Our top 7 trend predictions for 2019!


2019 is quite literally just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to talk about what we will be seeing in the design world next year. Houzz have released their top 7 trend predictions for the home, renovating and design spaces.

1. Striking wall treatments

Vertical surfaces are set to be a new design frontier in homes. From walls to island benches, we will continue to see a more creative approach to these facings. In 2018 we’ve seen half-round oak dowels used to great effect on island bench fronts, shiplap cladding used in exciting new ways, and wool utilised as wall coverings. In 2019 Houzz expects to see new technological surfaces make their mark; at Cersaie 2018 in Italy, a range of 3D textures imprinted on tiles and new surfaces such as Kerlite – a thin, laminated porcelain reinforced with fibreglass - made a strong appearance.

Design - Fido Projects | Photography Lisbeth Grossman

Design - Fido Projects | Photography Lisbeth Grossman

2. Pastel colours in the kitchen

There is an increased demand for pastel-coloured kitchen cabinets, which is set to strengthen next year. Millennial pink made major inroads into decor in 2018, opening the way for other pastel-based hues, including baby blues, green washes and soft greys. These are proving to be a safe way to express colour in the kitchen, and in 2019 and beyond, are likely to rival all-white kitchens in popularity.

Design - Blue Tea Kitchens & Bathrooms | Photography - Pablo Viega

Design - Blue Tea Kitchens & Bathrooms | Photography - Pablo Viega

3. The star of 2019: statement vanities

Expect bathrooms to take over from kitchens as the key place to stamp your style in 2019. In particular, watch for the rise of statement vanities; whether personalised with statement handles,  furniture-like in the way they showcase original joinery, or painted in bold, saturated colour. Plain white and laminate surfaces will take a back seat, while the design-savvy step up and express their creativity in new ways.

Design - sw-architects | Photography - Sam Noonan

Design - sw-architects | Photography - Sam Noonan

4. Outdoors following indoor design cues

In 2019, we’ll continue to embrace our love for the outdoors as the look of exterior furniture moves closer to that of interior furniture. In Houzz’s AU Landscape trends study 46% of renovating homeowners wanted to create comfortable spaces through outdoor dining furniture.

Those who desire relaxed outdoor living are likely to forgo large dining settings and instead turn over their space to living room-like arrangements by choosing roomy modular sofas with accompanying coffee tables and statement armchairs.

Design - DOT + POP | Photography - Hannah Blackmore

Design - DOT + POP | Photography - Hannah Blackmore

5. The rise of the pod

Timber-clad pods have been popular as a way to add a separate backyard room, granny flat, teenage retreat, or studio for the past few years. In 2018 Houzz have noticed that pod-like shapes that are attached to, or inside homes. We suspect rounded pods will continue to pop-up in the centre of otherwise conventional spaces and rooms.

Design -  FGR Architrcture

6. Colour palettes that calm us down

The desire for physical wellness and mental well being will increasingly be expressed via soothing palettes that soften our environment and give us the measure of serenity we seek. Muted, chalky hues will grow in popularity with greens - from mint to sage - leading the charge, backed up by watermelon, subdued apricot and soft tans.

Design - Bask Interiors | Photogrpahy - Suzi Appel

Design - Bask Interiors | Photogrpahy - Suzi Appel

7. Designed (rather than afterthought) secondary spaces

We are seeing architects, building and interior designers utilising every inch of space in the home, be it under-stair areas, voids, end of joinery gaps, alcoves, even below-ceiling space, by integrating deliberate features into these forgotten areas. And, in their design approach, they are calling attention to these secondary areas rather than allowing them to recede into the background. Think alcoves turned into wine storage, under-stair areas becoming play spaces for children, display elements in disused areas, functional joinery built into narrow spaces and corners transformed into eye-catching studies.

Design - Carrera by Design | Three Birds Renovations

Design - Carrera by Design | Three Birds Renovations

Source: Houzz have released their top 7 trend ...

Why these 6 colours are trending in interior spaces…


Brought to you by Kaboodle Kitchens

Kitchen trends are ever changing, there is always a new colour, a new product, a new design that is taking the interiors world by storm. So how do you keep up to date with what’s new and current in the global design world? Kaboodle kitchen has launched its latest trends range, and it covers everything you need to know for a modern and timeless kitchen design.

Introducing six new colours to its collection of doors and panels, the range features matt black, smoked grey, a rich green, deep navy and two concrete looks.

Bold kitchen colours have made headlines in the interior design world with designers and consumers alike making brave choices for that stand out kitchen. Kaboodle’s Vivid Basil is a rich green that brings out an eclectic elegance. The perfect choice for those who like bold design, have a passion for striking interiors and want to make a statement.

Over the past few months I have seen green pop up in kitchen designs in various shades, from pastel and mint, to neon and forest – it’s a colour that can work in many settings.



Another interior colour that’s making waves is navy – the perfect choice for an elegant but bold look. Kaboodle’s Bluepea is a dark and inky navy blue, the perfect alternative to black or charcoal if you are wanting to take a step away from the safety of neutral tones. Team your navy cabinetry with a patterned tile for a modern edge, or keep it minimal with sleek stone-look bench tops and a matching splashback.

My favourite kitchen look for navy cabinetry is pairing it with a marble bench top and touches of brass, a super luxe look but still very classic overall.



A huge trend that seems to be here to stay is black – and that’s exactly what I’ve chosen for my own new kitchen - I’ve been waiting to design a black kitchen for so long! Black is the perfect choice for those wanting to take their kitchen to the next level and stand out from the crowd, and using a matt black will make even more of a statement.

A modern and minimalist option is Kaboodle’s new Molasses V - it is the perfect choice for lovers of monochrome design, and is made even more impressive with its anti-fingerprint technology and soft touch matt finish. Forever timeless, black never fails to make a striking statement.



Grey is trending in a huge way … and it looks like it’s here to stay. The great thing about grey is that there are literally 100’s of greys to choose from, which can be great but also daunting.  So if you’re after a modern/industrial feel with a textured and tactile finish that is perfectly on trend, try Kaboodle’s Light Truffle. This industrial textured look demands attention thanks to its raw finish and modern aesthetic, giving the impression of real concrete. If you feel as though grey could be a little bit too ‘cool’ in tone for you, pair it with natural finishes, such as timber bench-tops to warm it up and add a tactile element.

And for those lovers of grey, another trend-driven look is the ever popular ‘Scandi’! Pale grey is classic, refined and super on trend in the kitchen design world. Kaboodle’s Smoked Grey is versatile, timeless, contemporary and also offers a very sleek finish that can be adjusted to suit your level of ‘scandi’.

Go full on scandi vibes with white bench-tops and pale white washed floors, or for just a hint use deeper tones with your grey to anchor it and create depth.



Luxury is always trending, especially in the design world. To achieve a luxurious look and feel in the kitchen, try Kaboodle’s new Dark Truffle, a dark concrete shade complete with a unique textured look. Add a touch of luxury with its smokey velvety undertones and pair it with whites, light timbers, subtle grey or metallic for an especially modern finish.

I am a lover of dark cabinetry in the right space – if you are thinking of designing a darker kitchen, ensure you have enough natural light to balance the cabinetry, and ensure that your surrounding features such as wall colour and flooring will complement it.



Impress at home and make a statement in the kitchen with these new, contemporary, design-forward cabinetry shades.  Explore the new range at www.trends.kaboodle.com.au

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Trending | Mixed Metal Tapware



Dorf’s bold mixed metals range is leading the way in bathware innovation – and right now, there’s no hotter trend in interiors than mixed metals.

For some time, various metals such as silver, gold and rose gold have often been paired with “flat hues” to create complementary schemes. However, in the last few years, designers have started to think outside of the box in order to come up with new, fresh design aesthetics, pairing differing metals together as they discard previous design “rules”.

According to experts, this new mixed metals’ trend will be one of the hottest elements in interiors for 2018 and is here to stay. Think rose gold vases on top of silver platters, brass hooks alongside silver edged picture frames, and even differing finishes combined into the one item such as a gold and silver mirror frame.

The Dorf range features a wide variety of tapware in the most progressive mixed metals finishes - such as black/rose gold, black/chrome, white/chrome, black/gold and black/copper. 

Dorf creates minimalist and cutting-edge products that strike the perfect balance between form and function and has established a reputation built upon innovative thinking and creative functional designs. Behind Dorf’s stylish aesthetics are leading edge technologies that have enhanced the functionality of all Dorf products.

Source: Dorf’s bold mixed metals range is leading ...

Exterior Paint Trends 2018...


The end of 2017 is soooo close, 10 sleeps close to be precise... so it's time to start looking to the new year and what trends will be flooding our screens and pages. 

For our first trend report of 2018 let's talk about exteriors! The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, however it sometimes gets forgotten about, neglected or just left until last, and it's time that changed.

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit you, it's the first thing you see when you arrive home and it gives everyone an idea of what they can find inside... So whether it's cute and quaint, modern and bold or minimalist and refined, it's time to bring your exterior into 2018 and the easiest way to do that, is with paint!

BLACK & WHITE -  Via #houseonthompson

BLACK & WHITE - Via #houseonthompson

MONOCHROME - keep it traditional with white and add a touch of modernity by adding black accents.

TAUPE & WHITE -  From Casa Haus

TAUPE & WHITE - From Casa Haus

SOFT NEUTRALS - always a classic choice, and one that will stand the test of time. 

CHARCOAL & WHITE -  Via Pinterest

CHARCOAL & WHITE - Via Pinterest

GO BOLD - darker hues will be huge in 2018. We love this look, try it by choosing a dark charcoal as your main colour and lighten the overall look by adding a contrasting colour, such as white.  

PALE GREY & WHITE -  Via Dulux


BEACHY - pale grey is always a winner and it's not going anywhere! Pair it with white for a relaxed coastal feel.

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

TRADITIONAL - white on white will always hail supreme. Adding a coloured door will add your own personal touch.

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER -  Via Topolgy Studio

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER - Via Topolgy Studio

NATURAL ELEMENTS - add a natural material against your paint for contrast and wow factor. 

Source: Exterior Colour trends 2018