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If you're anything like me and completely obsessed with interiors, homewares and everything house related then The White Room is for you... Do you constantly change your furniture around, try out new styling, re-create looks that you see on instagram and pinterest but wished you knew exactly where stylists and industry people bought their treasures? Keep reading to find out how to be in the know and learn the tricks of trade to get your dream home style up and running...

The White Room was founded in 2015 by Alex Butta and Rohan Mummery as a way to explore and tour Melbourne’s underground interior design and decoration spots. The White Room offers a vast range of exclusive tours inspired by Melbourne’s upcoming and established boutique stores which house incredible work from local and International artists with a price for any budget. Alex and Rohan are both truly professional, and will assist with making your interiors as lovely as you. They have developed strong relationships with local designers and boutique independent traders around Melbourne to make your experience one to remember.

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I was lucky enough to chat with Alex and Rohan about all things interiors, styling and the best! 

Tell us about The White Room Interiors and what lead you to start it?
Alex - I thought of The White Room 2 years ago! One of my friends was constantly asking me where I bought all of my homewares, cushions, art etc, so we made a plan to save our dollars and do a whole day of shopping every 6 months! I would take her around to all my favourite stores and and I would challenge myself to find new stores to explore. From there the idea evolved into developing a business where I could take people out of their comfort zones to explore all the amazing boutique stores that I love and shop at, giving them styling and decorating advice along the way. Melbourne definitely has a lot to offer! 

I have been a Visual Merchandiser and Interior Decorator for 9 years, speaking to clients all the time the feedback I get is that they just don't know where to go! Where are all the boutique stores? - "I know they're on the other side somewhere" meaning the south side of the city. 

I met Rohan through a mutual friend, She had been saying to me for ages, I needed to meet Ro and to Ro that he needed to meet me! We finally organised a dinner at my house and I could tell straight away that Rohan was who I wanted to do this with, we bonded over Bonnie and Neil cushions, feather cushion inserts, how amazing they make your cushions look and chai tea! My Fav. He had the same passion for interiors that I do, we seemed to bounce off each other, a quirky personality and the hilarious speech he made at our mutual friends wedding had always stuck in my mind. 

What can we expect to find/see/do on a White Room Interiors tour?
On a White Room Tour you can expect to shop in Melbourne's finest homeware and furniture stores, that house incredible work from local and International artists. Our three tours cover some of Melbourne's most iconic suburbs, so there's plenty of visual stimulation along the way. Both Rohan and I will assist you for the entire day, offering styling and decorating advice, loads of conversation and knowledge to make your experience one to remember. You will be chauffeured for the day and there will be yummy lunch included at a funky cafe.

How does someone go about booking a tour?
When choosing a tour we recommend you try somewhere you haven't been before. Try the south side if you live on the north side and vice versa. One of the ideas around this concept is getting people to try somewhere new! Have a look at the pictures linked to the tours and you should get an idea of which tour you like and want to shop at. 

To book simply go to our website and click on the 'products' page to choose which tour best suits you! Once you have decided on a tour click the link 'add to cart' and follow the prompts. Once the ticket/s have been purchased you will receive an email from us with a ticket! Not tech savvy? thats ok, give either Alex or Rohan a call and we can book it for you. Our contact details are on the 'contacts page of website.

What inspires us:
Alex - I am inspired by colour, people, nature, hand made... It's hard to define where I gain my inspiration as it can happen anywhere. My idea for the white room came to me one morning while blow drying my hair! My mind is always thinking and creating, I have loads of energy. I like to make time to relax and switch off, heading away for the weekend or a drive for the day and that way I come back so refreshed and with an open mind. I don't read but I love looking at pictures, I have a magazine stack that is nearly as high as my sofa and I enjoy a good coffee table book. I absolutely love DIY, I own more tools than my partner. I'm in my element doing home reno's at the moment, jack hammering, painting, using the hammer. I am plant obsessed, indoor plants are all over my house, and I need colour in every room. 

Rohan - I find my inspiration from many avenues! I love Architecture from so many eras. Ever since I was young I always loved the home. I loved seeing different houses, gardens, buildings and how they were configured and how they worked or didn't work together. I read a LOT of interior magazines, one of my faves is inside out. I love the TV show Grand Designs and the differences between the Australian version and the UK version. Artists I love include Kerry Armstrong, Mitch Gobel and Katie McKinnon. Another place I gain a lot of inspiration is from homeware and furniture stores! There is a lot to be said about visual merchandising and how it can get the creative juices flowing!

Top tips for decorating:
- We find one of the best ways to decorate is to start with a blank canvas or an empty room so you can visualise your space. Look at what will work best functionally and figure out what you need, make a list.

- Choose what furniture you will need to fill the space and its placement in the room. Choosing neutral colours for your large items, like a sofa are easy to work with - try a mid tone of grey.

- Next find a piece of art to set the mood of the room and to create a focal point. This should be something you love, whether it's in colour and or design! 

- From there we hit the shops to do some more research INSTORE! We need to see and feel product to get a sense of whether it will work! Try to get a balance of textures and colour and with the last touches i.e cushions, a rug and homewares. Make sure you have at least 2 things in the room that are the same colour, material or texture to find your balance. Pulling colours from your art work is a great way to achieve this.

- A great tip is to buy things that can be returned or exchanged in store, that way you can take it home an try it. Did you know a lot of stores lend out display stock over night!

Subscribe to The White Room Interiors to receive 20% off any tour. Valid until August 31st. 
Code will be issued via email once subscribed. 

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