Everything you need to know about Engineered Timber Flooring with Kustom Timber

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Engineered Timber Flooring… it looks stunning, everyone is talking about it and everyone is using it, but what exactly is it I hear you ask?

To answer all your questions we sat down with timber flooring specialists Kustom Timber to talk about what engineered flooring is and why you need it!

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What exactly is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is decorative layer of timber, bonded over layers of stable timber, making it perform well in different climates. It can handle a broad variety of different installation methods which therefore makes it a better sustainable option that is also cost effective.

Why is engineered flooring a great choice?

These floors not only provide additional stability over a traditional floor but they also maintain the appearance of solid timber flooring. Various coating systems and colours are used to highlight colour and grain together with additional techniques to texture the surface for a stunning appearance.

Engineered flooring can be laid as floating floors, glued to a subfloor as an overlay and in some cases it can also be fixed as a structural floor on battens.

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What type of timber does engineered flooring come in?

A wide range of species are available as the face lamella or veneer, including both Australian and Overseas species. Most overseas Oaks such as Italian, French, Russian & American Oak are available under their common species names. More recently, the versatility of Oak has been more recognised, not only for its performance characteristics allowing wider boards, but also in providing many staining and surface treatment options, enabling a wide range of appearances. Due it’s versatility it has become very popular choice for consumers.  

Similarly, Australian species such as Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Sydney Blue Gum and Jarrah as well as species mixes such as Tasmanian Oak are popular due to their native origin as well the look and feel.

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Can I replace my existing flooring with engineered flooring?

Engineered floors are the perfect cost-effective choice for replacing existing flooring. They have the benefit of being able to install directly over the existing flooring and also having plenty of options for removing carpets tiles and old floors and re installing a new engineered floor.

What is the life span of an engineered timber floor?

A high quality engineered floor should see the same life span as a traditional solid timber floor, being able to be sanded and refinished in the future.

Most manufacturers offer a 25 year structural warranty on the construction of the floor, however good maintenance and care of the floor should see a lifetime of use. In time it may be desired to fully refurbish the floor through buffing or sanding it back and re-coating. 

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How do I care for my engineered floor?

Engineered timber floors are considered to be easy to maintain, however as with all floor surfaces they do require regular cleaning and a few precautionary practices to maintain their appearance and preserve their service life. A soft bristle vacuum, static mop as well as using the recommended cleaning product is an important measure for longevity. Ensuring moveable furniture has felt pads on feet/bases will prevent scratches from occurring and rugs and floor mats are effective at trapping grit at doorways.

For The Albert Park Project we used Kustom Timber Sandstorm . I love it’s creamy sandy tone, it’s warm but not too warm. There is the perfect amount of grain and variation and it works back so well with all of our oak furniture - to me it’s the perfect shade of oak for a modern contemporary Australian home.

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Kustom Timber create floors for people and families to live with for generations. They take a holistic approach to flooring, carefully sourcing and producing the product, selling it on to wholesale and retail customers, and installing it on site themselves.

Their premium range of European Oak flooring solutions will bring your home to life with it’s beautiful design, making spaces more comfortable and beautiful to live in by using quality materials. Across the range they use only premium quality timber and state of the art production processes to produce a range of floorboards designed for Australian conditions.

They are available in a range of traditional and designer finishes and always manufactured with integrity, simplicity, and regard for the environment.

See the Kustom Timber range here