Artist Profile | Tiffany Blaise

A Strong and Distant Wind copy.jpg


The bold and dramatic nature of artist Tiffany Blaise’s work is translated through the artist’s fascination with capturing emotionally charged landscapes on canvas. In her artistic practice, Tiffany has explored the themes of movement, introspection and transformation. Her subjects range from minimal landscapes to monumental waves.

Opaque oil paint and cold wax are blended, moved and sculpted onto the surface of the artworks with an impasto technique to capture her own consciousness as well as the mood of a scene. This notion of creating poetic landscapes is inspired by Cezanne’s works and his idea “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.


Blaise's newest collection "Winter Nightscapes" present the winter darkness as an immersive encounter with no particular place. They invite the viewer to embark on their own meditative journey of contemplation and to give in to the mysterious and uniting power of the darkness.
The paintings are largely inspired by the imperfect beauty and erosive powers of nature. 

The material erosion of dark oil paint and wax mimics nature’s elements as the artist’s forms are fragmented through the act of pulling and erasure. Multiple layers of forms and lines are added, covered and altered. Through the artist’s process of painting, a subtle transformation occurs. A luminous vestige of each layer remains to illustrate the understated and undefinable qualities of the transient beauty of nature.


Tiffany's work is currently on show:

'Winter Days' Exhibition - 26 July – 9 August 2018

Off the Kerb Galley - 66B Johnston St, Collingwood, 3066

"Winter Days exhibits a collection of creative responses from 56 artists working in varying media on the themes surrounding the season of winter.
Winter signifies a time of hibernation, introversion, introspection, foraging, going within. Winter is represented through colour and hue -primarily blues and greys. Winter is depicted through light and varying shades of darkness.
Musicians in history have written songs about winter symbolising tumultuous relationships, heartbreak, and lamentation. Artists in history painted wintery scenes using nature to mirror human emotions. In Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of the Earth created winter. In Persian mythology the winter solstice symbolised birth and has been celebrated for thousands of years.
In Welsh mythology, a battle between mythological lovers represented the contest between summer and winter."