TRENDING | Waiting Room


By Alexandra Carter

'Waiting Room' -  a trend board created around this stunning artwork by Dina Broadhurst. Her work is described as layered mixed media and boy does it pack a punch of personality, we love it!

Working in with the fun artwork is a playful and layered space with a mixture of fabrics, colours and styles. The space could also be interpreted as waiting for summer - because aren't we all?! 


Dot + Pop Waiting Room.png

Lamp: Montauk Lighting Co

Armchair: Jardan

Artwork: Dina Broadhurst

Rug: Granite Lane

White cushion: Penny & Bennett

Olive cushion: Nathan & Jac

Hanging planter: Lightly

Vase: Click On Furniture

Canister: Keep Resin

Basket: Arrival Hall

Throw: Nathan & Jac