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Marble Basics is a super talented sister design duo based in Melbourne with the skills to match. Bliss an interior designer and Bonnie a Visual Arts graduate, are dedicated to making contemporary and everlasting marble pieces that are show stopping as well as totally functional within your day to day life. Designed 100% by Bliss and Bonnie, "the sisters believe that in a world where design knocks us on the head without even thinking, really, the best designs come down to both functionality and the aesthetic; every Marble Basics design carries this in mind."

I was lucky enough to catch up with oh so talented ladies to find out more about Marble Basics and their passion for design... and marble of course!

Tell us a bit about Marble Basics?
Marble Basics is a brand that focuses on beauty and functionality. We design products made from 100% Marble with the idea that every marble product we design needs to have more than one use. We create objects based on what we would love to use and enjoy in our own homes. 

Why did you start Marble Basics?
We have always been creative, and interested in design (Bliss studied Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and Bonnie studied Visual Arts at Monash University), and once we saw a gap in the market for contemporary marble homewares, our imagination ran wild. 

Do you have an all time favourite piece? 
Bliss: My all time favourite product is from our new collection 'Elemental'. It is the Basic Step. It is such a beautiful sculptural piece that can be used as a doorstop, bookend or paperweight.
Bonnie: My favourite piece is The Essential Box also from the new collection. The box appears quite sculptural and decorative with the triangle detail on the lid, however, underlying all of the beauty is a very useful little place for bits and pieces that you have lying around, or a special hiding place. 

Can you give us an insight into the inner workings of Marble Basics?
Marble is such a unique material in that every piece has its own story. The veining creates character and means that each product is unique. We are always surprised and delighted when we see something new in the marble that we haven't seen before, like different vein direction or intricacies in the colour of the stone. 

What does a typical day involve for you?
A typical day involves emails in the morning, then packing orders which can be quite hard work lifting kilograms of marble! Then emailing again in the afternoon and dealing with freight. 

What is the best moment so far for Marble Basics?
The best moment for us so far has been the journey from a brand that consisted of two products; The Big Basic Pot and Baby Basic Pot, to a brand that now has over 20 products. We are thrilled that we have had such an eager response to a material we have always adored, but didn't know if customers would share the same loyal appreciation for. 

Who are your favourite designers for inspiration at the moment?
Our favourite designers at the moment are:
Joseph Dirand for his dreamy Parisian apartments.
Christian Liagre for his timeless and modern aesthetic.
Barbara Casasola for her innovative use of ribbed fabric. 

Top 3 instagram accounts your loving at the moment and why?
Architectural Digest: a great range of the new as well as appreciating historical and timeless design. We love to mix the old and new.
Yellowtrace: we are always be inspired by the new designs we find there
Est Magazine: we love seeing the features on Australian designers, it has a clean aesthetic

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