The Wandering Eye Textiles...

The Wandering Eye Textiles are the most beautiful hand loomed Turkish towels you have ever put your hands on... 

Made from the best and purest cottons, linens and silks they are designed to be part of your every day life; moving around your home as you need them. Used not only as towels, they are perfect as throws, blankets for babies, wraps and even table cloths. Carly the owner and founder of Wandering Eye Textiles fell in love with the colourful and versatile Turkish towels on a trip to Turkey and decided we all needed to feel the luxury and quality of the artisan made products and The Wandering Eye Textiles was born!

I was lucky enough to meet this fab woman to chat about why she fell in love with Turkish towels and where her inspiration comes from... Check out more Turkish Towel love here. 

Tell us about Wandering Eye Textiles? 
The Wandering Eye Textiles is a beautifully curated and designed range of Turkish textiles, hand-loomed from the highest quality natural fibres. Our pieces are designed to become a much-loved, part of your home and daily life. Their versatility and classic appeal means you can move them around your home to add functional colour and texture to your spaces.

Why did you fall in love with these beautiful hand-loomed textiles? 
To be honest, it was love at first sight. I've always been a textile junkie and when I stumbled across these gorgeous pieces I was immediately taken with their simplicity and versatility. I love that they are hand-loomed by artisans. The quality of these pieces is a direct result of the production process and does not compare to the cheaper versions produced en masse in countries like China

When developing your product how did you go about finding somewhere to produce traditional Turkish textiles that would translate to people in Australia ? 
After using Turkish towels myself, not just as towels but also as wraps, baby blankets and throws, I just knew that they would suit the Australian way of life. We live in an apartment, so the space saving, quick drying and eco-qualities of the towels were perfect for us. We also love travelling and the beach so, like many Australians, I just knew that Turkish towels would speak to many people's needs and style. I travelled to Turkey to source the best artisans to collaborate with to bring my customers a product I am proud of and with integrity.

How important is the quality of the linens, silks and cottons that are used? 
Really important! Natural fibres are superior in terms of longevity and absorbency. Our textiles soften and become more absorbent with regular use and washing. They really feel luxurious and the weaving is truly beautiful. 

Where do you draw your inspiration? 
Colour and texture are my key inspirations. I have a thing for patterns too and I love thinking about mixing patterns and textures together rather than just having matching sets.

What does a typical day involve for you? 
I work from home with my 1 year old so my day is like any day for a parent. Living in the CBD we are regular visitors to parks, galleries and cafes. When my daughter Jemima sleeps or visits her grandmother, I take the opportunity to focus on the business; packing and sending orders, replying to emails, checking in with our social media, liasing with the craftspeople in Turkey. The time difference works for me as I can do a lot of my communications late at night. 

What can we expect next for Wandering Eye Textiles?
I'm working on a new range for 2015 and investigating the possibility of bed linen. Exciting!

What is Wandering Eye Textiles best ‘pinch me’ moment so far? 
Starting the business seemed a bit crazy at the time but I am such a believer that Turkish towels are a truly superior product to fluffy terry towels that I went for it. The response has been overwhelming. Being featured in The Age M magazine was a bit of a "pinch me" moment.  Before having my daughter, I was a full-time teacher which I loved. But now I get to spend my days watching my daughter grow and learn and sharing these beautiful textiles with everyone. I feel pretty lucky.

Who are your favourite designers for home wares and textiles? 
I love ceramics. Connie LichtiBridget Bodenham and Small Spells are favourites. I am also in love with Guatemalan textiles... The colours and patterns are incredible. I think The Wandering Eye might need to plan a trip to Guatemala!

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