Stunning contemporary living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches...


A 1940s beach house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been transformed into a three bedroom, two-bathroom, contemporary family home. The Avalon property belongs to the creator of bellaMUMMA, Nikki Yazxhi and her husband Adam, Creative Director at MAXCO.

After nearly 15 years in the family home, Nikki and Adam decided they would either need to sell in favour of something larger or renovate the existing house. “With our two boys aged 11 and 14, we were at a crossroads of whether to sell and buy something bigger, or stay in a house and area we love and renovate to make the house suit our family’s lifestyle." says Nikki.


Stegbar - BellaMUMMA 3.jpg

Friend and interior designer, Nina Maya was engaged to direct and style the home renovation. Following two previous renovations, this final makeover involved the family moving out for three months so that the house could be gutted and rebuilt. To achieve the simple and elegant interior, a refined palette of neutrals was chosen, using only natural materials such as European oak flooring, marble, stone and brass.

Nina designed a space that maintains the home’s original charm, while maximising the indoor areas with added storage. The original wall separating the living area and the kitchen was removed, and to increase the connection to the outside, full-height glass bi-fold doors were installed on the back deck and skylights were used to boost the amount of natural light, provided by Stegbar. The kitchen is one of the first rooms the family had outgrown. With Adam’s love of cooking and the couple’s passion for entertaining, the kitchen was maximised and upgraded with new appliances for a modern and contemporary space that performed as amazingly as it looked. The kitchen and the benchtop bar are now the hub of the house.

Gyprock - BellaMUMMA 1.jpg

The new kitchen appliances were selected for their aesthetic and functionality. “We loved the look of ASKO products first off, then we started doing some research and watching Adam Liaw's YouTube videos and realised how amazing the appliances were,” says Nikki. “The ASKO Elements range is sleek and sexy, and we are beyond impressed by how they make life so much easier in the kitchen. I think the first couple of months we were continually impressed with all the new features that we were discovering.”


For the family, storage was the biggest issue. They needed to maximise the existing space and create extra storage in order to make the home more suitable for their growing family. Ultimately deciding to stay and renovate, Nikki and Adam put their savings towards creating their dream home featuring the highest quality building products. “When it came to choosing plasterboard to re-do our walls, we couldn’t go past CSR Gyprock’s Sensitive plasterboard,” says Nikki.

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An iconic Melbourne Hotel reimagined...

Interior Design by  Meme Design   |  Photography by  Tom Blachford .

Interior Design by Meme Design  |  Photography by Tom Blachford.


The iconic Prince Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda has been reimagined and refurbished by the incredible design team at Meme Design. It's beachside location was inspiration for the softer palette of textures and hues, suggestive of Miami beaches and 'candy coloured ice-creams'. The Interior design approach paid homage to the hotels original art deco architecture, expansive windows and natural light. 

The choices of lighting and furniture in each room showcase Australia's diverse artesian makers. Each room offers a range of pieces, from handmade oak chairs by HR McCarthy, generous armchairs by Jardan, blush concrete tables by Nood Co, brass pendants by ISM Objects, cushions by Sly Australia and photography by Kate Ballis.

Every element within the Prince Hotel has been thoughtfully considered, from it's fresh aesthetic, it's relaxed vibes and it's uber comfortable furniture pieces. 

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A weekend styling retreat with the best in the business... Julia Green, from Greenhouse Interiors

Photographer: Stephanie Rooney

Photographer: Stephanie Rooney


If Julia Green had a dollar for every time she has been asked for advice on establishing a career in the interior styling world, she could very likely pack up her props and trade them in for a life of luxury.

As a leader in the industry, it’s a question Julia fields on a daily basis, from budding stylists of all ages and from all backgrounds.

So, armed with a wealth of industry information and her own styling secrets, the founder of Greenhouse Interiors decided to share her knowledge with those looking to establish themselves in this highly-sought-after field.


She recently threw open the doors to her Barwon Heads home for a weekend-long workshop where six aspiring stylists, who were given the opportunity to learn what it takes to turn a passion for interior styling into a career.

The workshop covered all aspects of the industry, from understanding personal style to working with photographers and other suppliers, as well as how to win business in this highly-competitive field. Guest speaker Samantha Firestone also shared her knowledge of the importance of digital strategy, social media and marketing.


A morning yoga session and an evening glass or two of bubbles offered a perfect contrast to the otherwise fast-paced schedule.

The workshop culminated in a professional photo shoot where participants brought to life their interior concepts using a new range of artworks by Greenhouse Interiors artists Brent Rosenberg, Morgan Jamieson, Prudence Caroline and Kimmy Hogan.

The resulting imagery showcased students’ personal style combined with their newly-garnered interior styling knowledge, and ensured each left with full hearts and minds as well as magazine-worthy folio pieces to rival the best in the business.


‘This retreat was a money-can’t-buy experience and was one of the best weekends of my life! Although we were six complete strangers and have different end goals, we all seemed to be at the same stage. Waiting at the start line, a little unsure how to actually start or to reach the next stage. Julia’s energy and passion is contagious and she quickly got everyone to open up and really trust each other in an incredibly supportive environment. Although this weekend was about styling, it was just as much about backing yourself and just going for it. By the end of the weekend, we all left with our hearts and inspiration cups overflowing – not to mention some beautiful imagery to compliment our portfolio’s!’ said participant Alex.

Bright futures, and a solid game plan now await this group of creatives armed with the passion and know how.

All Art shown here available at Greenhouse Interiors.


To find out more about Julia Green’s interior styling workshops visit

Stylists: Hannah Amos | Chealsea Ellis | Alexander Carter | Sally Humphries | Jen Harrison | Aisha Chaudhry,

Photographer: Stephanie Rooney


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Schiavello unveils new Melbourne Retail Range and Showroom...

Schivello Showroom Melbourne

Schiavello has just launched their highly anticipated new retail furniture line with the opening of a new retail showroom in Melbourne’s Southbank. The Australian company’s fresh focus on residential furniture will establish a new visual and design language for residential living locally and beyond.

Schiavello furniture is 100% made in Melbourne at the company’s Tullamarine factory. Hero pieces featured in the retail launch include the 101 chair & La La stool by Helen Kontouris, Blom chair by Claudio Bellini, Vertical Garden by Joost Bakker, MR chair by Mario Ruiz, Parley & Goodwood table by Doshi Levien, Tango table, Kush floor cushion, Toro Badjo sofa, Bomba sofa & Karo ottoman by Ivan Woods, Wire chair, Rib chair & Lean Table by Chris Connell.

Design & Marketing Director, Anton Schiavello said, “Our decision to move into a retail offering has been prompted by the increasing blur between our personal life and work life, shifting from the notion of ‘work life balance’ to ‘work life integration.’


Located at ground level at Southbank’s Prima Tower, the warm, light filled space showcasing local and international design by Schiavello and MAP features interior by award winning designers Hecker Guthrie.


Clean lines, layered volumes and an assemblage of textural materials (leather, velvet, glass, timber) create balance and a distinctively architectural approach. Full-height glass, light timber veneer, textured white rendered walls and natural oak flooring form the basis of the material palette. Multiple lounging areas offer a moment to pause and consider, delineated by moss green and light grey carpet. A vertical garden and hand-blown glass vases with draping greenery add an organic, serene ambience throughout.


The new Schiavello Melbourne retail showroom is now open at 35 Queensbridge Street, Southbank VIC 3006.

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'Top tips for mood lighting' by ISM Objects


Lighting in your home is so important but sometimes it can be forgotten about... that's why we were super excited to be able to chat the to founders of ISM Objects, Simon Christopher and Celina Clarke about how to create mood lighting to enhance your spaces. Their tips are insightful and so easy to achieve in your own home, because creating ambience is always a good idea!

TIP 1. Use more than one light source

This is one of the most important ways to create ambience. Having only one light source can result in a stark, washed-out space, whereas incorporating different light sources, such as overhead, task, floor and table lamps, can create zones of softer or stronger light where needed.


TIP 2. Use dimmers for overhead lighting

Dimming switches allow you to adjust the level of light to suit the time of the day and function of the room. With dimmers you can have strong task lighting or gentle atmospheric lighting in the evening. You may also need to use the dimmers during the day depending on how much natural light a room receives.


TIP 3. Use warm-coloured light globes

LED lighting and new energy-efficient bulbs provide different warmths of light. A 2700K to 3000K bulb (K, for Kelvins, measures the colour of the light source) emits a warm yellow light, like an early sunrise or late sunset. This warm light is cosy, calm and intimate and a good choice for spaces used in the evening as it helps to relax and unwind.


TIP 4. Use table and floor lamps for indirect lighting

If a space doesn’t need overhead lighting, use table and floor lamps to create an intimate or casual atmosphere and environment. They can highlight areas of the room and tall floor lamps can be used to bounce light of the ceiling, effectively doing the job of overhead lighting.


TIP 5. Focus on points of interest

Table and floor lamps and accent lighting, such as wall sconces, can be used to focus on points of interest, such as accentuating architectural and decorative features, drawing attention to furniture pieces or illuminating artworks and sculptures. This creates visual focal and the contrasts between light and dark spaces adds ambience.

Source: We were lucky enough to chat to founders ...

Pendants that are out of this world!

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King


Pendants, Pendants, Pendants... I've rounded up the hottest new pendants that are 'out of this world' amazing! 

Adding a 'WOW' pendant to your space makes a bold statement, helps to create zones within a large room, aid in ambience and mood lighting and are the perfect finishing touch to your home or workplace... so be creative and go bold with your next pendant purchase! 

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

Lights Lights Lights |  3 Tubes Pendant

Lights Lights Lights | 3 Tubes Pendant

Lights Lights Lights |  Leaf Chandelier

Lights Lights Lights | Leaf Chandelier

ISM Objects |  Nudie Pendants

ISM Objects | Nudie Pendants

Surrounding |  Hans J Wegner, Pendant

Surrounding | Hans J Wegner, Pendant

Lights Lights Lights |  Alchimia

Lights Lights Lights | Alchimia

ISM Objects |  Iro Pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects | Iro Pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

Source: Pendants, Pendants, Pendants... I've ...

My Top 7 Interior Wall Trends...


Textured interior walls is where it's at - they add interest, style, texture and sense of modernity! Gone are the days of plain painted walls, texture is everything and what better way to inject some style into your space than with a little bit of wall pampering! 

My top 7 trends are below - some are DIY, some are an easy addition and some are a full blown makeover... so get inspired and please let me know your favourites!



1. Vertical Panelling

Designed by Griffiths Design Studio - Photography Sharyn Cairns

Designed by Griffiths Design Studio - Photography Sharyn Cairns

2. Horizontal Panelling

Designed by Eduardo Villa - Photography Sharyn Cairns

Designed by Eduardo Villa - Photography Sharyn Cairns

3. Timber Battens

Designed by Studio 1 Architects

Designed by Studio 1 Architects

4. Timber Detailing

Designed by HA Architects

Designed by HA Architects

5. Concrete Render

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

6. Painted Brick

Designed by Rob Kennon Architects

Designed by Rob Kennon Architects

7. Brick

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

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Elsternwick House... a bold and stunning renovation

Photography Sharyn Cairns

Photography Sharyn Cairns


Elsternwick House by Fiona Lynch Interior Design

The grandest of entrances leads you into a breathtakingly beautiful transformation of a Victorian Home, Elsternwick House is absolutely stunning. 

"As the client was encouraging of our exploration of colour, we took an evolutionary approach from room to room. Soft, earthy clay in the lounge melds into rusty brown in the adjacent study; through to a dining room swathed in striking blue." says Fiona Lynch.

Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Source: Elsternwick House by Fiona Lynch Interior ...

Day Bed Dreaming... My top 8 picks!


With lazy summer days just around the corner, and wishful thinking of spending afternoons reading, sipping a vino and relaxing at home at the forefront of my mind - what better way to get ready for relaxing summer afternoons than with a Day Bed Edit! 

I've found my Top 8 Day Beds for you to check out - plush and soft, minimalist and refined and modern and grogeous, there is something for everyone! 

I would love to know your favourites in the comments below! 


AOB - S  Made by Morgan


Straight Bench - Bloomingville from  ClickOn Furniture

Straight Bench - Bloomingville from ClickOn Furniture


BROADWAY Daybed -  Lounge Lovers

BROADWAY Daybed - Lounge Lovers



Macintosh Daybed -  BROSA

Macintosh Daybed - BROSA


Paramount Daybed -  BluDot

Paramount Daybed - BluDot


Menu Daybed -  Urban Couture

Menu Daybed - Urban Couture


Fusion Daybed -  BOCONCEPT

Fusion Daybed - BOCONCEPT


Luxurious cotton sheets that will make you feel like you're sleeping in a hotel...

Photographed in Lisbon by Reneé Kemps

Photographed in Lisbon by Reneé Kemps

IN BED Cotton: Introducing 400 Thread-Count Percale

IN BED have released their latest offering - a 400 thread-count cotton range that is inspired by the aesthetic and feeling of crisp white cotton sheets – the kind you find in the rooms of boutique hotels, artfully layered and exceptionally soft. And who doesn't love a luxe hotel bed, am I right?!!

The cotton sheets are closely woven to be smooth, light and breathable, making them ideal for warmer seasons and balmy climates.

For the launch of the cotton range, IN BED partnered with Portuguese accommodation project Santa Clara 1728, located within a starkly beautiful 18th century façade in the heart of Lisbon’s old cultural quarter. The hotel’s location and design makes for a campaign that extends naturally from IN BED’s own aesthetic, mirroring the thoughtful, modern, and minimal design approach that they embrace in all of their product ranges.

The hotel is one of the four design-led properties by hotelier João Rodrigues and has been designed by renowned local architect Manuel Aires Mateus, whose clean, modern interiors give lift and light to the building’s ancient walls.

Images of this stunning hotel are below, so keep on scrolling...


Heaven is in the details...

Photographer :  Eve Wilson  |  Stylist :  Ruth Welsby  |  Creative Director :  Michelle Pennington , Heatherly Design

PhotographerEve Wilson | StylistRuth Welsby | Creative DirectorMichelle Pennington, Heatherly Design

Pretty in Pink with Kate Spade and Heatherly Design.


Inspired by sweet summery days and fresh pastel tones, the latest in the Heatherly Design Art Series introduces a beautiful collaboration with the much-lauded fabric house Kravet, who are representing a new range of Kate Spade fabrics... and we are so in love with the soft pastel hues and romantic feels.

The new Valentine bedhead highlights a soft and curvaceous profile and shows off her iconic ribbon detail stitched onto a taupe linen background. The equally as elegant Adele footstool showcases the playful Kate Spade coin spot textured velvet and features a contrast pipe in greige velvet, and oooh la la how divine is it!

Heatherly Design Director, Georgie Leckey says, “The introduction of this very feminine collection is a breath of fresh air, encouraging personal style with a dash of playful, dreamy charm.”

Heatherly Design21347.jpg
Heatherly Design21370.jpg
Heatherly Design21282.jpg


A beautiful, functional and easy storage solution...

Black Ash Boxy.

Black Ash Boxy.

Combining aesthetics + functionality Urban Couture's new Boxy Range is the perfect addition to your home.

Urban Couture have released their latest must have - the Boxy. The perfect piece to create your own custom storage, use as a gorgeous bedside table, a side table or even a stack them them to create a sideboard - the options are endless.

Urban Couture's Boxy Units are available in Oak, Black Ash, Green + Carrara Marble, and can be purchased in sets to create a storage solution or on their own to accessorise your space. 

We love, do you?

Green Marble Boxy.

Green Marble Boxy.

Boxy Storage Urban Couture 1.jpg
American Oak Boxy.

American Oak Boxy.

Carrara Marble Boxy.

Carrara Marble Boxy.


Rug Edit... let's go neutral!


I'm always being asked if I have a favourite rug, rug brand, style, material etc... and the quick answer is no. And that's because we are all so lucky to have sooooo many options to choose from when shopping for the perfect rug - and what you end up choosing completely depends on the style of your room, the size,  the colour palette and the furniture.

I have created a Neutral Rug Edit for you to check out today - some have pattern, some have detail and some are more simple but the main thing is that they are all super gorgeous, so basically there's something for everyone! 

Tribe Home - Piper | Ivory & Charcoal

Tribe Home - Piper | Ivory & Charcoal


How to make an impact with colour this spring...


These top picks from Australian design store Lounge Lovers are sure to add colour and character to your home. And what better time for a little refresh than spring? Blush couch anyone?!

Stylist  Corina Koch  | Photographer  Kristina Soljo . 

Stylist Corina Koch | Photographer Kristina Soljo

The Macy - Just when you think you couldn't love millennial pink anymore, Lounge Lovers revives the classic 60's shelter arm sofa with a touch of modern elegance. Sophisticated in design, The Macy is a plush 3 seater that will dress up any retro-inspired living room. 


Stella Armchair - Do you want to make your living room pop but you don't want to go overboard? The Stella Armchair is the one for you! It's understated elegance and and classic designer details make it an eye-catching addition to any room. With its sophisticated matte brass legs and ecstatic teal fabric, the Stella Armchair will update your space stylishly and effortlessly. 


The Pods - Combining a classic design with a contemporary style, the Pod Modular Range nails both functionality and style. Available in vibrant jewel tones including plum, navy, rusty red and burnt apricot, it's the perfect piece to give your living space a premium and sophisticated update this spring. 


The Harriett Velvet - Make a statement with the velvet addition to the Harriett line. Royal blue and bottle green bring a touch of glamour to this cozy piece. While the pinch detail in the fixed back and seat cushions is reminiscent of Danish mid-century form, the Harriett 3 seater sofa’s shallower seat makes for a more ergonomic lounging experience. 


The 10 most popular styles of pendant lights and why we love them...


Pendant lights have always been popular, but they’re receiving unprecedented attention at the moment thanks to renovation and home decor TV shows, online inspiration sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram and the increasing affordability of different lighting options. Instead of just sticking with whichever lights are built into their home, people are starting to change their lights according to the season and the trends, treating them like throw cushions and other styling details.

Here are ten trending pendant styles to consider next time you’re changing your light fittings:


Cage pendant lights are everywhere right now, and for good reason! Cages work with all different styles of decor and homes of all different periods. Cage pendants consist of an exposed light bulb with a geometric frame around it, which can be made from all sorts of materials but are usually metal. Metal cages have an inherently industrial feel, reminiscent of the cages around spotlights on building sites. To take the edge off, use a vintage filament bulb that produces a warm ambient light.


Metallic finishes throughout the home make a great alternative to bright pops of colour, offering contrast to the soft neutrals we tend to use as a base. Metal offers this contrast through the use of texture rather than colour, which is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to anything too bright. Metal finishes respect the neutral colour palette while offering contrast and creating a sense of dimension.  Win-win! The most popular types of metal for pendant lights are brass, copper, steel, bronze, and chrome.

Crystal and Glass

Whether you’re interested in glass or crystal, this type of fitting really makes the most of the light from your bulb. The possibilities are endless here: clear glass panels, frosted glass, glass or crystal beads, and coloured glass are some of the most popular options. Reflecting and directing the light creates sparkle and adds some glitter to your room. Whether you’re planning a chandelier, a lantern or a simple glass light shade, glass or crystal light fittings are perfect if you’re looking for ambient light and something to draw the eye.


Industrial pendant lights are perfect for adding a contemporary edge to period homes and for creating sleek lines in contemporary spaces. Industrial lighting is typically metal and they can have either an ultra-modern feel or a vintage feel depending on what you’re after. If your fitting is metal it is a great in contrast to harsh materials such as brick and concrete.


If you’re after a bohemian look for your interiors, Moroccan light fittings are for you. Usually, this means lanterns, although other styles and shapes are also seen. Whatever the shape, Moroccan fittings are usually made of metal with patterns and holes punched into the surface. These may be small holes working together to create pattern, or large cutouts. Not only does this look beautiful as a feature during the day, but it also creates intriguing patterns of light and shadow around the room at night.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Art deco

Although it is nearly 100 years old, the art deco style is making a very popular return.  The architectural shapes and clean lines of art deco pendant lights make for a timeless and versatile feature in any modern interior.  It is the definition of luxury and elegance, combining rich colours, bold geometry and decorative detail to enhance modern spaces with ease.  The most important principle in art deco lighting is shape: think zigzag lines, jumbled forms and geometric designs. Just be sure to keep it simple and clean.  Materials such as chrome and brass, along with anything shiny like opal glass and mirror, are also a key part of art deco lighting glam!

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Timber and Rattan

Timber pendant lights may be made from ply, bamboo and other types of wood. Timber brings softness to a room, contrasting beautifully with harsh materials like concrete or brick. Timber lights may be any different shape, either directing light or creating a cage for ambient light. Wood is very easy to customise through painting or staining. Rattan is a very fine timber that is light and brings natural pattern and texture to a space: think wicker furniture or woven baskets. People love huge feature pieces made of rattan that show off their detail during the day while casting interesting shadows and patterns of light at night. 


When you think soft, organic material, concrete is often the last thing that comes to mind. In truth, concrete is porous and textured, bringing something truly special to a room. Pendant lights are a great way of incorporating concrete into your space without committing to something big like polished concrete floors or benchtops. The movement of a pendant is perfect for balancing out the strength and industrial feel of the concrete.


‘Vintage’ is such a broad category, which means there’s truly something for everyone! You might be interested in a retro fitting from the 60s or 70s, an art deco piece from the 1920s, or a Victorian pendant light for a truly classic feel. There are seemingly endless choices of period, place and style, and you have the choice between buying new fittings in a vintage style or hunting for authentic antiques for something special.


Pendants are popular as the feature piece of a room, adding depth and texture as well as providing light. One way to really make a statement is to use your pendant as an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your space.. Focus on finding something bright and eye-catching, or find a pendant in the perfect style and have it spray-painted your dream colour.

With all these incredible styles trending, the hardest part is choosing between them!


We love this collaboration between Beeline Design x Design School


We love everything that Beeline Design do and their recent collaboration with the students from Design School is just so stunning. The collaboration marks the release of their newest piece the “Flow Table”.

The introduction of the Flow Table to the Beeline Design catalogue signals a new direction for the brand who until now is best known for their Calypso Stools and more recently Cuba Bed.

"We wanted to really capture the versatility and functionality of this table, to demonstrate it's many 'personalities'" says Lucy Grant who is one half of the duo behind Beeline Design.

"I really loved the work I was seeing come out of Design School and so when we were looking at how to communicate our vision they were our first choice." Continues Lucy.

Against the backdrop of the stunning Establishment Studios the Design School students created an incredible array of looks varying from modern minimalism to faded decadence. The image series also includes some existing pieces from Beeline's Cuba Collection which has been re-interpreted by the students; giving the range a more sophisticated edge whilst still retaining their relaxed modern aesthetic.

“I wanted to keep the brief really open and see how they chose to interpret our products and we are just blown away with the creativity and variety in the results.” says Lucy.

Whilst working predominantly in solid timber; with each new range Beeline use a secondary material as the hero of each piece. Following on from the leather in their Cuba Collection, the Flow Table utilises the strength and functionality of powder coated steel paired with Tasmanian Oak in its form. 

"We wanted to design a table that made a statement but had a classic feel" says Adam Brislin the other half of Beeline Design. 

Looking forward the brand is working on expanding their Flow range with new designs slated for release early next year.

A huge thanks to the following students from Design School: Anna Chisholm, Justine Murphy, Bea Lambos, Elena Seton, Rebecca Leijer, Holly Miskimmin, Susan Ruzeu, Sidonia Thomas, Danielle Mozjerin.


The worlds most luxurious organic sheets... Introducing Jonquil

Founder - Sasha Zaman    Photography: Mike Baker | Styling: Heather Nette King

Founder - Sasha Zaman 

Photography: Mike Baker | Styling: Heather Nette King

Melbourne based luxury, ethical and sustainable bedding brand, Jonquil, has launched their first collection today, 26th July 2017 and it is absolutely do yourself a favour and check it out in all it's loveliness!

Jonquil specialises in the highest achievable quality of certified organic cotton all while maintaining exemplary ethical standards. This brand is paving the way for the bedding industry to bring thoughtfully crafted certified organic luxury to the homewares scene.

The collection of timeless designs will compliment any bedroom scheme and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom setting. Jonquil pieces take pride in the “heirloom” quality of the bedding that would last for a lifetime with appropriate care. 

“We want people to not only have products with high quality material, but also something that’s stylish and provides a sense of luxury,” says Zaman.

The first limited release will come in three collections: the Plissè collection, the Hotel collection and the Signature Crochet collection. Each of the three released collections, represent a story or a personal experience.

The Plissè collection features structure, depth and detail. This design is personal to Zaman as she pays tribute to her mother.

The Hotel collection on the other hand, replicates her experience of sliding into a luxurious bed after spending a few days hiking through the ranges in Nepal and India.

The Signature Crochet collection takes an inspirational spin on the work and depth of calligraphy in Rajasthan India.

“We're becoming a fast-paced society, I'm guilty of it too. And we don't ever just stop, or slow down to appreciate the small things in life. Jonquil designs make you want to slow down and appreciate the detail not just visually, but also by touch. Every pleat, fold and stitch is unique to that one piece,” says Zaman.

Jonquil directly sources its 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton from five Fairtrade certified mills across Kolkata and New Delhi. With these partnerships, Jonquil can provide fair employment for the farmers, sewers and seamstresses that dedicate their lives to the cultivation and creation of Jonquils cotton bed linen.

Sasha Zaman started on the Jonquil journey three years ago. While picking out her sheets to dress her bedroom, she became aware of the poor production practices in the textile industry and high use of chemicals in what she believed to be luxury sheets.

This naturally progressed to Sasha creating a product that embodied everything that she believed luxury bedding should encompass – high quality, ethically made and free from unnecessary harmful toxins. Sasha spent years sourcing for the right farms and people to work with– personally making trips to India to ensure that the entire supply chain from seed to yarn to finished products were certified organic and Fairtrade.

Over 1000 people are supported through Jonquils supply chain. “We are a generation that are educated and socially aware. We should no longer allow large corporations to exploit small communities, workers, the environment and animals. By maintaining high-quality standards for workers and high-quality growing practices for the cotton and textile industry, we all benefit in the present and in the future,” says Zaman.

Jonquil’s products are available online to Australian and New Zealand customers. They seek to go global in the near future.



6 tips for how to choose the right sofa for you...

Felix by Globe West  - Nosru Interiors

Felix by Globe West - Nosru Interiors

1 – Think about your surroundings - Consider the colour of your existing floor, the colour of your walls and any other room furnishings before deciding on your sofas fabric. 

2 – What shape will work for your space – Do you need a modular sofa to fill a large space, 2 small sofas to create a zoned area, or one large sofa for a longer thinner space?

3 – Colour is key – If you want something that will stand the test of time and your changing tastes, always go neutral; this way you can change the decor items in the space to keep up the with current trends without spending thousands on a new couch each time you like a new look. However, if you are into a more vibrant look, go colourful and bring your personality into the space.

4 – What is your design style – Are you modern, beachy, traditional or eclectic? These are important questions to answer before you even start looking for a new couch… Modern, go clean lines and straight edges. Beachy, choose lighter and textured fabrics with lots of plush cushions in the same tone. Traditional go for a classy and structured sofa with some fine detailing. And if you are eclectic, try looking for bold colours, patterns or even re-covering a vintage find.

5 – Comfort is everything – As much we may love a certain look, for me comfort is #1, and if the sofa of my dreams is actually uncomfortable, I’m not buying it! You will spend a lot of time on this bad boy so remember comfort is super important!

6 – Price matters – with an investment piece such as a sofa remember you do get what you pay for. Quality is paramount with a piece that will stay in your home for usually a very long time and get used ALL the time.

Hugo Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Hugo Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Cameron L Shape Sofa  - ClickOn Furniture

Cameron L Shape Sofa - ClickOn Furniture

Lazytime  - Meizai

Lazytime - Meizai

Hampton Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Hampton Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Benson Grand  - Freedom

Benson Grand - Freedom

Wilfred  - Jardan

Wilfred - Jardan

Freya Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Freya Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Softy  - Freedom

Softy - Freedom


Bathroom Love... Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards

Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke

We love a little bit of bathroom glam, so we have compiled our favourite bathroom designs from the finalists of the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards for you to check out.

As you can tell we have a thing for grey, black and white... but who doesn't, am I right?!

Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke

B.E. Architecture

B.E. Architecture

Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke

B.E. Architecture

B.E. Architecture

AP Design House

AP Design House

Meizai introduces Ex.t... Live the bathroom differently.


This bathroom collection is blowing my mind... it is EVERYTHING! Can we please talk about the black steel detail, how good is it?!

The Frame collection by Norm Architects for Ex.t is a modular system of bathroom consoles and furniture, suitable for the bathroom and beyond. The collection, available at Meizai, was created for a new market which is more and more asking for versatile bathroom furniture.

It features a straight and minimalist design and is a flexible system consisting of a number of black graphic frames which are customisable depending on your needs. The main steel structure is designed to accommodate the basin as well as a counter top in various materials such as wood, LivingTec®, marble and stone, while the inside allows you to hang a varnished wood cabinet or a drawer for storage.

You can view this stunning collection in store at Meizai now, or online