How to choose and style a rug in your living room - with Flooring Xtra


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There are so many elements to consider when choosing, shopping for, styling and positioning a rug in your living room. It’s a major purchase, something that you hope you will have for a long time and it really does set the tone of your whole space… so with that said, it’s super important to make the right choice!

The position of your rug is the first thing to get right and it all depends on the layout of your space. Generally, the rule of thumb is – if you have small space, place your rug in front of your couch. If you have a large open plan space, choose a large rug and place the couch onto the rug, whenever a rug is placed under a sofa or sitting under furniture it should always be larger than the furniture. If you have two couches facing each other, place the rug between the two couches. And any additional furniture you have, try to put the legs of the pieces onto the rug so they feel like they are part of the space. We love this huge 3m x 4m rug from Flooring Xtra, perfect for a modular sofa in a large room - Everest – Ivory Texture 1630

The look of the rug is the next big choice and a major one. If you are confused with where to start, collect some imagery of spaces and rugs that you like and make a mood board that you can refer back to. Choose a rug that compliments your homes style and the space that it will be in as well as thinking about how it works with your existing furniture and art pieces.



Choosing a rug that contrasts against your flooring is important, you don’t want it to blend in completely. If you want to go bold and bright with your rug choice, ensure that it works with your other pieces and that there is balance in the space. The Mirage – Navy Morrocan 359 from Flooring Xtra is bold, patterned and a gorgeous Navy Blue but it’s also subtle enough and will work with simple furniture pieces that won’t fight against it.

Functionality is super important and not to be looked over. Choosing a rug with long and plush piles means it can be flattened easily in high traffic areas, so think about where the rug will placed before choosing a soft fluffy rug, choosing a rug with a short looped pile may be better in high traffic areas.

The shape of your rug can transform your space – you don’t have to have a standard rectangle! If you’re looking for something a little bit different, choosing a round rug is a very on trend choice and it will work in more spaces than you may think. Round rugs look great under circular dining table settings, they work well in open plan entryways, kids rooms and placing a large round rug in the living room adds interest and is very functional.



Colour is also a factor when thinking of functionality. If you have kids and/or animals try to steer away from a pale or very dark rug, they will show up dirt more quickly. Try choosing a mid-toned rug with texture – it will hide the mess for a little longer! A jute rug will stand the test of time and lots of foot traffic too, the Atrium – Natural Shapes Pilu from Flooring Xtra is sustainably sourced and a stunning rug for any look.

Flooring Xtra has rugs in all shapes and sizes with many stores across Australia that can help you with all of your flooring needs.

If you are in need of a rug or flooring upgrade Flooring Xtra are running an amazing promotion – Receive a Free Designer Rug* with any Quick-Step Waterproof Laminate Purchase. Details & terms and conditions here.

Source: There are so many elements to consider ...

How shutters can enhance the appeal of your home...


Plantation shutters are a timeless interior design feature that add a sense of elegance to any room in your home. They’re a cost-effective and easy way to make your home more appealing and increase it’s value.

So whether you’re selling or upgrading your home, here are a few of the most attractive advantages of installing plantation shutters in your home.

Shutters Dept


They’re practical

Not only do plantation shutters make a room look beautiful and sophisticated, they also offer several practical benefits as well as being easy to install and maintain.

Appealing from the interior and exterior, shutters add a touch of class and an enhanced sense of privacy. Firstly, they’re highly versatile and can be added to almost any room in your house. They will also last you a lifetime without requiring tricky cleaning. Plantation shutters are made with durable materials that are resilient against moisture, dirt and grime.

Shutters Dept
Shutters Dept


They improve your curb appeal

First impressions matter, so when you pull up in front of your home you of course want to be greeted by something stylish and welcoming from the curb.

Plantation shutters emphasis your windows, add a beautiful contrast with the colour of your home, and might just make your house the best-looking on the block. They’re also easy to customise if you repaint your house and can be painted a new colour to suit.

They’re multi-functional

Plantation shutters act as effective insulators, protecting you from the outside elements and reducing your energy consumption, as you don’t have to heat or cool your home as often. Keep your shutters closed to keep the warmth in your home or prevent the house turning into an oven as the sun beats down on glass window panes. At any time, shutters can be opened by the slats or hinges to allow for easy ventilation.

Shutters Dept
Shutters Dept


They allow you to control your privacy

Not only do you want to feel totally safe in your home, but you want to control your privacy and shut out the outside world when you feel like it. The unique advantage of plantation shutters is that you can have complete privacy from the street and neighbours and still let in an abundance of natural light just by angling the slats in a certain direction.

They allow you control natural light

Plantation shutters allow subtle rays of sunshine to beam into the house creating a beautiful look and feel. Plantation shutters offer many ways to control the way light filters into and permeates the spaces in your home. You can manipulate the light to suit any mood or activity.

Shutters Dept


With so many functional benefits, an attractive price point and obvious aesthetic benefits, it’s hard to look past plantation shutters. Above all else, they are undeniably tasteful and stylish. A simple yet impactful way to adorn your windows and change the impression of any room in your home.

The last but certainly not the least important benefit of plantation shutters is that they are easy to install yourself. That means rather than paying for an expensive contractor, adding shutters to your home can be a fun DIY project. You don’t need specialised tools or technical know-how, just a willingness to give it a go. Save yourself money and accomplish something fun and rewarding along the way.

Dan Field is co founder at The Shutters Department. He’s passionate about using technology to make the complex simple, and is on a mission to make DIY plantations shutters cheap and easy for everyone.

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Just Bedding... the perfect place to makeover your bedroom!

 Styled by DOT + POP

Styled by DOT + POP


Spring has sprung and Summer is well and truly on it’s way, so what better time than now to give your bed and bedroom a little refresh for the warmer months! Ditch those heavy quilts and darker shades, instead opt for light and bright, whites and pastels.

Using pieces all from Just Bedding I made over my bedroom (above), I kept the bed linen soft neutrals with just a hint of charcoal and added some fun and warmth with artwork. For this look I used: Tyler Silver Quilt Cover, Chambray Granite European Pillowcase, Cornell White Square Cushion, and the Tyler Silver Decorator Cushion.

Just Bedding was founded in 2005 with the mission to provide the largest range of bedding found online and it quickly became one of Australia's favourite online bed linen stores.

Just Bedding’s aim is to provide the best experience for anyone wanting to buy bed linen online, due to their abundance of choice, brands, styles and fair prices.

 Styled by DOT + POP

Styled by DOT + POP

 Styled by DOT + POP

Styled by DOT + POP

Source: Spring has sprung and Summer well and ...

The stunning new 'Rumah' Collection by Sage x Clare has landed!



Inspired by the tranquil village vibes and the soothing colours of twilight, Rumah – meaning ‘home’ in Indonesian – encapsulates that rare charm of authentic Bali. A colour palette featuring the rich blue-greens of the ocean, the pinks, oranges and reds of a summer sunset, lush botanical greens and earthy sand tones offers a bold yet soothing combination. And floral motifs, organic shapes and playful imagery are set against rich textures, ensuring this collection delivers an expression of laid-back luxury.

Indoor and outdoor living are taken care of thanks to woven waffle towels and playful accessories, some past Sage x Clare favourites have been re-released in fresh colour-ways and, as always, embroidery, hand-weaving, beadwork, tassels, shag and tufting offer a nod to authentic artisanal techniques. Rumah is a modern take on traditional design, with the same level of detail and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Sage x Clare.

Create your own tropical escape with this wide-ranging combination of homewares that celebrates the very best of Bali in a fabulous mish-mash of pattern, colour and texture.

See the full collection here!

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
Source: Inspired by the tranquil village vibes ...

Beautiful bathrooms start with a stand out vanity...

Loughlin Furniture


We loved loved loved the recent ‘Two in Twelve’ series by The Stables and one of our favourite features of the whole series was the beautiful bathrooms which both featured timber vanities from Loughlin Furniture - so we obviously just had to share their quality and stunning designs with you.

Loughlin Furniture, founded by Rob Loughlin, designs, hand-makes and manufactures individual pieces primarily from solid timber. They specialise in custom-designed pieces and also have a range of beautiful vanities, front doors, mirrors, barn doors and more. Rob Loughlin is a true craftsman who has a real passion for working with timber which began 20 years ago when he first started working with slab timber, and the business grew from pop-ups at the Paddington Markets into the in-demand business they are today.

“Natural elements possess inherent beauty. Our process is to enhance this natural beauty and celebrate it, giving new life to the raw material as an individual piece of furniture.” 

Check out some of our favourite designs of theirs below or see the full collection here.

Loughlin Furniture
Loughlin Furniture
Loughlin Furniture
Loughlin Furniture
Loughlin Furniture.jpg
Loughlin Furniture
Loughlin Furniture
Source: Loughlin Furniture, founded by Rob ...

Penney & Bennett - Spring styling tips for your bedroom!

Penney & Bennett


With spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to revamp your bedroom and your bed. We spoke to Penney + Bennett director Sarah Carson about the best ways to breathe some spring into your life… and your bed!


For styling, I like to place euro cushions at the front of the bed. It makes the bed feel more luxe and creates a cosy spot for reading.


I like to use contrasting printed euros or pillowslips from the rest of the bedding, for me colour evokes emotions, and that unexpected pop of colour to keep things interesting.


I love to invest in fresh bedding for spring, we are about to release a range of crisp 100% cotton bedding in our cascades print, which is the perfect print for warmer weather.

DSC_4636 copy.jpg


New Zealand homewares lable Penney + Bennett are devoted to creating simplicity, materiality and questioning the conventional in contemporary textile living-ware. They have just released their latest collection and we love love love!

They use only the highest quality natural cloth sourced internationally, the silks are hand picked and the linen is woven and dyed for Penney + Bennett. The fabrics are the base for experimental prints consisting of a range of traditional painting, drawing, photography and digital techniques.

Penney & Bennett
Penney & Bennett
Penney & Bennett
Penney & Bennett
Penney & Bennett
Source: With spring upon us, it’s the perfect ...

The Ridge Collection - Beeline Design

 Photography by  Lachlan Bourchier

Photography by Lachlan Bourchier


Beeline Design originated out of a love of crafting beautiful timber furniture using traditional joinery techniques, however the release of their third collection signals a step in a bold new direction. 

The 'Ridge Collection' features gentle corrugated curves covered in soft Australian leather paired with solid Timber or Stone. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, Corrugated Metal and Australian Leather; every aspect of the Ridge Collection is carefully considered and executed.

“Our goal was to create a collection using what is regarded as quite a utilitarian material and elevate it to a new level of luxe by covering it in leather and pairing it with stone and timber.” says Lucy.

blue group.jpg


The ‘Ridge Collection’ is inspired by Adam’s childhood growing up in the South-West of WA; surrounded by farming land dotted with traditional corrugated iron sheds. “I had wanted to incorporate the use of corrugated metal into our designs for a long time but had not found the right execution” says Adam.

After launching at Denfair this year the range has had a great response and there are already new products underway to add to the collection. This coupled with the brand’s expansion overseas with a deal inked to stock their furniture in 23 stores across mainland China signals a very busy few months ahead.

bench seat.jpg
side table.jpg
coffee table hero.jpg
buffet in shadow.jpg
buffet 2.jpg


Styling - Melissa Chatfield and the following students from Design School: Lauren Egan, Laura Stanley, Dijana Carpinteri, Sharna Kirkbride, Aneta Schultz, Annaliese Byrne, Kathy Giannakopolous, Rachel Portaro, Amber Bennett.

Source: The 'Ridge Collection' features gentle ...

Trending | Floral Mayhem


By Alexandra Carter.

Spring has sprung and that means it's the perfect time to inject some colour into your home!

And the dining room is a great place to start... 

Fresh colours and florals celebrate the warmer weather, add a touch of fun and create a happy and inviting environment for those long lazy lunches.

Shop the edit below!

Floral Mayhem - Dining Room.png

Art: Greenhouse Interiors

Dining table: Fenton & Fenton

Dining chair: Barnaby Lane

Rug: Art Hide

Tea maker: Hunting for George

Mug: Milk & Sugar

Salad server: Designstuff Group

Salad bowl: Curious Grace

Vases: Marble Basics

Spice vessel: Marble Basics

Hand towel: Sage & Clare

Pendant: Odetoelma

Salt & pepper grinder: Norsu

Wrap knot: Jardan

Source: Spring has sprung and that means that ...

Our favourite's from Kmart's August Inspired Living range...

Timeless Kitchen-3.jpg


Kmart Australia has released it's lasted collection of affordable luxury with its brand new Inspired Living range.

The hero this season is Kmart’s Natural trend. Inspired by a sense of adventure, the Natural collection combines warm tones and layered textures, including fringing, terracotta, faux leather, blonde timber and reflective glaze, reminiscent of a whimsical desert landscape.

Also present are beautiful materials such as brass, perforated metal, softly coloured glass, marble and faux fur bring a sense of femininity, along with linear embossing and intricate wire work.

Kmart Australia’s new August Living range is available nationwide in-store and online at

Natural Dining_.jpg
KH_064_KMHub_180718 (1).jpg
Source: Kmart Australia has released it's lasted ...

Beautiful bedheads with changeable covers? Yes please!

 For all images: Photography: Armelle Habib | Styling: Julia Green, Alex Carter and Aisha Chaudry for Greenhouse Interiors.

For all images: Photography: Armelle Habib | Styling: Julia Green, Alex Carter and Aisha Chaudry for Greenhouse Interiors.


A bedhead with a changeable cover? FINALLY - this is what we have all been waiting for!

For Create Estate, upholstery has always been the family business. With more than 40 years experience and an established workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Create Estate has the foundations to let their creative minds run a little wild, and boy are we happy they did. With a focus on quality and longevity, Create Estate were inspired to introduce unique pieces at an affordable price to the market.

Create Estate offers custom designed bedheads, all made by hand using some of their favourite fabrics, including linen and natural materials. Their furniture and homewares are designed to stand the test of time. 

Available in half-moon and linear designs each bedhead has a removable slipcover – the perfect accessory for when you need to change up your bedroom styling!


Source: A bedhead with a changeable cover? ...

Patterned Perfection - AURA HOME 18/19 Collection



One of our favourite Australian homewares brands AURA HOME has released their 18/19 Collection - Inca Bedlinen & Bath and we could not be more in love with what we are seeing! 

Inca bed linen is available in both a luscious pink clay for the blush lovers as well as in black for those of us (me!) who love a monochrome palette! The Inca design is a circular display of abstract geometry, centred on an expanse of the highest quality natural cotton sateen, finished off with a matching piping trim. Inca is available in quilt cover sets, complete with two standard pillowcases and european pillowcases. 

And we absolutely adore that the Inca design has also been released in a stunning new collection of jacquard towels in black, dove and pink clay.  Aura Home towels are renowned for being luxuriously soft, absorbent, and pure cotton. All towels are available in bath sheets, bath towels, bath mats and hand towels.



Aura Home is one drool worthy homewares brand, you can spend hours scrolling their Instagram feed getting inspired by their stunning collection of homewares and bedlinen… I am 100% guilty of spending way too much time on the gram crushing over their stunning seasonal photoshoots, but it’s just too good not too! Founder of Aura Home, Tracie Ellis and her talented team have recently opened their first bricks and mortar store, the ‘Aura Home Concept Store’ in Malvern Road, Malvern, VIC. 

“There are a lot of customers who like to touch and feel our product and be inspired. Our product is very texture driven, our new store is our place to meet our loyal customers and new customers, and inspire them to create beautiful spaces in their homes.” says Tracie.



The beautifully refurbished, heritage-listed building features a series of individual room spaces, impeccably styled by the team. For the first time ever, fans of the brand can see, touch and feel products as they stroll through the store, moving between the dining and living rooms, and on to the bedroom and bathroom area. 

“We wanted our customers to be inspired by how the products could work in their spaces. We have a living room area, to showcase our cushions and throws, a dining area, featuring our ceramics and linen, a beautiful bedroom space for our sheets and quilt covers and a bathroom area draped with our beautiful towels.” Says Tracie.



The new Aura Home Concept Store in Malvern is sure to become one of Melbourne’s hottest homewares destinations. 

Shop the new AURA 18/19 Collection online


In Store - Aura Home Concept Store 1371 Malvern Road Malvern VIC 3144

Source: One of our favourite Australian homewares ...

TRENDING | Waiting Room


By Alexandra Carter

'Waiting Room' -  a trend board created around this stunning artwork by Dina Broadhurst. Her work is described as layered mixed media and boy does it pack a punch of personality, we love it!

Working in with the fun artwork is a playful and layered space with a mixture of fabrics, colours and styles. The space could also be interpreted as waiting for summer - because aren't we all?! 


Dot + Pop Waiting Room.png

Lamp: Montauk Lighting Co

Armchair: Jardan

Artwork: Dina Broadhurst

Rug: Granite Lane

White cushion: Penny & Bennett

Olive cushion: Nathan & Jac

Hanging planter: Lightly

Vase: Click On Furniture

Canister: Keep Resin

Basket: Arrival Hall

Throw: Nathan & Jac

Source: 'Waiting Room' -  a trend board created ...

TRENDING | Gypsy Queen


By Alexandra Carter

Gypsy Queen

A trend board created to help you replicate the feeling of summer inside your home when it's still a little bit frosty out there!

The colours and tones stem from the fun and captivating artwork by Jen Sievers - pulling out pops of pastel, textured furniture pieces and soft furnishings that are tactile and detailed.

Gypsy Queen.png


Artwork: Greenhouse Interiors

Teal cushion: Nathan & Jac

Side table: Beeline Design

Big cushion: Sage & Clare

Duvet cover: Sage & Clare

Bed frame: Ethnicraft

Pendant: Designstuff Group

Jewellery box: Arrival Hall

Candle: Mecca Cosmetica

Clock: Nathan & Jac

Pot: Lightly Design


What's HOT in 2019 - Interior Trends to watch out for!


The world of interior designs is always evolving, and to that end, we are always looking ahead. With this being said, trend forecasters have been busy planning for what will be HOT in 2019. 

Flyn Roberts is the talented Exhibition Manager of Life Instyle and has shared some of the key trends that will be evident across the Life Instyle event next month. These trends are coming from those who are at the forefront of the industry and responsible for what’s HOT each season, so it's time to see what we can expect to see on our shelves in 2019!

Here are Flyn's TOP THREE picks...



A distinct shift towards sustainability is being felt across the industry and that’s filtering down to styling and pieces alike. Making a shift towards products that are either recycled, or able to be recycled is a responsibility as much as it is a preference. Sustainable fabrics and alternatives such as animal-free leather and worm-free silk are gaining popularity. Even without these examples, people are becoming increasingly concerned with how and where and by whom interior products are made so sustainability and ethical product are topping the list for me. 




There is always a colour d’jour when it comes to interiors, but don’t be surprised to see a shift back towards black for homes and interiors. Matte black is popping up across exteriors and interiors alike, and also across a lot of homewares. Black is exciting because it creates a lot of drama and allows bold statements without being so trendy that you’ll want to change everything in 12 months. (Think millennial pink!) To complement the black, browns, beiges, golds, and warm neutrals will see a resurgence. 




Wallpaper and window dressings will continue to be very on-trend. Wallpaper is incredible as the limit is literally your imagination.  Bold styles will feature heavily, and pattern and texture are where this trend really comes to life. From faux leathers to embossed baroque styles, homes and businesses are increasingly choosing wallpaper to make a statement. Window treatments are also enjoying a lasting come back, with everything from layered drapes to crisp clean shades expected to continue to remain popular into 2019. To my delight, simple lines are key here also. 



Life Instyle will take place at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne from 2-5 August 2018.

For further information on how you can register, visit


Source: The world of interior designs is always ...

Plants lovers unite... Lucid Fields by Ivy Muse has landed!



Lucid Fields Collection by Ivy Muse

Our favourite botanical wares studio Ivy Muse have launched their latest collection entitled Lucid Fields and it is absolute perfection. 

Driven by a commitment to encourage creativity with greenery, Ivy Muse design functional plant stands and botanical wares that amplify plant-life within a space.

This collection was inspired by the luminous elegance of plant-life and we know that all the die hard fans and all out plant obsessed will be running to get your hands on these new pieces!

Our top picks? The Ribbon Divider and the Unity Wall Planter! 


TRENDING | Dreamy Landscapes



TRENDING | a colour palette inspired by this stunning artwork by Maegan Brown, this trends board takes it's cue from the artwork's fluidity, complimentary, calming colours and organic materials. A cosy and dreamy space, the perfect place to read a book or hunker down for a good old Netflix binge! 



Artwork: Maegan Brown

Rug: Life Interiors

Armchair: Bolia (also available at Arrival Hall)

Sideboard: ClickOn Furniture

Patterned cushion: Designstuff Group

Green cushion: Nathan & Jac

Side table: Middle of Nowhere

Wallpaper: Sparkk

Pendant: Green House Interiors

Vase: Designstuff Group

Mug: Designstuff Group

Clam shell: Fenton & Fenton

Candle: Country Road


Stunning contemporary living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches...


A 1940s beach house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been transformed into a three bedroom, two-bathroom, contemporary family home. The Avalon property belongs to the creator of bellaMUMMA, Nikki Yazxhi and her husband Adam, Creative Director at MAXCO.

After nearly 15 years in the family home, Nikki and Adam decided they would either need to sell in favour of something larger or renovate the existing house. “With our two boys aged 11 and 14, we were at a crossroads of whether to sell and buy something bigger, or stay in a house and area we love and renovate to make the house suit our family’s lifestyle." says Nikki.


Stegbar - BellaMUMMA 3.jpg

Friend and interior designer, Nina Maya was engaged to direct and style the home renovation. Following two previous renovations, this final makeover involved the family moving out for three months so that the house could be gutted and rebuilt. To achieve the simple and elegant interior, a refined palette of neutrals was chosen, using only natural materials such as European oak flooring, marble, stone and brass.

Nina designed a space that maintains the home’s original charm, while maximising the indoor areas with added storage. The original wall separating the living area and the kitchen was removed, and to increase the connection to the outside, full-height glass bi-fold doors were installed on the back deck and skylights were used to boost the amount of natural light, provided by Stegbar. The kitchen is one of the first rooms the family had outgrown. With Adam’s love of cooking and the couple’s passion for entertaining, the kitchen was maximised and upgraded with new appliances for a modern and contemporary space that performed as amazingly as it looked. The kitchen and the benchtop bar are now the hub of the house.

Gyprock - BellaMUMMA 1.jpg

The new kitchen appliances were selected for their aesthetic and functionality. “We loved the look of ASKO products first off, then we started doing some research and watching Adam Liaw's YouTube videos and realised how amazing the appliances were,” says Nikki. “The ASKO Elements range is sleek and sexy, and we are beyond impressed by how they make life so much easier in the kitchen. I think the first couple of months we were continually impressed with all the new features that we were discovering.”


For the family, storage was the biggest issue. They needed to maximise the existing space and create extra storage in order to make the home more suitable for their growing family. Ultimately deciding to stay and renovate, Nikki and Adam put their savings towards creating their dream home featuring the highest quality building products. “When it came to choosing plasterboard to re-do our walls, we couldn’t go past CSR Gyprock’s Sensitive plasterboard,” says Nikki.

Source: A 1940s beach house on Sydney’s Northern ...

TRENDING | Raspberry


By Alexandra Carter


Winter has arrived, can you believe that it's the first day of the season?! And with that in mind it's time to swap out your blush for a burst of berry, raspberry to be precise! 

Inspired by the beautiful artwork by Anna Thomas, this trends board focuses on creating a layered winter palette... bursts of berry, natural timbers and navy accents!

Shop the look below!

Raspberry Explosion v2.png

Artwork: Barnaby Lane

Bed frame: Curious Grace

Euros: Cultiver

Side table: Designstuff Group

Rug: Art Hide

Duvet: Cultiver

Lamp: Norsu

Chair: Click On Furniture

Bear puzzle: Fenton & Fenton

Throw: Greenhouse Interiors

Candle Holders: Fenton & Fenton

Round Cushion: Nathan & Jac

Square cushion: Designstuff Group

Jar: Nathan & Jac

Mirror: Arrival Hall

Source: Winter has arrived, can you believe that ...

Bold & Bright - OON release their AW18 collection ‘Falgun’

 Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib


This season Oon goes bolder and brighter with their latest collection entitled 'Falgun'. Falgun is the Nepalese calendar month synonymous with the big colour festival 'holi' which is held at the beginning of each spring. The collection is inspired by the ideals of the festival - both the experience  and the observance. The colours of 'holi' are bright, contrasting, fun and joyous and that is exactly what the 'Falgun' collection embodies.

We love Oon's use of geometric patterns and tailored stitching, which are paired back with the use of natural textures, simple structures and organic shapes. Throughout the range their is a juxtaposition of carefully considered textures all perfectly complementing each other.

The AW18 Collection is all about celebrating colour by encouraging the use of bold colours, mixing and matching patterns and shapes and making a statement with interiors.

Oon continue to stay true to their core values by using traditional techniques, such as 'kantha' stitching from India, while always adding a touch of their signature contemporary style and edge.

Featuring shags, tailored stitching and organic shapes alongside muted shades of hazelnut, soft pink, navy with dashes of red and gold, we just know that you are going to love this range just as much as we do!



 Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

 Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

 Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

 Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

Styling - Greenhouse Interiors | Photography - Armelle Habib

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

 Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Styling & Photography - Louise Roche, Villa Styling

Source: This season Oon goes bolder and brighter ...

TRENDING | Colourful Neutrals


By Alexandra Carter

TRENDING - Colourful Neutrals, a play on traditional tones of what is considered neutral. Try using these muted colours to add depth and sophistication to your space.

Colourful Neutrals (1).png

Armchair - Click On Furniture

Artwork - Green House Interiors

Peach cushion - Milk & Sugar

Magazine rack - Hunting for George

Plant stand - Hunting for George

Side table - Retro Jan

Pendant light - Norsu

Rug - Norsu

Clock - Arrival Hall

Throw - Norsu

Vase - Keep Pressin