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Something a bit different for Dot + Pop today but we couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous tea with you - not only is the Tea delicious but we are so in love with the packaging - bambala Tea co wanted to create a box that looked more at home on the kitchen bench adding to the décor rather than tucked away in a drawer.

At bambala tea co it's a lifestyle, not a fad; they advocate a lifestyle that doesn't involve labeling, restriction, comparison or putting yourself into a box. They are about a realistic view on body image, and an even more realistic view on who you are and what you’re worth. Health is individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about being the healthiest you. Not striving for something that you are not designed to be.

We caught up with Melissa Morris the Director of bambala tea co to talk all things design, inspiration and of course, TEA...

Tell us a bit about bambala tea co. and why you started it?
Bambala tea co. creates tea blends for specific ailments and promotes a realistic and healthy view on body image and health. For our first blend Happy Soul, we wanted to communicate that health isn’t simply about weight loss. Yes, if you eat correctly and exercise, then the blend will work as a supplement to aid weight loss, but weight loss is a result of making sure your body is functioning correctly. The blend does this by targeting the digestion and liver, which helps with weight and skin management. I have always been obsessed with tea and herbs, and looking to nature to cure ailments. I grew up with break out prone skin, allergies and eczema, and I found the cure for my problems in tea and Chinese herbs.

What does a typical day involve for you?
Packing and sending orders, working with bambala tea co.’s Naturopath Roberta Nelson of Naturo Medico on new blends and drinking copious amounts of tea! We are currently working on 3 new blends to be released so.

What is the process involved in making/selecting your flavours/teas?
All of our blends need to tick three boxes: target a specific ailment or need, be premium grade loose leaf tea and herbs and taste great. We work with Roberta Nelson to come up with the combination of tea and Chinese herbs that target that specific ailment, and then we blend and test for results and taste, and make adjustments if we need to. We do loads of research and are incredibly mindful of the herbs and their results. We stay far away from any herb that will produce a laxative effect, because as well as stripping the bad this can sometimes strip away the good nutrients too.

We love the packaging, how did you decide on this? 
I wanted to create a box that looked more at home on the kitchen bench adding to the décor than tucked away in a drawer. The packaging is recognisable and portrays the luxury of the ingredients, whilst still being fun. I worked with my Graphic Designer and Photographer - and dear friend - Adele Elisabeth Photography on all the creative elements and I think she nailed it!

What is your favourite bambala product?
At the moment it’s Happy Soul. It makes me smile just saying it. 

Your top tips for tea drinkers/is loose leaf best? 
Loose leaf is a must! The nutrients and essential oils are in their natural state, giving you added benefits! Aside from benefits, the taste and experience is so much better. Remember tea is about slowing down and taking a moment to yourself. There’s something calming about brewing a pot of tea, even if you then go back to your desk and crazy busy life to drink it!  Do some research on what you’re drinking and make sure there aren't any artificial flavors in your tea. You would be surprised how many are sneaked in! 

Tell us about 'ON MISSION'?
Through our On Mission program we give our customers the opportunity to nourish those less fortunate when nourishing themselves. We provide funds and support for teams on the ground in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Myanmar, Africa and Sri Lanka. 10% of profits from online sales are sent in their entirety towards operations to relieve life-threatening injuries and illnesses, building schools, providing clean water, donating safety helmets for children, job and life skills training, child support, teaching good hygiene practices, micro-enterprise projects to help relieve poverty in rural villages, crisis support for pregnant women and stopping human trafficking.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Oh gosh, my family, my husband, my friends. I’m so very blessed to have grown up with strong women in my life, and as aware as I am of how blessed I am, I know that there are others out there that are our neighbors or are across the oceans that aren’t as lucky, so a lot of my inspiration comes from being able to reach, inspire and help others. That and a crazy love for tea.

Top 3 instagram accounts you’re loving at the moment and why?
@livelokai – They produce a bracelet injected with elements from the highest and lowest points on earth – Mount Everest water and Dead Sea mud. It’s a nice reminder that it’s all about balance.
@humansofny – I have followed this instagram and blog for over a year now and it is the best thing on the internet. The author photographs and interviews everyday people in New York and around the world, and you get to see an insight and perspective that isn’t shown in mainstream media. It’s insightful and brilliant.
@naturomedico – As well as being our Naturopath, she posts the most amazing healthy recipes!

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