New rugs from Olli Ella....


"Balmy nights call for hanging out on a soft rug, sipping something sweet and chilling with friends"... I couldn't agree more with the ladies at Olli Ella, what a perfect way to spend a summer evening. 

Olli Ella have released their latest collection of super soft and totally gorgeous rugs. Their chunky wool rugs speak nothing but comfort and style and are made with your home and family in mind. 

They are durable yet soft to touch and all have a playful twist on a sophisticated design. Each rugs individual design will seamlessly integrate into your living room, playroom, bedrooms or babies nursery and will stand the test of time both with it's quality and design.

So with Christmas rapidly approaching add one of these beauties to your Santa list! 

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Olli Ella.. Dipped Baskets


I am a basket addict and have them strewn around the house holding pretty much anything and everything... and I think the ladies at Olli Ella are too!

Olli Ella baskets can be used for toy storage, planters, laundry baskets or to contain house hold items that need a home. Their beloved dipped basket is back and in more colours than ever, click here to shop or scroll for more basket inspo!

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