Artist Lane - A collection by The Block's Hannah and Clint



Hannah & Clint the bubbly and gorgeous couple from The Block 2017 have come together with Melbourne based artwork retailer Artist Lane, to create The Hannah & Clint collection. Comprising of photography and artwork, the collection has an underlying theme of soft blush tones with a handful of bold statement pieces to round out the collection.

Artist Lane are specialists in artwork reproductions working with over 50 well known artists around the globe to create high quality reproductions without the expensive price tag. 

“We wanted to give Hannah & Clint creative control of the collection. We sat down with them and presented a set of images which was slowly culled down to the become the collection we see now.” - Artist Lane

The collection draws on inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and home décor and includes artwork from up and coming artists Fern Siebler, Maggi McDonald and Renee Tohl.

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