TRENDING | Waiting Room


By Alexandra Carter

'Waiting Room' -  a trend board created around this stunning artwork by Dina Broadhurst. Her work is described as layered mixed media and boy does it pack a punch of personality, we love it!

Working in with the fun artwork is a playful and layered space with a mixture of fabrics, colours and styles. The space could also be interpreted as waiting for summer - because aren't we all?! 


Dot + Pop Waiting Room.png

Lamp: Montauk Lighting Co

Armchair: Jardan

Artwork: Dina Broadhurst

Rug: Granite Lane

White cushion: Penny & Bennett

Olive cushion: Nathan & Jac

Hanging planter: Lightly

Vase: Click On Furniture

Canister: Keep Resin

Basket: Arrival Hall

Throw: Nathan & Jac

Source: 'Waiting Room' -  a trend board created ...

Hunting for George 'Collector' Art Series...


Hunting for George has welcomes their latest collection of Art Prints, the ‘Collector’ series. The collection is an exploration in painting, collage and illustration, together with a curated collection of original photography. The collection includes 24 new Art Prints across a range of styles and sizes.

To partner the launch of these new Art Prints, Hunting for George also launches its custom made frames designed to fit their entire collection. Australian made, these frames are sold pre-assembled with a multi-fit system to hang both portrait or landscape.

This launch is the first of many from Hunting for George for 2017 and includes a sneak peek of new products destined to join the Hunting for George collection including Australian made ceramics, bed linen, furniture and leather accessories.

“The energy of this collection is reflective of the environment in which it was created. Experimental and instinctive, we explored a range of mediums and techniques before refining these concepts on the computer. The creative process was incredibly refreshing. We allowed ourselves the freedom to step away and develop instinctively, and this unhurried approach creates a beautiful sense of calm in each piece.” Says Lucy Glade-Wright, Hunting for George Brand Director.

We wanted to provide a complete offering to our customers and remove the additional (and often frustrating) step of finding a frame to fit your artwork. Now our customers can put their art prints straight on the wall with no lag time, and the multi-hang system we developed means that each frame is not limited in its orientation, allowing our customers more freedom in how they choose to use their frame in the future.” Says Lucy Glade-Wright, Hunting for George Brand Director.


The Hunting Collective...

This year Hunting for George collaborated with 12 different creatives from a variety of mediums to create the much talked about Hunting Collective. Including fine art, illustration, collage, street art, design, craft and photography, each artist was given a blank Hunting for George clock and an open brief. The result is an incredible array of 12 limited edition time machines that encapsulate each individual artists signature style. 

As every creative involved is so unique, Hunting for George decided not to put a price on the finished clocks but to instead let the buyers to decide. Hunting for George are hosting a launch party on Thursday November 20 and the finished clocks will be on show and then the online auction will kick start to allow everyone, not just Melbourne folk, to secure a one off clock. 

Hunting for George is a proud supporter of local talent and the majority of sales from each clock goes back to the artist. With every clock sold they are also supporting local business, Waverly Industries; a not for profit organisation that provides support and employment for people with disabilities. Their incredible team of employees now manufacture all Hunting for George clocks- and Hunting for George say " they do a much better job than we ever did'.

Check out the artists here...
Lucas Grogan
Hey Stubby
Ellie Malin
Kasper Raglus
Esther Olsson
Pop & Scott
Diana Ellinger
Peaches & Keen
Pete Cromer
Sarah Hankinson
Laura Blythman
Clare Plueckhahn


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