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There are so many elements to consider when choosing, shopping for, styling and positioning a rug in your living room. It’s a major purchase, something that you hope you will have for a long time and it really does set the tone of your whole space… so with that said, it’s super important to make the right choice!

The position of your rug is the first thing to get right and it all depends on the layout of your space. Generally, the rule of thumb is – if you have small space, place your rug in front of your couch. If you have a large open plan space, choose a large rug and place the couch onto the rug, whenever a rug is placed under a sofa or sitting under furniture it should always be larger than the furniture. If you have two couches facing each other, place the rug between the two couches. And any additional furniture you have, try to put the legs of the pieces onto the rug so they feel like they are part of the space. We love this huge 3m x 4m rug from Flooring Xtra, perfect for a modular sofa in a large room - Everest – Ivory Texture 1630

The look of the rug is the next big choice and a major one. If you are confused with where to start, collect some imagery of spaces and rugs that you like and make a mood board that you can refer back to. Choose a rug that compliments your homes style and the space that it will be in as well as thinking about how it works with your existing furniture and art pieces.



Choosing a rug that contrasts against your flooring is important, you don’t want it to blend in completely. If you want to go bold and bright with your rug choice, ensure that it works with your other pieces and that there is balance in the space. The Mirage – Navy Morrocan 359 from Flooring Xtra is bold, patterned and a gorgeous Navy Blue but it’s also subtle enough and will work with simple furniture pieces that won’t fight against it.

Functionality is super important and not to be looked over. Choosing a rug with long and plush piles means it can be flattened easily in high traffic areas, so think about where the rug will placed before choosing a soft fluffy rug, choosing a rug with a short looped pile may be better in high traffic areas.

The shape of your rug can transform your space – you don’t have to have a standard rectangle! If you’re looking for something a little bit different, choosing a round rug is a very on trend choice and it will work in more spaces than you may think. Round rugs look great under circular dining table settings, they work well in open plan entryways, kids rooms and placing a large round rug in the living room adds interest and is very functional.



Colour is also a factor when thinking of functionality. If you have kids and/or animals try to steer away from a pale or very dark rug, they will show up dirt more quickly. Try choosing a mid-toned rug with texture – it will hide the mess for a little longer! A jute rug will stand the test of time and lots of foot traffic too, the Atrium – Natural Shapes Pilu from Flooring Xtra is sustainably sourced and a stunning rug for any look.

Flooring Xtra has rugs in all shapes and sizes with many stores across Australia that can help you with all of your flooring needs.

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Rug Edit... let's go neutral!


I'm always being asked if I have a favourite rug, rug brand, style, material etc... and the quick answer is no. And that's because we are all so lucky to have sooooo many options to choose from when shopping for the perfect rug - and what you end up choosing completely depends on the style of your room, the size,  the colour palette and the furniture.

I have created a Neutral Rug Edit for you to check out today - some have pattern, some have detail and some are more simple but the main thing is that they are all super gorgeous, so basically there's something for everyone! 

Tribe Home - Piper | Ivory & Charcoal

Tribe Home - Piper | Ivory & Charcoal


My top tips for choosing a rug for your home...


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When buying a rug there's a lot more to choose than just colour! You need to think about size, pile depth, placement, shape and style – and that’s where Carpet Call comes in! They have a great range of super affordable, high quality designer rugs that will instantly brighten any room and bring it to life.

I was lucky enough to choose three of their modern rugs to style in my own home, to not only show you how great they look but to help guide you on the best size and placement for your own home.

For my dining room I chose the  Layton Outdoor Rug  as it’s easy to clean, it matches my decor and has the perfect pile and texture for a ‘food area’.

For my dining room I chose the Layton Outdoor Rug as it’s easy to clean, it matches my decor and has the perfect pile and texture for a ‘food area’.


For your dining room or kitchen, it’s important to choose a shallow pile rug as it will be much easier to keep clean in an area where food and high traffic are involved. When choosing a rug for under your dining table it is really there to ‘zone’ the space, so ensure your table and chairs all fit on the rug. Measure first, move furniture around to check and then decide on what will suit your space.

For my bedroom I chose the  Jordan Modern Rug  as I love the pattern and colours but it’s also sooooo soft and fluffy!

For my bedroom I chose the Jordan Modern Rug as I love the pattern and colours but it’s also sooooo soft and fluffy!


For your bedroom choose a smaller rug and place it under the foot of your bed, coming approximately half way up. As an alternative option you could place a smaller rug to the side of the bed, where your feet land when you get out. For the bedroom think cosy, thick deep pile that feels luxurious under foot.

For my lounge I wanted neutral and earthy tones with lots of texture, so I went for  Links Modern.

For my lounge I wanted neutral and earthy tones with lots of texture, so I went for Links Modern.


In your lounge room, generally a large sized rug is a great choice for the centrepiece of your room. Ensure the rug you choose compliments your furniture, interior décor and fits with your current furniture layout. Rugs are the perfect item to add another element of texture and softness to your space.

My Top Tips for choosing a rug for your lounge:

-          In a small space place the rug in front of the sofa.

-          In a large open space, I like the sofa to sit on the rug or even just the two front legs if your rug isn’t large enough for it to fit completely.

-          If you have occasional chairs, put their front legs on the rug.

-          For a modular sofa the bigger the rug the better.

-          If you have two sofas position the rug in the centre between them.

You don’t need to be super matchy matchy when choosing a rug for your home, however it does need to compliment the space.  Ensure it stands out from your original floor colour and then you can be as tame or as bold as you feel! Texture is key for bringing the most out of your room, so find something that adds a depth, you might like woven, woollen or shag, choose something you love!

Carpet Call has rugs in all shapes and sizes and some of them are HUGE which we love! They have free delivery and they also let you take up to three rugs home for 24hours to confirm that you love love love it, how good is that?!

Go and visit one of Carpet Calls many stores across Australia and let one of their friendly expert store member help you with all your flooring needs.

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New rugs from Olli Ella....


"Balmy nights call for hanging out on a soft rug, sipping something sweet and chilling with friends"... I couldn't agree more with the ladies at Olli Ella, what a perfect way to spend a summer evening. 

Olli Ella have released their latest collection of super soft and totally gorgeous rugs. Their chunky wool rugs speak nothing but comfort and style and are made with your home and family in mind. 

They are durable yet soft to touch and all have a playful twist on a sophisticated design. Each rugs individual design will seamlessly integrate into your living room, playroom, bedrooms or babies nursery and will stand the test of time both with it's quality and design.

So with Christmas rapidly approaching add one of these beauties to your Santa list! 

Olli Ella here - Shop rugs here - Instagram here - Facebook here  - Pinterest here

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