Tired of your lounge or bedroom? Problem solved!



Do you ever walk around your house and feel like it needs a refresh but you don't have the time or the expertise to make it instagram worthy? Nathan + Jac are your saviours, they create handpicked interior accessory packs designed for you to replicate at home.

Each of their full room packs have been designed to help you with the final layer of decorating and feature artwork, furniture, cushions, homewares, books and more.

They have just released their SS18 Collection and it is AMAZING... you will want to throw your whole lounge room out and start again!

Casablanca Collection - Inspired by handcrafted tiles, spices and garden villas, our Casablanca collection is woven like a rich tapestry of colour, culture and romance. Infusing a vibrant colour palette with timeless sophistication and glamour to create an intoxicating allure.

Sandstorm Collection - Inspired by the dunes of the vast Saharan desert, our Sandstorm collection combines a tonal feast of soft, floaty layers of ivory, camel, sand and oatmeal for a calming, serene effect. Like a Bedouin of the desert stumbling upon an oasis, pops of indigo blue, blackened kohl and rust punctuate this sandy backdrop, while glints of brass play like a mirage on the horizon.






6 tips for how to choose the right sofa for you...

Felix by Globe West  - Nosru Interiors

Felix by Globe West - Nosru Interiors

1 – Think about your surroundings - Consider the colour of your existing floor, the colour of your walls and any other room furnishings before deciding on your sofas fabric. 

2 – What shape will work for your space – Do you need a modular sofa to fill a large space, 2 small sofas to create a zoned area, or one large sofa for a longer thinner space?

3 – Colour is key – If you want something that will stand the test of time and your changing tastes, always go neutral; this way you can change the decor items in the space to keep up the with current trends without spending thousands on a new couch each time you like a new look. However, if you are into a more vibrant look, go colourful and bring your personality into the space.

4 – What is your design style – Are you modern, beachy, traditional or eclectic? These are important questions to answer before you even start looking for a new couch… Modern, go clean lines and straight edges. Beachy, choose lighter and textured fabrics with lots of plush cushions in the same tone. Traditional go for a classy and structured sofa with some fine detailing. And if you are eclectic, try looking for bold colours, patterns or even re-covering a vintage find.

5 – Comfort is everything – As much we may love a certain look, for me comfort is #1, and if the sofa of my dreams is actually uncomfortable, I’m not buying it! You will spend a lot of time on this bad boy so remember comfort is super important!

6 – Price matters – with an investment piece such as a sofa remember you do get what you pay for. Quality is paramount with a piece that will stay in your home for usually a very long time and get used ALL the time.

Hugo Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Hugo Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Cameron L Shape Sofa  - ClickOn Furniture

Cameron L Shape Sofa - ClickOn Furniture

Lazytime  - Meizai

Lazytime - Meizai

Hampton Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Hampton Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Benson Grand  - Freedom

Benson Grand - Freedom

Wilfred  - Jardan

Wilfred - Jardan

Freya Range  - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Freya Range - Lounge Lovers Furniture

Softy  - Freedom

Softy - Freedom