Our Garden feature in the brand new Planted Magazine...

Planted Magazine  - Photographer:  Hannah Blackmore  - Stylist:  Alana Langan

So we are having an exciting week in our household with our house being published in TWO magazines... eekkkkkk can't believe it!

These beautiful shots are of our courtyard and are featured in the brand new and super amazing Planted Magazine - grab yourself a copy in your local newsagent or online through Adore Magazine here.

For any product enquiries please comment below. Designed by myself and my partner Matt, built by Matt under his building company New Living Constructions.

Planted Magazine  - Photographer:  Hannah Blackmore  - Stylist:  Alana Langan
Planted Magazine  - Photographer:  Hannah Blackmore  - Stylist:  Alana Langan
Planted Magazine  - Photographer:  Hannah Blackmore  - Stylist:  Alana Langan

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Our home feature in Adore Magazine...

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

So in some super exciting news our house was featured in Adore Magazine this month - and we are so incredibly happy! 

Scroll down to check out a selection of images from the shoot. You can also see the full shoot, read our interview and find out where all our furniture and homewares are from in the magazine which is out now in all newsagents as well as in some beautiful boutique stores - check for your closest stockist here.

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Photographer Hannah Blackmore - Styling Alana Langan

Adore Magazine here - Facebook here - Instagram here

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Meet Mr Jason Grant…


Where did your love of interiors begin, did you always know you wanted to work in this industry?

I have always been creative since I can remember and really I fell into the world of styling as growing up it wasn't a job that people knew about unlike now. I worked for a wholesale home wares company and one of my jobs was to organise samples to be loaned by stylists - who are these magical creatures I thought?! I met Glen Proebstel, then he was the style director of Inside Out Magazine and I assisted him on a few shoots. After that he convinced the then editor Karen MacCartney to book me for my own shoot. I must have done ok as then I was booked on another and another, finding and styling homes for the magazine, eventually becoming the melbourne contributing editor - producing all the stories and homes for the magazine in Melbourne.

I was offered the role of Style Director so moved to Sydney and this is where things began to happen. After a while I went back to freelancing and began work on my first book soon after moving to Bondi. It took time for me to realise that I had my own point of view and style and this was becoming clear. Fast forward around 10 years with two books under my belt (a third on the way) and an impending homewares collection launching in February (at lifeinstyle) www.mjgstore.com and I am living my creative dream - it is imporatnt to dream big and work hard to make your dreams come true.

How would you describe your style? Has it changed over the years as you’ve grown and progressed as a stylist? 

My style is always constantly evolving and updating but at the core my style is relaxed, laid back, casual and not over styled (funny for a stylist). I'm proud to say that I think my point of view and style is very Australian but I do see influences from further a field and it's no secret that there is a little Californian undertone to my style as well. I like spaces to be real and personal and definetly not perfect. Decorating is all about expressing your style and personality.

How exciting that you are the ambassador for Life In Style - how much do you love being surrounded by all those creative and inspired people?

I love being surrounded by creative people and am quite lucky that I get to meet and work with many creative people often daily, be it artists, florists, shop owners, furniture designers or small makers, the list goes on. I love finding new, exciting and inspiring people. Some of my favourites include @theflowerdrum @popandscott @laurenbamford @pauldavies @dinosaurdesigns I could go on and on...

Do you have a favourite subject matter to shoot/work on?

I guess as a stylist styling/art directing your own homewares collection or books is definetly a favourite.

What do you think is the key to great design?  

Simplicity and combining function and style

Top 3 styling tips?

1. Don't rush - it's fine to take your time - decorating and finding your own style is a journey to enjoy. It really comes down to finding your own confidence.
2. It's all in the edit - styling is also currating - sometimes it's about what you take out/leave out, you dont have to put everything on display, edit your space, add and subtract as you go.
3. Keep it personal - the key to a great space is decorating with what you love - it should make you smile.

Who and what inspires you?

Americans Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and the team behind Toms inspire me greatly, they have built very successful brands and have created unique signature styles across design, decorating and fashion. This is my dream for me here in Australia and launching my signature collection is the next step in this journey. I recently met Jonathan whilst he was here in Australia ( he even knew who I was!) and it was great to pick his brain and chat to him about his success. His best advice was to make your own way - dont try to be anyone else. I think it's important to find your own voice.

What/where are your favourite resources to garner inspiration?

Two of my biggest sources of inspiration are Travel and Nature - I love to travel, be it to India, the US or Paris. I love heading somewhere to have new adventures and discovering new and exciting places, as well as visiting old favourites like Palm Springs and LA (yes I am obsessed) Next on my list are Japan and Italy. 

I've loved nature ever since I was a small boy and I love being outdoors. Bondi is home, living close to the ocean has a huge impact on my style and my ideas. Nature really get things right, for example colour and form - sometimes it's the little things that provide the biggest inspiration.

My favourites on Instagram include @dabito @george_byrne @happymundane

Life Instyle, the annual boutique trade event, will once again showcase stylish, quality products and brands that focus on creative excellence and innovative design. From 18-21 February 2016, Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion will be the destination of discerning retailers seeking the thrill of discovering new products, trends and suppliers on which businesses thrive.

In 2016, Happiness by Design is a carefully thought out theme perfectly encapsulating the spirit of this event. Exhibition Director Amelia Coote-Harris says, ‘It demonstrates the show’s continuing commitment to create happiness through design, and encourage people to appreciate design in their everyday lives.

During these four exceptional days of trade, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unprecedented, selection of carefully chosen top suppliers delivering delightful combinations of designer brands andbeautiful products featuring premium homewares, fashion accessories, furniture, lighting, gifts and tableware, and of course, the Kids Instyle collection of delightful babies’ and children’s fashion, accessories and homewares. ‘We are delighted to appoint Mr Jason Grant (MJG) - interior stylist, author and creative consultant as the official ambassador for Life Instyle, Sydney- he embodies style, design and happinessis the perfect fit for this acclaimed event.’ 

WHAT: - Life Instyle and Kids Instyle trade event 

WHEN: 18 – 21 February 2016

WHERE: Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

TRADE-ONLY EVENT / TO REGISTER: www.lifeinstyle.com.au/register

Jason Grant here - Facebook here - Instagram here - Twitter here - Pinterest here

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Home Room Studio...

Romy Dankner is the founder of Home Room Studio, a design agency which gently guides, mentors and markets a number of highly skilled artisans with their brands ensuring their works are stocked in exclusive boutique stores locally and Internationally. Her studio will  inspire you with beautiful lifestyle products by the latest talented and most excitingdesigners and artists from all over Australia. 

Romy also has extensive experience in interior decoration and an in-depth knowledge of distinctive furnishings from around the world. Home Room the Studio was born out of a passion and knack for eyeing rare furniture and the desire to create spaces that could reflect and house these exceptional pieces. She possesses a unique and innovative design flair that is evident in every detail of her work. Having executed a number of her own design projects, Romy is able to gage her clients’ needs and provides an approachable, affordable and welcoming service. 

“I really wanted to create a design agency that is capturing everyone's imagination and to offer you a one stop shop of the latest ‘must haves’. A space that is fresh, unique, beautiful and always evolving.” says Romy.

Scroll down to see images of Romy's interiors design work as well as my interview regarding all things design and decoration...

Can you tell us about Homeroom Studio and what you offer? HOMEROOM studio offers a complete interior design service as well as a designers agency showcasing exceptional art and homewares from Amazing Australian designers. The two services embody my passion for beautiful interiors and the product that injects those spaces with personality.  

Where do you get your design inspiration from? A large part of my inspiration is from travel. Having spent a year in India and regularly travelling to inspiring, cultural destinations, my senses are filled with colour combinations, textiles and architecture that makes you think outside the box. I also love magazines and draw inspiration from talented designers and architects from around the World. Imagine a world without these amazing creatives!

Words to describe your style? Clean and minimalist with a strong sense of colour.

What are your top design and decorating tips? I always look at a space and ask myself “what does this space need?” Is it calling out for an injection of colour, something edgy or a burst of personality? But most importantly, I believe you should be surrounded by pieces you love that will keep you smiling for years to come.

What does a typical day involve for you? Fortunately for me there really isn’t a ‘typical’ day. Every day is unique and different; whether my head is burrowed in fabrics for an interiors job or I’m out for coffee with one of my artists discussing design and strategy for our upcoming trade show, Life Instyle. Its fluid nature of having to wear my creative or business ‘hats’ makes me feel so energetic and inspired.

What can we expect next for HomeRoom Studio? I am extremely excited by the prospect of HOMEROOM studios growth and the new creatives that will be joining our team. So, stay tuned!

Home Room Studio here - Instagram here - Contact here

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Meet Christie Blizzard... Children's Interior Designer Extraordiniaire

Need some top tips for designing and decorating your children's bedrooms? I thought so, and I am so pleased to share with you my chat with the amazing Christie Blizzard - Children's Interior Designer Extraordinaire. She is super talented and you will just love all her tips, tricks and fabulous ideas to create a haven for your child...

"I am passionate about creating spaces and places for little people. From parties through to bedrooms and nurseries, I thrive on taking a blank canvas and turning it into a functional and timeless space your little one will appreciate for a lifetime. My designs grow as your children do and are affordable, practical and most of all perfect for your family."

We are so excited to have you on Dot + Pop – firstly tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a mum to 2 amazing little girls Addi is 6, Berkley 2. I am also fortunate enough to be a designer of children’s spaces. Fortunate, as I am a big kid myself. I have a university degree in journalism and grew up dancing and performing on stage and TV. I love to create. I sew, write and love to get my hands dirty with DIY projects. I can’t sit still, always “switched on” and a little bit quirky. I am always thinking about new projects and there is nothing worse than being at a function with someone in the same dress, so I always do my best to think outside the square and have my own style.

How did you get into interior design and when/why did you decide to focus on Kids design?
For me it was a natural progression. As a child, my family rented so I was never able to put posters up and decorate my room how I liked so I had to be creative (and a little sneaky). I bought my first home straight out of high school and with a very limited budget, I learnt to make it my own with paint and DIY fixes. From there, i was asked to create spaces for my friends and it snowballed until I was on Ten’s The Renovators when I solidified my goal to be THE go-to children’s designer. I naturally migrated to children’s design as I love working with colour and am a big kid myself. I can let my natural creative flair takeover and it means I can create playful spaces rather than white boxes!

Top tip or advice to a first time renovator/decorator?
Don’t rush into anything. Pin ideas on Pintrest or start a scrapbook and see how your style evolves on paper before you go shopping. You will soon see what items work together and what don’t. It is boring, but it is all in the planning. If in doubt, find a designer - they are more affordable than you think and will often save you lots of money in mistakes. However, make sure you and your designer gel. You don’t EVER want to be bullied into a permanent decision for your home. Remember it is your space and you need to make sure it stays that way.

How important is decorating a kids room?
I think children’s rooms are like big hugs from their parents. Their space is a place where they dream at night, where they plan and create. It is so important to nurture these thought’s and their childhood. It is really imperative a child drifts off to sleep every night knowing how much they are loved, and what better way than looking at their own special piece of the world, created just for them - no matter what the budget.

How can people get inspired to move away from the pink or blue trap?
Pink and blue have long been the favourite in kid’s design but to me I think it is OK to be more adventurous than that these days. Green is great for boy’s rooms as is a strong, monochrome room. For girls, metallics are really popular, as are pastels. The trick though is to embrace colour and really know what your child wants in their room. If your daughter loves pink, you may want to just experiment with different shades - neons, peaches etc rather than just run-of-the-mill. 

What’s your advice on decorating for a gender neutral babies room?
If you are wanting to create a space for your baby and don’t yet know the gender, be sure to plan something you can adapt as they grow. Don’t lock yourself into a particular style. A safe black and white room is lovely for  nursery. It is very on trend and can be accessorised to look girls or masculine once bubba arrives, and it is very on-trend. If that is too modern for you, you can be more traditional and go classic with beautiful furnishings, a striped wallpaper and beautiful rug. Again, once baby arrives you can adjust by adding a cushion, linen and mobile to reflect their personality. A loose nautical theme can translate for both genders too - navy and red, as can educational-themed nurseries - like a world map wallpaper or a nature theme too if you MUST make the space complete before your due date.

How can we incorporate more storage into children’s rooms?
Children come with so many things! No matter how much you think you know, you will learn a lot more when they arrive and the presents start streaming in. If you are creating a space for a child no matter what age, you can NEVER have enough storage. Whether you have built in robes, underbid storage or a sturdy chest of drawers you will never have enough. I use floor-standing storage baskets, wall shelving (and you can make these stylish these days with shadow box shelving so you aren’t limited to a plank of laminate on some brackets) and funky wall hooks. The best thing you can do for little people is utilise their wardrobe. It is often the most overlooked piece of furniture. Often, the rails are high and there is a lot of space. Consider adding shelving above or below the rail, or adding a second rail for 2 rows of hanging space. Baskets under the rail are a neat way of storing soft toys too. 

What is the best way to ensure the room grows with the child as they get older?
Don’t get locked into a particular theme! If your child is a Dora fan, don’t assume that phase will last forever. Don’t plaster your walls in Winnie the Pooh, even if you think he is cute. Think beyond that. Use colours rather than the theme. As I said earlier, a nautical theme is very popular at the moment. If you love this look, don’t pain boats on the wall, please! Use the colour scheme (navy blue, red and white) as your base for things not easily changed - walls, rugs and expensive items. If you need to include boats or anchors, do this with pillow accents that are cheap to replace. This principal will cross over to any themed room, just make the little accessories interchangeable. Large artwork can make a big statement and doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so changing the art, linen and a few accessories can easily update a room. If you are buying expensive pieces, make sure they are universal. It is like any other room in your home. You may love neon yellow, but you wouldn’t really buy a sofa in neon yellow - you would just buy the cushion. Use the same theory with your kid’s room too.

What is the most common mistake you see people make?
I have seen it all! The most common mistake is buying the bed, the linen and the rug. They buy the “staples” of a room and then they get lost and the room is lacking personality and love. Think about the room and how it will be used. If you plan on your child doing homework at the dining table, don’t put a desk in their room. If you want them to play in their room, include toy storage. Plan the space and take risks but do your research. Make sure everything you use in a child’s room is robust, safe and of course suitable to the look you are trying to create. 

Do you have a favourite item in your home that you couldn't live without?
I love so many things in my home but it is the little things I love the most. The up cycled desk I found in the garage of a factory we bought, my Anya Brock original painting and the kid’s huge custom-built ball pit in the playroom keeps me sane when I am preparing dinner. However, it is the little things with memories attached that I hold most sacred - my manna’s vase, dried petals from a bunch of flowers my hubby bought me and a picture my daughter drew. Those things are what make a house a home and remind me every day how lucky I am.

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