The Nest Cam IQ has a sleek minimalist design that can fit well in any home, whilst keeping you protected...



Nest offers a range of smart home products that are designed to take care of your home, the people and the things inside it – providing ultimate peace of mind for you and your family. And the latest addition to the Nest family is the Nest Cam IQ, arguably the smartest home security ever.

The Nest Cam IQ is smarter and better looking than your average security camera (which you know we love), it keeps an eye on what matters most, sending alerts to your phone if it detects anything unusual – whether that’s an intruder or the dog getting up to mischief. Another great feature is that you can talk through the camera when you’re away from home and it also integrates with Google Assistant meaning it can double as your very own Google Home. It has fantastic scheduling features, home/away assist features meaning it knows when you leave home, smart sound detection and notification’s that really work!

And what we love the most - a with all Nest’s products, it has a minimalist sleek design which means that it fits seamlessly into any room – for a security camera it is a true interior dream. 



Key features include:

Facial recognition — It can differentiate between a person and your pet. You will receive a phone alert if it sees a family member – or a stranger.

Supersight — It has a 4K sensor and wide 130-degree zoom, meaning it can follow someone around the room without losing quality, meaning you will never miss a thing.

Scares off intruders — It has a powerful speaker that can scare off intruders from afar – spoken from your mobile phone. It also notifies you when it hears the sound of a dog or person’s voice.

Google Assistant built-in — The Nest Cam IQ doubles up as your very own Google Home, meaning you can ask it questions. This is a particularly handy function for parents, enabling them to set reminders, alarms and tasks such as adding to grocery lists or playing music around the house.  


So if you’re looking for a smart, reliable, easy-to-use and super stylish home camera, the Nest Cam IQ is a winner.

** Disclosure - I was given the Nest Cam IQ to trial, I wasn't paid to write a review.