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Romy Dankner is the founder of Home Room Studio, a design agency which gently guides, mentors and markets a number of highly skilled artisans with their brands ensuring their works are stocked in exclusive boutique stores locally and Internationally. Her studio will  inspire you with beautiful lifestyle products by the latest talented and most excitingdesigners and artists from all over Australia. 

Romy also has extensive experience in interior decoration and an in-depth knowledge of distinctive furnishings from around the world. Home Room the Studio was born out of a passion and knack for eyeing rare furniture and the desire to create spaces that could reflect and house these exceptional pieces. She possesses a unique and innovative design flair that is evident in every detail of her work. Having executed a number of her own design projects, Romy is able to gage her clients’ needs and provides an approachable, affordable and welcoming service. 

“I really wanted to create a design agency that is capturing everyone's imagination and to offer you a one stop shop of the latest ‘must haves’. A space that is fresh, unique, beautiful and always evolving.” says Romy.

Scroll down to see images of Romy's interiors design work as well as my interview regarding all things design and decoration...

Can you tell us about Homeroom Studio and what you offer? HOMEROOM studio offers a complete interior design service as well as a designers agency showcasing exceptional art and homewares from Amazing Australian designers. The two services embody my passion for beautiful interiors and the product that injects those spaces with personality.  

Where do you get your design inspiration from? A large part of my inspiration is from travel. Having spent a year in India and regularly travelling to inspiring, cultural destinations, my senses are filled with colour combinations, textiles and architecture that makes you think outside the box. I also love magazines and draw inspiration from talented designers and architects from around the World. Imagine a world without these amazing creatives!

Words to describe your style? Clean and minimalist with a strong sense of colour.

What are your top design and decorating tips? I always look at a space and ask myself “what does this space need?” Is it calling out for an injection of colour, something edgy or a burst of personality? But most importantly, I believe you should be surrounded by pieces you love that will keep you smiling for years to come.

What does a typical day involve for you? Fortunately for me there really isn’t a ‘typical’ day. Every day is unique and different; whether my head is burrowed in fabrics for an interiors job or I’m out for coffee with one of my artists discussing design and strategy for our upcoming trade show, Life Instyle. Its fluid nature of having to wear my creative or business ‘hats’ makes me feel so energetic and inspired.

What can we expect next for HomeRoom Studio? I am extremely excited by the prospect of HOMEROOM studios growth and the new creatives that will be joining our team. So, stay tuned!

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