designers. The feeling that comes from making something and then seeing that made item in a living or work space, and knowing that it was specifically chosen, can be life changing for an artist.”

DebbieMackinnon - HiddenDepths

DebbieMackinnon - HiddenDepths

The gallery will feature a diversity of artwork that will inspire and appeal to interior designers and art lovers alike, including paintings, textiles, sculptural and wall hanging pieces to suit different tastes, themes and settings. The works will change every two weeks.

Monique Tyacke - Sea Breeze

Monique Tyacke - Sea Breeze

Eleanor Amiradaki- Protos1 & Protos2

Eleanor Amiradaki- Protos1 & Protos2

Jessica Watts - Pretty Boy #2

Jessica Watts - Pretty Boy #2

Sydney Road Gallery

Where: Sydney Road Gallery, Shop 2, 563 Sydney Road, Seaforth, NSW

Gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm


Artist Profile - Alan Walsh...


Alan Walsh is a dapper Yorkshireman and internationally acclaimed artist who continues ‘to blow doors right off’ with his use of light and primary colours. His style is accessible, vivaciousness and brings a certain vibrancy to any canvas. 

Due to his father's job designing racing cars, Alan spent his childhood weekends travelling to exotic destinations such as Monaco, Monza and Silverstone. To keep him entertained on these long journeys Alan would sit with a pencil case and paper, and sketch the glamour and decadence of this grand life.

I found the racing interesting but the thing that truly mesmerized me was off the track, the sheer glitz and glamour that arrives when the Formula One roadshow comes to town. It wasn't only the places we travelled to. I was also captivated by the luxury brands that would sponsor the sport - the huge designer watches the drivers would wear, the way certain woman around the circuit would dress like they were walking down a catwalk.’  

By his early 20’s Alan had already created an impressive portfolio, designing and illustrating for many leading branding agencies both in the UK, US and Australia. In 2010 he left the branding world behind, making the decision to focus solely on his art and exhibit around the Globe. That he certainly did, excelling with solo Exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London and a sell-out Tour de France show while also owning his own Sydney gallery for 3 years.

Since then, it’s no coincidence that prestigious commissions have followed, for the likes of London Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz, Tag Heuer Watches, Tour De France, Grey Goose Vodka, Coca Cola, Neverfail Spring Water and The Royal Flying Doctors. His work has become iconic, earning him front covers of art house magazines and has been compared to other greats who ‘blew the doors off’, such as Andy Warhol and Fellow Yorkshire man David Hockney.

Today, with Alan’s hands-on approach, the brand continues to flourish and evolve. He travels the world to immerse himself in different cultures and people from all corners of the globe, fuelling his creativity with things seen and felt and imagined. 


Botanical Night by Kimmy Hogan...

Images from www.kimmyhogan.com.au

Botanical Night is the latest offering from super talented Geelong based artist Kimmy Hogan.

Kimmy's love of botanical beauty is apparent in her digitally illustrated artworks. The collection is limited edition with only 50 per size (4 size available) and each piece comes hand signed and numbered. 

Swooning over these stunning pieces... 


Lisa Lapointe - new homewares collection...

Lisa Lapointe artwork and soft furnishings. Photo – Armelle Habib. Styling – Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors.  

Lisa Lapointe artwork and soft furnishings. Photo – Armelle Habib. Styling – Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors.

We have loved Sydney based pencil artist Lisa Lapointe for her gorgeous artworks for a long time – how super talented is this lady?!! And in her newest venture she has released her very own collection of home wares, all adorned with her beautiful hand drawn designs. The range features oversized floor cushions, scatter cushions, quilts and wall paper – all printed and stitched in Sydney, Australia.

Avalon-based Lisa works exclusively in vibrant coloured pencil. Her meticulous works on paper are large in scale and utilise a bold colour palette, clean lines and strong geometric shapes. ‘The technique, hours of colouring in, is a sort of meditation practice in itself’ Lisa explains. ‘It requires great patience and diligence. Any mistakes become part of the work as there is no rubbing out or going over.’

Lisa Lapointe here - Shop here - Instagram here 

D + P


The Finding Quiet Series by Mini Grandi Artist...

Rise from Defeat – fine art giclée print

Rise from Defeat – fine art giclée print

We love Mini Grandi Artist and her new series 'Finding Quiet' is none other than gorgeous. 

The inspiration behind her newest print range ‘Finding Quiet’ was her discovery that through being kind to herself she had gained acceptance and subsequent inner friendship. The quiet that filled her was the gift that she had given herself.

"This is so painfully obvious but something we don’t necessarily always see that clearly or even remember as sometimes that inner negative voice creeps into your mind discouraging you. I only discovered it’s importance since starting mini Grandi Artist almost 2 years ago. My days are now often a lot happier since learning to be kind to myself and taking consistent moments of quiet time for self care."

Storm over the Water and Storm over the Mountains fine art giclée prints.

Storm over the Water and Storm over the Mountains fine art giclée prints.

"I discovered stillness through meditation early on in my art journey but have come to realise that I now don’t have to search for it like I once did as it has quite simply found me and has become an established part of my life.  I live my days often with inner quiet and a resounding feeling of calm that helps me enjoy the process of each day as well as getting me through difficult situations.  Finding Quiet is something I always yearned for unconsciously but never knew how to reach until I was there. With this series I wish to inspire you with how I found my inner quiet through acceptance and kindness."

The Finding Quiet series is a collection of 4 fine art giclée prints ranging in size from A4 to A1 all printed using archival, non fading inks on heavy German etching watercolour paper.

Rise from Defeat – fine art giclée prints

Rise from Defeat – fine art giclée prints

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Hunting for George ‘Golden Years’ Art Print Collection...

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright Styling: Ruth Welsby Photography: Annette O’Brien

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright
Styling: Ruth Welsby
Photography: Annette O’Brien

One of our favourite online retailers Hunting for George returns to it's roots and launches a new Art Print collection titled ‘Golden Years’ that celebrates the warmth and positivity of Summer.

We were extremely excited to design this new collection of art prints. It’s where we first began and art is where my passion lies. My background is in graphic design and I have a strong appreciation for typography. With this collection we experimented with different foil finishes and paper stock to introduce new textures. The beauty of foiling is that the type changes appearance based on how the light reflects from its surface, making it behave a little differently every time you see it.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The collection also features photographic prints that embrace the warmth and energy of Summer.

This photographic series features imagery from a range of different photographers but they all balance and complement one another. With each photographic print we wanted to capture the energy and warmth of Summer, it was such a pleasure curating these images and bringing them to life. We were lucky to collaborate with new photographers and are looking forward to developing these collaborations further.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The Ocean Floor print is from Clare Plueckhahn, a Melbourne based surf photographer. The print takes you to the depths of the quiet ocean floor and is a breathtaking, natural colour gradient from the ocean. “We’ve worked with Clare a few times and I am a huge fan of her work. Her underwater series is so powerful yet peaceful. We wanted to crop into her imagery to create a more abstract, painterly effect.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The Mr Fancy Plants Monstera print, features the photography of Melbourne green thumb Naomi Savio and is the first in a series of plant artworks for Hunting for George. This print creates immediate tropical jungle vibes without fear of under or over watering.

A stand out of this collection is the Cornwall print, capturing England’s Cornwall beach during a family Summer holiday in the 1950s. It’s a visual feast that draws you into a busy day at the beach. Perfect for bringing sunny positive vibes into your home. Its paired with the Last Wave print, a nostalgic photograph from a family album taken in Noosa, 1960. 









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The Artwork Stylist new collection...

Hair Flow

Hair Flow

The Artwork Stylist is the brain child of sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain Founders of The Real Estate Stylist. The Artwork Stylist is an organic collaboration between the stylist, designers, photographers, local printers and quality framers.

They support artisans and encourage individuality by deliver affordable fine art in a curated environment. 

Their newest collection is full of incredible new artists - combined they have travelled far and wide, weathered outback electrical storms, trekked to far away glaciers, canvasedthe desert, flown in helicopters, hidden in dark misty rooms, smashed flowers in liquid nitrogen and caught explosions mid chemical reactions. They are portrait chasers, established photojournalists, humble image makers and the emerging style creators. They are exposed and named and ready to share their wares with the world. They are The ArtworkStylist class of 2016. Meet the Artists here

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden

Swiss Cheese II

Swiss Cheese II

Garden Roses I

Garden Roses I

High Tide

High Tide

Mangrove Sunset

Mangrove Sunset

The Railway

The Railway

Pink Sherbert

Pink Sherbert

Composition IV

Composition IV

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

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Kimmy Hogan...


I have been ooooing and ahhhhing over Kimmy Hogan's absolutely stunning art for such a long time and can't believe I haven't blogged about her sooner! 

Kimmy Hogan is a trained professional graphic designer who has worked in the advertising industry for over ten years. Her love of illustration, art and interiors had always been in the forefront of her mind and she finally fulfilled her passion and started creating her own art four years ago. 

"She had a love for traditional oil paintings but it was digital illustration where her talent lied – which led her to reinvent this tactile medium in a digital way. Whist her art is all digitally created it is still very ‘hand drawn’ with each line and shape being created with the stroke of the hand and each fleck of colour being carefully considered. The simplified curves and shapes of colour give the image a more painterly, impressionistic feel which range in subject matter from traditional to modern." about Kimmy via Greenhouse Interiors

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United Interiors...


Introducing United Interiors, Australia’s newest online marketplace for desirable interior design. The recently launched website is home to leading brands The Canvas Workshop, Art Luxe, Rugspace and, the original name that started it all back in 2012, United Artworks.

These brands have consolidated into the new online mecca, United Interiors – founded by Managing Director Tony Romano. With over two decades of experience in the furniture and interiors industry, Tony continues to curate and drive the collections across United Interiors’ diverse brands. Placing courtesy, honesty and efficiency on par with style, United Interiors’ products have long been in demand by big decorating names such as Temple & Webster, The Block hop and Zanui, and have also been featured on television shows The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

Their reputation for quality and on-trend seasonality has led to creative collaborations with celebrity landscaper Jamie Durie, interior designers Alisa & Lysandra (The Block) and designer James Treble (The Living Room).

At United Interiors, both professional and budding interior designers will find everything they need to decorate their living spaces both inside and out. As one of the biggest online hubs for contemporary home accessories in the nation, they have you covered from floor to ceiling. The website offers beautiful hand painted artworks, fashionable prints, decor, cushions, ottomans and rugs that are always in touch with global trends. United Interiors is the new digital destination for making a house, a home.

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Isamu Sawa - Without Water...


A moment of withering beauty caught in an instant and revealed forever in expansive detail. Isamu Sawa’s striking macro photographic images of dying flowers are proof that the art of master photographic craftsmanship is, in fact, not dead. Sawa’s new series confirms that technical brilliance, years of experience and a great eye still count.

Sawa first plucked a discarded flower from his florist wife’s studio intending to embark on a technical exercise. He used a process called focus stacking, taking up to 25 close-up or macro images with graduating depths of field and then combined them with complicated software to produce a single image in crisp, uniform focus. With encouragement from a friend he enlarged a single colour print and was immediately aware he had produced something special.

I was blown away. The flower looked so beautiful – the texture, the detail, the subtle palette of colours. It was something I’d never seen before.”

Sawa’s treatment of these withering flowers – just days or weeks after they featured in wedding ceremonies around the country – make them even more breathtaking and special. It is a slow, painstaking and complex process.

These are precious images,” says Sawa, “I’ve rescued these flowers so in a way I feel like I’ve given them another life.

Born in Japan and raised in Australia, Isamu Sawa has been a commercial photographer for more than 20 years. With a reputation for technical ability and a keen eye for composition he has worked for a host of commercial and editorial clients, including Holden, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Domaine Chandon, Jack Daniel’s, Penfolds, GQ, The Age Melbourne Magazine and Vogue. He has also photographed well known identities including fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, actor Geoffrey Rush and former prime minister Kevin Rudd. 

Known to friends simply as ‘Issey’ he lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Basia and their baby daughter, Hannah Rose.  

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The Artwork Stylist...


I have been following and admiring the beautiful Art from The Artwork Stylist for a long time now and their latest collection is nothing short of stunning! 

The Artwork Stylist is the brain child of sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain Founders of The Real Estate Stylist. The Artwork Stylist is an organic collaboration between the stylist, designers, photographers, local printers and quality framers.

Their concept is to deliver affordable fine art in a curated environment while maintaining exclusivity with limited edition runs of each piece. Their goal is to support local artists and the industry. Click to shop... x

The Artwork Stylist here - Pinterest here - Instagram here 

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Alisa and Lysandra Collection for United Artworks...


Australia's favourite Design Duo and winners of The Block, Alisa and Lysandra, have collaborated with United Artworks on an exclusive new artwork collection. As a Block addict and lover of the twins sassyness and design skills, I was super excited to hear about their latest collaboration. Beautiful plus affordable art is always hard to come by so this partnership is a winner!

Ethereal abundance is the inspiring element behind Alisa and Lysandra’s new curated collection of artworks. Featuring both graphic and photographic designs that represent the grandeur and abundance of nature. Moody yet seductive, distressed yet perfectly imperfect, structural and detailed, are some of the elements that describe this ethereal collection of artworks all which create visual interest through natures’ detailed and audacious textures and hues.

Designed and produced exclusively in Australia, this impressive new range of contemporary artwork is reflective of current interior trends and colour forecasts. Artwork is the finishing touch for interiors styling, and this collaboration offers the Australian market the opportunity to purchase and enjoy artwork at an affordable price tag, making artwork available to everyone.

I had the pleasure of styling a few of these gorgeous artworks in my own home. The colour palettes  were so easy to work with, seamlessly fitting in with my interior aesthetics and design... keep scrolling to find out more about the girls' collaboration. 

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

This collection is moody, raw and very ethereal,” explains Alisa. “It features a series of visually powerful prints that create aesthetic polarities and perfectly balance masculine and feminine tones and textures through the colour palette of nature.

Alisa and Lysandra for United Artworks - Pastel Skys buy it here

Alisa and Lysandra for United Artworks - Pastel Skys buy it here

 “As interior designers we know that our projects become complete when all the finishing touches are in place and this includes artwork, which can deliver enormous emotional power in a space more than homewares or other accessories,” says Lysandra. “We have always wanted to create a collection that will compliment our design style, our colour forecasts and a collection that matches the tone of our work.”

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

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Castle and Things…. Paper Sculptures

Yes, Yes, Yes... how beautiful are these Paper Origami Sculptures by Castle & Things... heaven! These babies are full of colour, form and texture and make the most beautiful piece of Art for that space that needs a little bit of pop and love - Rachel suggests to feature them on a stack of books, a kitchen bench, a bedside table, a coffee table and any and every bookshelf. They are also gorgeous suspended from the ceiling, they close into perfect cylinders top and bottom so are decorative only and not to be used with light bulbs please... x

Styling by @sophiethestylist
Styling by @megan_morton Photography by @sammcadam_cooper

Styling by @megan_morton Photography by @sammcadam_cooper

Rachel Castle here- Instagram here - Facebook here

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