A fun, feminine and fabulous art collaboration from Hannah & Clint


Following the success of Hannah & Clint’s debut Art collaboration with Artist Lane last year, our favourite Blockheads are back with their biggest collection reveal yet. Anybody who watched the 2017 season of the Block would know that Hannah & Clint have impeccable style, delivering rooms that were sleek and modern with a feminine twist.

Working collaboratively with Artist Lane’s art curators, Hannah & Clint hand-picked pieces that marry vibrancy and soft hues that bring warmth and life to any space as well as showcasing some of their most talented female artists.

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This is your second collection with Artist Lane, what is different about it?

We had such an overwhelming response with our first collection, and we can’t wait to share this beautiful collaboration. Our love for watercolour lives on and it’s no surprise blush pink remains the dominant colour in the collection. You will see an introduction of brighter and more playful prints with this collection. Some of our favourite female artists make their comeback showcasing their finest work and we introduce two more to the team.

We love how passionate you are about working with Australian female talent. Has this always been important to you?

Always! I have been so fortunate to collaborate with some of Australia’s finest female talent. I have always been a huge supporter of women supporting women. When women support each other, incredible things happen! Personally, I just want to be one of those women that lift’s people up, cheers them on and supports them in any way I can. Because, we really are better when we work together.


Tell us about how the collection came together? What was your inspiration?

Running off the success of our first collection I tried to maintain a theme that aligns with our current style. It’s the right balance of feminine yet the moody hues and inky blues add that masculine feel. Modern, soft florals round out the collection and coastal vibes take us back to our Queensland roots. I drew inspiration from my travels abroad, more specifically the time I spent in Morocco. Which features pantone colour of the year coral and my all-time favourite peachy hues of terracotta and dusty pink.

Do you have any interior design secrets you want to share?

Choose a hero. Every room needs one hero piece-something that will evoke thought, conversation and delight. This is why I love working with artwork so much. You can always mix things up by purchasing new art (budget permitting) or simply moving existing artwork around the house can create an entirely new look and feeling to the space.