The corner cupboard... TOP TIPS for how to tackle this obstacle in your kitchen design!


The dreaded corner cupboard… it’s a real problem and one that many people struggle to design around. You don’t want to waste any precious kitchen storage space, but you also don’t want to have one of those corner cupboards that isn’t functional and becomes a graveyard for mismatched Tupperware!

So to help you design a functional and beautiful kitchen we have enlisted the help of two of our favourite and most savvy Interior Designers - Melbourne’s Heartly and Queensland’s Zephyr & Stone.

Here’s what they have to say…

Heartly‘S corner cupboard TIPS:

How we tackle a corner very much depends on how much we have been able to achieve within the rest of the space. If we have had oodles of space to work with and we have ticked all the must have boxes then we relax a little, perhaps creating an under bench corner cupboard to store items that are not frequently used and creating clear space for something pared back and beautiful overhead. But if, on the other hand, we need to squeeze every inch of storage and function out of the space then we make it work a little harder.

  • Over head shelves wrapping corner provide good access for items that are display worthy.

  • An overhead shelf abutting a fixed panel which conceals a deep cupboard can be a neat way of making use of the space.

  • Shelves tucked away within a nook can also be a good use of the space.

  • Alternatively the area can be concealed with a bi-folding cupboard panel. Make sure you plan to keep the wall behind the bi-folding panel clear of power points or other design features so that it can easily be left in an open position. A tray that rolls out onto the bench top with a kettle and toaster on board can be a super handy way of using the space and hiding appliances that you need easy access to but don't necessarily want on display.

Zephyr & Stone’s corner cupboard TIPS:

  • Opt for open shelves, especially for the corner overheads, as items are easier to see and access.

  • Use a corner drawer system which looks like regular drawers, yet fully opens so it’s easy-peasy to access any items at the back.

  • Integrate a corner solution like the Hettich Australia Corner Carousel or Magic Corner, so all items can be brought front and centre.

  • In a kitchen, incorporate a walk in pantry or bench top side cupboard in the corner for a bees knees corner storage solution.

The Style School - Rebecca Judd  Designed by Amiee Stylist

The Style School - Rebecca Judd

Designed by Amiee Stylist