My renovation so far...

I have been so busy obsessing and posting about everyone else's amazingness that I have forgotten to update you all on my own home renovation - we have nearly finished the front inside and out and are starting on the back addition. 

Below is an update on the front exterior - we removed and replaced everything on the exterior;weatherboards, front window, door,  verandah, fence, roof and all.  I am loving what we have achieved so far in restoring this gorgeous Victorian back to it's former glory; however it still needs a few finishing touches before it is 100%.

The before shot, with a bit of demolition already happening, looking very worse for wear.


The new 3 panel window is in, a new door unit with high window is in, new boards on the front
of the house, as well as the verandah has been removed.

Matt building our new fence and verandah. We decided to go for quite a high fence with two entrance gates on either side and decorative steel post caps. We also changed the shape of our verandah roof and replaced all the decorative lattice work. Click read more to see more renovation...

We used 'woodland grey' colourbond for the front verandah and 'woodland grey' guttering. 
On the main house roof we replaced the 100 year old slate tiles with eco friendly recycled
plastic 'slate look a like' tiles. They have a life time warranty and even better they are great for
the environment while looking exactly like real slate. You can see the colour different above, 
the front has been replaced and the side is the existing old tiles.

We bought our front door unit from Steptos in Collingwood, as well as our front window. 
I bought all the front of house chrome decorative accessories from Schots in Collingwood.
We wanted a super shiny high gloss door, but we couldn't find a paint shiny enough. We ended up taking the door to a panel beaters and they painted it with car paint and a clear coat on top for extra durability. It is so incredibly shiny, I can actually see myself in it; fingers crossed that I am not the first one to scratch it!

The nearly completed house above (roof tiles still have foot prints all over them) - Our front door minimalist light is from Beacon Lighting. We still need to pave the paths and verandah with blue stone tiles and plant the front garden - I will post a picture of these when they are completed. Coming along very nicely.

And one last picture - this is the view from our roof of the stunning Melbourne city skyline. 
I cannot wait for our second story extension to go on, we can fall asleep looking at this view - excited!

D + P