Lina Bada Candles...

Today I'd love to introduce you to Lina Bada, a hand made natural soy and coconut wax candle company created by Sydney based Perfumer and Landscape Architect, Lina Shigemitsu. Made in Australia, the perfumes are created from organic jojoba oil and the aromas are balanced through a blend of unique fragrances, pure essential oils and absolutes.

Lina Bada's Collection features her signature fragrance, White Lotus Absolute, which reflects the depth, richness and elegance of the scared Lotus Flower - perfectly suited for meditation. White Lotus Absolute creates a pleasurable environment that brings a sense of depth and oneness. Complementing the Monsho Collection are 3 additional scent style, Sens Monsho, Urban Monsho & Saison Monsho, which represent the healing landscape, urban landscape and seasonal landscape. Lina Bada products are Philanthropic conscious & 5% of purchases online will go towards UNICEF to support children who are less fortunate.

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