Loved Artist Kimmy Hogan has released a new collection...

Photography - Armelle Habib | Styling - Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors | Assisted by Aisha Chaudhry, Jessica Retallack and Janneke Coyle.

Photography - Armelle Habib | Styling - Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors | Assisted by Aisha Chaudhry, Jessica Retallack and Janneke Coyle.

Celebrated illustrator and artist Kimmy Hogan has released a new collection and as always it is just perfection! Comprised of 4 artworks, Sway, Drift, Blush and Wander, the collection has all of the detail and colour that Kimmy is renowned for.

Shop the collection online here.


Why ocean prints are trending in a big way...


Ocean prints are here to stay… I’ve been a huge fan ever since I bought my first Kara Rosenlund ocean print a few years back and I still love it to death.

Maybe it’s the calming nature of the subject itself, maybe it’s the cool blue grey tones, it could be the softness of the light and the sparkle of the sunshine on the water or the feelings of summer holidays it evokes in you… whatever it is, it’s time to bring some nature into your home in the form of an ocean print!

I have rounded up my top 10 here for you, all with varying price points… but there are so many stunning options available, so do your research and find the perfect one for you.


A simple and stunning solution to hang art in your home!

HANGAR easy wall art solution

Displaying artwork in your home creates a sense of warmth, it shows your personality and style and it also makes a house a home. So whether it be photographs, paintings, an amazing piece you saved up for or your children’s artworks, placing these pieces on your walls finishes off the space and add’s that extra finishing touch.

And that’s where the Hangar 2.0 by MFGD is life changing, it is the perfect alternative to the traditional picture frame. The minimalist wall hanger features a magnetic attachment that holds your prints, displays signage and children’s artwork securely and is easily interchangeable. 

No more hunting for the perfect frame to fit the print you just bought, trimming the edges of your new print to fit into the only frame you could find or paying for sometimes expensive framers to make you a custom frame.

With Hangar you simply insert your print, adjust and hang, it’s as simple and as easy as that!

HANGAR easy wall art solution
HANGAR easy wall art solution

Hangar 2.0 is the evolution of MFGD’s original magnetic display hanger that features an built-in wall hook for quick installation. The custom hook design eliminates the additional cost of buying your own hook and is easily mounted with a self adhesive strip or fastener.

The Hangar 2.0 comes in a set including top and bottom timber strips with a custom wall hook. It is available in two timber options, beech and walnut as well as two hook colour options, white or black. It holds paper up to 400gsm and is designed and handmade in Australia which we love. 

MFGD is all about spreading good vibes and simple living. They specialise in minimalist homewares and display solutions for the home, office and retail space.

HANGAR easy wall art solution
HANGAR easy wall art solution
HANGAR easy wall art solution
HANGAR easy wall art solution
Source: And that’s where the Hangar 2.0 by MFGD ...

Artist Profile - Tangas Residence



Tangas Residence was created by Toneya and Lochie, two young, inspired and highly creative beings that have formed a unique partnership to create new fine art photographic prints.

Both Toneya and Lochie possess an eye for design, presentation and arrangement, aligning colour, layout, furnishings and art to create a new and exciting aesthetic.

We started Tangas Residence because we, as avid travellers, wanted to serve purpose every time we explored a new country. This way we were able to combine our roles in photography/ film & design to create abstract limited edition fine art photographic prints. We are conscious of mass production printing which is why all of our Photographic artwork are limited to 10 pieces. These are signed and numbered by Lochlan Tangas.

They have recently released a new diverse series which is based around signature rock formations to pastel toned architecture - this makes up ‘The Greek Islands’.

See the full collection here.

Source: Tangas Residence was created by Toneya ...

Artist Lane - A collection by The Block's Hannah and Clint



Hannah & Clint the bubbly and gorgeous couple from The Block 2017 have come together with Melbourne based artwork retailer Artist Lane, to create The Hannah & Clint collection. Comprising of photography and artwork, the collection has an underlying theme of soft blush tones with a handful of bold statement pieces to round out the collection.

Artist Lane are specialists in artwork reproductions working with over 50 well known artists around the globe to create high quality reproductions without the expensive price tag. 

“We wanted to give Hannah & Clint creative control of the collection. We sat down with them and presented a set of images which was slowly culled down to the become the collection we see now.” - Artist Lane

The collection draws on inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and home décor and includes artwork from up and coming artists Fern Siebler, Maggi McDonald and Renee Tohl.

SHOP the full collection here.

Source: Hannah & Clint the bubbly and gorgeous ...

In Plane View - Shaynna Blaze's third collection for Urban Road



Introducing the latest addition to the Urban Road x Shaynna Blaze collaboration - IN PLANE VIEW

Shannya Blaze is one busy woman, hosting several tv shows, being a total interior design legend and all round boss lady. And lucky for us, she has just released her third and newest collection for Urban Road, In Plane View and we adore it.

Of the collection, Shaynna says, "It's inspired by my years of travel around Australia and overseas, staring out of a plane window and taking in the different shapes, patterns and palettes of the spaces below."

The collection is a breathtaking showcase of aerial landscapes, capturing the rich colours, beautiful intricacies, and flowing forms of nature. A diverse colour palette, with pattern and texture, there is something to suit everyone's home style.


Source: Introducing the latest addition to the ...

'No Self' - Exhibition by Spencer Harrison

Spenceroni_NS_Composition_1 (2).jpg


 New abstract works by Spencer Harrison.

Meditations on colour, form, mindfulness and the visual experience.

Spencer Harrison aka Spenceroni is an artist from Australia known for his bold, colourful works. Inspired by his background in science, Spencer draws from the scientific method, building his practice around a methodology of questioning, experimentation and perpetual curiosity. Connecting with modernist movements of the early 1900s, his work explores the boundaries between abstraction, representation, logic and intuition. Developing series based around core ideas but not tied to a single medium, his works venture into painting, sculpture, printmaking and public murals.

This series 'no self' is inspired by artist Spencer's mindfulness practice and is an effort to strip back to more simple forms, creating compositions with intricate relationships between form, colour and space. The works extend on the ideas of early 20th century modernist artists, who removed the figure from their work, favouring pure abstraction as their means of expression. By doing so they sought to give the viewer a completely perceptual & emotional experience, free of conceptual analysis.

Free from the constraints of representation, my aim for these pieces is for them to act as objects of contemplation; a prompt for the viewer to pause and be absorbed in a visual experience.



Open to public July 17th – 29th

2018 Opening Night Tues July 17th  6 – 9 pm

Artist Talk Sat July 21st 1 – 2 pm

No Vacancy Gallery QV QV Centre 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne 3000


Spenceroni_NS_Structure_1_Back (1).jpg
Source:  New abstract works by Spencer Harrison. ...

NO PEACE IN QUIET | A charity art exhibition



In Australia, every 3.5 hours someone takes their own life. For every person that does, another 20 people attempt to do so. 

Interior Stylist Aimee Tarulli (Archer Interiors) and Esther Navarro-Orejon (The Project Agency) together with 27 Australian artists are aiming to open up the conversation surrounding mental health and the stigma associated with the issue by auctioning 27 pieces of original artwork in an online auction starting this Thursday 21st June.

The aim is to raise $50,000 for Livin – a mental health initiative educating young people on the importance of mental health, arming them with the tools to tackle mental health challenges.

NPIQ0710 (1).jpg


Through Aimee’s personal loss of close friends and the duo’s close relationship with the art world, NoPeace in Quiet’  a charity art auction was developed. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to activating the LivinWell program in schools around the country.

The national online auction goes live on Thursday 21 June at 7.30pm and concludes on Sunday 1stJuly. 

The artwork will be available to view over three days at Format Framing51-57 Cubitt Street, Cremorne, Victoria

NPIQ1933 (1).jpg



Online auction Thursday, June 21st (7.30pm) - Sunday, July 1st (7.30pm) 

View the artist line up here 

Exhibition timing Friday, June 22nd - Sunday June 24th

Friday, June 22nd        10am-4pm
Saturday, June 23rd    10am-2pm
Sunday, June 24th       10am-2pm


TRENDING | Animal Art - my top 13 picks!


The latest trend in the art world is photographic animal art and we love it! 

Ranging from landscapes to close ups, to farm animals and wild animals there is an animal print for everyone. Each print brings their own personality to your space, whether it be the moody eye of a horse or a bouncing kangaroo in the bush lands - with so many options it's easy to find the perfect snap that will compliment your homes interiors and decor.

I've put together my top 13 for you.. I can't pick a favourite, I love them all!

Love Your Space -  GYPSY - SQUARE

Love Your Space - GYPSY - SQUARE



Love Your Space -  RUNAWAY

Love Your Space - RUNAWAY

Temple & Webster -  Highland Cow 3 Printed Wall Art
Kara Rosenlund -  Chicken Photographic Print

Kara Rosenlund - Chicken Photographic Print

Kara Rosenlund -  Wild Horses Photographic Print
Kara Rosenlund -  Plain Lands Photographic Print
CS Photographic + Art -  Walter

CS Photographic + Art - Walter

CS Photographic + Art -  Wild Hearts

CS Photographic + Art - Wild Hearts

Yorklee Wall Art Prints -  Buffalo wall art print

Yorklee Wall Art Prints - Buffalo wall art print


Just in time for Christmas.. The new collection by LYNKA.INK

171111_LYNKA INK6591.jpg

We loved sharing LYNKA.INK with you a few months back when we first discovered their beautiful artworks. And now it's time get excited because they have just released their latest collection of fine art prints, entitled Fragmented. The key influence behind the collection is the artist Lyn's love of modern art and minimal design, and we can't get enough of it!

"For this particular series I was strongly inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, particularly its influence on modernist architecture. This body of work is largely hand painted with some experimentation of collage, and I have further explored my fascination with contrast and balance, to create unique and thought provoking compositions."

"As with my first collection, I have created it with a passion for making art more accessible to art and design enthusiasts who want to be able to appreciate art in their homes but may not have the opportunity to own the original art." says artist Lyn Gowin.

The editions have been reduced to only 50 per print, and due to the high interest in her work she will be working on some one off original artworks in the new year. Don't miss out - SHOP here!

171111_LYNKA INK6616.jpg
171111_LYNKA INK6644.jpg
171111_LYNKA INK6679.jpg
171111_LYNKA INK6865.jpg
171111_LYNKA INK6784.jpg
171111_LYNKA INK6888.jpg
Source: LYNKA.INK have released their latest ...

Modern, Deliberate, Individual - Art prints by LYNKA.INK

Exclaim - What.jpg

We love sharing new beautiful art with you and we know that you will just love boutique design studio LYKNA.INK, founded by artist/designer Lyn Gowin.

Built on a love of conceptual design, an eye for the unique and a passion for making art more accessible, Lyn takes a modern approach of experimenting with both traditional art methods and digital technology, to create premium statement art prints. 

And Lyn is offering you all 10% off all orders - use code D+P10 at the checkout, YAY - SHOP here! Code ends 30th September 2017.

I sat down with Lyn and chatted all things art, inspo and design... scroll down to check it out and you might just need ALL of these prints in your house by the end, I know I do!

Cracked _ Passing Ships.jpg

Can you tell us about LYNKA.INK and what led you to becoming an artist?

I have worked in Fashion for over 10 years but was always drawn to the graphic/illustration aspect of the business rather than actual garment design. Having always illustrated and painted my own art on the side as well, it was after having my daughter that I decided to focus on these passions outside of the fashion industry. The light bulb moment for LYNKA.INK came when creating some wall art for my daughter’s room. When friends showed interest in it, it opened my eyes to sharing my work as quality editions so more than one person could enjoy it.

Outside Box - High.jpg

How would you describe your art?

I like to think of my work as thoughtfully considered art and design. Every design has its reason & own evolution. My work tends to be quite minimalist, graphic and modern. I am a less is more kind of person and this definitely comes through in my work. I am passionate about making my art accessible, yet retaining its exclusivity, and that is the key concept of why I chose to create my work as limited edition art prints.

Each print is archival grade, and stamped, signed & numbered by me. Currently the first collection holds 100 editions of each design, but I plan to reduce this number to 50 with the next collection.

Can you tell us about the creative process you go through when creating your pieces?

It all starts with pen, paper and lots of random sketching. I am old fashioned in that respect and even though my art is digital in final form, I never sway too far from my love of traditional art methods of hand illustrations and painting.

So for me its all about experimenting in the studio. Sometimes an idea just has better impact as purely digital work and other times I will mix the two together for a more organic feel.


Where did your love of art come from?

My love of art definitely stems from my mum who is also an artist and graphic designer. From an early age my artistic side was always nurtured and in particular I was encouraged to think outside the square when being creative. I think exposure to the modern, abstract & cubist art my own mother was inspired about and painted herself, strongly fuelled a similar love for this art within myself.

Mosaic 1&2.jpg

Where does your inspiration come from?

My ideas are so random and just come from the everyday…my surroundings – basically anything! It can be the lines of a building, the composition of an interesting photograph or just something I am looking at broken down to it's simplest forms of line & shape. Very often as well, I love the idea of just putting a line or shape on paper and seeing where it takes me. I like to think these pieces are more guided by emotion and how I am feeling at the time.


Who are your favourite artists/designers/architects at the moment?

I love uncomplicated yet thought provoking design and am drawn to such artists & designers. I really like the French artist Frederic Forrest’s work. His unfinished sketches seem so complete at the same time. I really also admire Melbourne artist Caroline Walls and how she stays so true to her subject matter whilst reinventing it all the same with each new collection.

What can we expect from you next?

I am currently working on my next collection which I plan to release later in the year. I kept my first collection quite broad but with this next release of art prints, I am keeping it tightly curated to what is my design handwriting. I am really enjoying experimenting with different mediums and can’t wait to share the finished concepts.

I recently showed my collection at Melbourne’s Décor + Design show which was an incredible experience and confirmed a really clear vision for LYNKA.INK. My next focus is the Finders Keepers market in Oct where I look forward to showing my work to the public outside of the trade show arena.

Boxed In - Building Blocks.jpg
Lyn Gowin of LYNKA.INK

Lyn Gowin of LYNKA.INK


Bloom | new collection by Kimmy Hogan


There is so much to love about Kimmy Hogan's latest collection BLOOM. \

Her art is digitally created, however each line and each shape has been created with the stroke of her hand, resulting in the feeling of her pieces being hand drawn. Every line and every colour is carefully considered and each piece is an absolute masterpiece - we can't decide which one we love the most, which is your favourite?

Each piece is limited edition, so be quick - Shop at Kimmy Hogan or Green House Interiors .


New Art Gallery designed for Interior Designers...

Jessica Watts - You'll Always Be Like This To Me

Jessica Watts - You'll Always Be Like This To Me

We love art and Sydney's latest art gallery offering has us super excited!

A collective of 13 Sydney artists have recently opened a new gallery space, ‘Sydney Road Gallery’ on 7 June in Seaforth which disrupts the traditional gallery model of showcasing and selling artworks.

The collective are accomplished mid-level exhibiting visual artists from disciplines including painting, printmaking, textiles and sculptural basketry, who have come together to jointly open and manage a combined gallery space.

Sydney Road Gallery objective is to create a business around relationships: artists with artists, artists with customers and artists with stylists and interior designers.

Jessica Watts - So Deliciosa

Jessica Watts - So Deliciosa

Fiona Chandler who came up with the idea for the gallery said, “Artists are collaborators, it takes many people to see original artworks on walls. We want to acknowledge the coming together of patrons as well as stylists, interior designers and architects who create a unique and aesthetically beautiful space place to live and work.”

“What we wanted to create is a conversation, developing relationships with the people that buy our works.”

Debbie Mackinnon - Wavelength

Debbie Mackinnon - Wavelength

“Every artist in the collective see buyers of art as patrons of the arts rather than simply a transaction. When you spend hours or even months creating a piece, each painting or sculpture has a story woven into it.”

“We want to tell those stories to our ‘patrons’ and the people who change spaces with our art such as stylists and interior designers. The feeling that comes from making something and then seeing that made item in a living or work space, and knowing that it was specifically chosen, can be life changing for an artist.”

DebbieMackinnon - HiddenDepths

DebbieMackinnon - HiddenDepths

The gallery will feature a diversity of artwork that will inspire and appeal to interior designers and art lovers alike, including paintings, textiles, sculptural and wall hanging pieces to suit different tastes, themes and settings. The works will change every two weeks.

Monique Tyacke - Sea Breeze

Monique Tyacke - Sea Breeze

Eleanor Amiradaki- Protos1 & Protos2

Eleanor Amiradaki- Protos1 & Protos2

Jessica Watts - Pretty Boy #2

Jessica Watts - Pretty Boy #2

Sydney Road Gallery

Where: Sydney Road Gallery, Shop 2, 563 Sydney Road, Seaforth, NSW

Gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm


Artist Profile - Alan Walsh...


Alan Walsh is a dapper Yorkshireman and internationally acclaimed artist who continues ‘to blow doors right off’ with his use of light and primary colours. His style is accessible, vivaciousness and brings a certain vibrancy to any canvas. 

Due to his father's job designing racing cars, Alan spent his childhood weekends travelling to exotic destinations such as Monaco, Monza and Silverstone. To keep him entertained on these long journeys Alan would sit with a pencil case and paper, and sketch the glamour and decadence of this grand life.

I found the racing interesting but the thing that truly mesmerized me was off the track, the sheer glitz and glamour that arrives when the Formula One roadshow comes to town. It wasn't only the places we travelled to. I was also captivated by the luxury brands that would sponsor the sport - the huge designer watches the drivers would wear, the way certain woman around the circuit would dress like they were walking down a catwalk.’  

By his early 20’s Alan had already created an impressive portfolio, designing and illustrating for many leading branding agencies both in the UK, US and Australia. In 2010 he left the branding world behind, making the decision to focus solely on his art and exhibit around the Globe. That he certainly did, excelling with solo Exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London and a sell-out Tour de France show while also owning his own Sydney gallery for 3 years.

Since then, it’s no coincidence that prestigious commissions have followed, for the likes of London Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz, Tag Heuer Watches, Tour De France, Grey Goose Vodka, Coca Cola, Neverfail Spring Water and The Royal Flying Doctors. His work has become iconic, earning him front covers of art house magazines and has been compared to other greats who ‘blew the doors off’, such as Andy Warhol and Fellow Yorkshire man David Hockney.

Today, with Alan’s hands-on approach, the brand continues to flourish and evolve. He travels the world to immerse himself in different cultures and people from all corners of the globe, fuelling his creativity with things seen and felt and imagined. 


Botanical Night by Kimmy Hogan...

Images from

Botanical Night is the latest offering from super talented Geelong based artist Kimmy Hogan.

Kimmy's love of botanical beauty is apparent in her digitally illustrated artworks. The collection is limited edition with only 50 per size (4 size available) and each piece comes hand signed and numbered. 

Swooning over these stunning pieces... 


Alisa and Lysandra Collection for United Artworks...


Australia's favourite Design Duo and winners of The Block, Alisa and Lysandra, have collaborated with United Artworks on an exclusive new artwork collection. As a Block addict and lover of the twins sassyness and design skills, I was super excited to hear about their latest collaboration. Beautiful plus affordable art is always hard to come by so this partnership is a winner!

Ethereal abundance is the inspiring element behind Alisa and Lysandra’s new curated collection of artworks. Featuring both graphic and photographic designs that represent the grandeur and abundance of nature. Moody yet seductive, distressed yet perfectly imperfect, structural and detailed, are some of the elements that describe this ethereal collection of artworks all which create visual interest through natures’ detailed and audacious textures and hues.

Designed and produced exclusively in Australia, this impressive new range of contemporary artwork is reflective of current interior trends and colour forecasts. Artwork is the finishing touch for interiors styling, and this collaboration offers the Australian market the opportunity to purchase and enjoy artwork at an affordable price tag, making artwork available to everyone.

I had the pleasure of styling a few of these gorgeous artworks in my own home. The colour palettes  were so easy to work with, seamlessly fitting in with my interior aesthetics and design... keep scrolling to find out more about the girls' collaboration. 

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions  buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice  buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions  buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - In both Directions buy it here

This collection is moody, raw and very ethereal,” explains Alisa. “It features a series of visually powerful prints that create aesthetic polarities and perfectly balance masculine and feminine tones and textures through the colour palette of nature.

Alisa and Lysandra for United Artworks - Pastel Skys  buy it here

Alisa and Lysandra for United Artworks - Pastel Skys buy it here

 “As interior designers we know that our projects become complete when all the finishing touches are in place and this includes artwork, which can deliver enormous emotional power in a space more than homewares or other accessories,” says Lysandra. “We have always wanted to create a collection that will compliment our design style, our colour forecasts and a collection that matches the tone of our work.”

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice  buy it here

Styled by Dot + Pop - Arctic Solstice buy it here

Alisa and Lysandra here - United Artworks here - Facebook A + L here - Instagram A + L - Twitter A + L here - Facebook United Artworks here - Instagram United Artworks here - Twitter United Artworks here - #ALxUA

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