Love Art… DIY Exclusive with Tara Dennis

By Tara Dennis

Finding just the right art piece for a room can be a bit of a challenge, that's why I love to make my own.  Sometimes I'll go all out and paint up an original but you know what they say, simple is often best and this one definitely ticks all the boxes - it's quick, super easy and effective.  

Start with a basic frame, I love these oversized ones from Ikea but you can find great frames all over town now.  If you don't like the frame colour, give it a quick hit with spray paint, I like the natural Scandi feel of this one so chose to leave it raw.

To make the shapes, I used up some of my card and paper (heaven knows I need to!) These papers are generally used for scrap booking but for a bit of shine, I also love the gold foil card you can find from newsagents. 

Sketch out your pattern onto the reverse of the paper using a lead pencil.  You can be as random or uniform as you like.  A neat idea is to trace around a cookie cutter or print out a shape from the net. Either way, do plenty of shapes and mix up your colours.  Choose your favourite shades or take inspiration from what's in your room already, that way your art will coordinate perfectly.

Use sharp scissors to cut out your shapes, take your time, you want them to look as good as they can.   Next take a sheet of card that fits your frame and mount board,  I used white because it makes the shapes stand out and goes with everything. 

Stick the shapes down using a glue stick - much better than messy drippy glues. It's at this stage, you may want to use a ruler to keep your lines straight and your spacing even. 

Pop the card into the frame, secure the backing board and your art is ready to go.

Tara Dennis has been appointed as ambassador for Reed Gift Fairs Trade Only EventSydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island 20- 24 February, 2015

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