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Paying tribute to a bygone era where gifts were treasured, Island trading Co is a luxury homewares and lifestyle brand with a unique Polynesian spirit.

The Island Trading Co. represents an attempt to recapture the excitement that emerges from genuinely rare and luxurious products by creating a beautifully sentimental lifestyle range that draws inspiration from the rich cultures of Polynesia. Based in Palm Beach, Founder Kathy Sheeran is an island girl at heart and a lifestyle blogger. As Australia’s online shopping queen, she has a particular fondness for beautiful homewards and Polynesian culture. She began the Island Trading Co. in 2014, using her experience to create something truly unique to a home which is reminiscent of the handcrafted quality of traditional South Pacific traders.

Island Trading Co. sateen sheets are made from a high thread count cotton with a beautiful glossy and soft feel. Once the sateen is woven, it is submerged in a treatment that changes the cotton structure making it significantly more durable, insulating and gives it that silky sheen. Available in double, queen or king with gold or white embroidery on pillows and sheets.

The Island Trading Co. Candles are all hand poured in Australia using only the finest soy blend wax. Each candle represents a carefully balanced mix of essential oils and natural extracts that combine to produce the unique aromas of a warm afternoon in the tropics. Wrapped in hand woven rattan and adorned with antique brass these beautiful candles will seamlessly nestle into your chic beach shack or pacific villa. The glass vessels are moulded rather than blown, promoting longevity and tying in with the Island Trading Co.’s aim to create beautiful reusable packaging that is gentle on the environment.

The Island Trading Co. tea light holders are hand carved from onyx that ranges from creamy white to a speckled egg brown. Like quarts, onyx is a semiprecious stone formed through volcanic activity and the crystallised structure allows light to filter through. Due to their transparency, each tea light holder appears beautifully textured under natural light and then transforms into a warm, glowing and fluid stone when holding a lit candle at night.

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