Just in time for Christmas.. The new collection by LYNKA.INK

171111_LYNKA INK6591.jpg

We loved sharing LYNKA.INK with you a few months back when we first discovered their beautiful artworks. And now it's time get excited because they have just released their latest collection of fine art prints, entitled Fragmented. The key influence behind the collection is the artist Lyn's love of modern art and minimal design, and we can't get enough of it!

"For this particular series I was strongly inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, particularly its influence on modernist architecture. This body of work is largely hand painted with some experimentation of collage, and I have further explored my fascination with contrast and balance, to create unique and thought provoking compositions."

"As with my first collection, I have created it with a passion for making art more accessible to art and design enthusiasts who want to be able to appreciate art in their homes but may not have the opportunity to own the original art." says artist Lyn Gowin.

The editions have been reduced to only 50 per print, and due to the high interest in her work she will be working on some one off original artworks in the new year. Don't miss out - SHOP here!

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