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The latest homewares collection from Hunting for George encapsulates all that we love about Summer. It’s relaxed, nostalgic and has a comforting simplicity. The collection titled Clifton is named after a sleepy coastal town in Tasmania where Hunting for George co-founders and sisters spent their childhood summers. And growing up in Tasmania myself I have an extra soft spot for this collection.

The collection includes new bedlinen, quilt sets, sheet sets, euro pillowslips, cushions, floor cushions, tea towels and prints. Summer means entertaining and entertaining means getting stuck with drying duty when you’d rather be falling into a post-feast slumber. You’ll be looking fine whilst doing the time with the double trouble Tea Towel combo: Cove and Village tea towel sets are 100% cotton, machine washable and super convenient for flicking unsuspecting passers-by.

They have also welcomed the Lounger Floor Cushion, made from indoor/outdoor friendly canvas, it is the perfect addition this summer. The Clifton Quilt Set is the everyday cool customer with an enigmatic smile, understated, super chill and always there when you need him. The Bobby Quilt Set is the extrovert of the bunch, offbeat and whimsical - moving sideways, never straight because no one likes to be predictable.  The Miami Quilt Set is the optimistic cheerleader, always upbeat and with its volume turned up. 

“I wanted this collection to represent everything we love about Summer holidays. Our fondest memories are from our holiday’s spent at Clifton Beach. Extremely understated and surrounded by nature. I wanted our designs to reflect the simplicity and calm energy of that time.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

“My favourite design is the hero of the collection, the Clifton Quilt Set. It has a quiet energy and a casual nature which is everything that a summer holiday should be.”

Eskimo Quilt Cover Set

Eskimo Quilt Cover Set

Lounger Floor Cushion   Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright Styling: Ruth Welsby Photography: Annette O’Brien

Lounger Floor Cushion

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright
Styling: Ruth Welsby
Photography: Annette O’Brien

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