Woods & Warner - Palm Beach South Residence Interior Design...


This stunningly peaceful home is set along Sydney's infamous coast line Palm Beach. The aspect of the home is nestled neatly into the landscape so selections naturally were based on an earthy & grounded palette. Fixtures & furniture pieces are simple yet considered whilst careful not to overtake the breath taking view.

The home has a light & airiness feeling during the summer months however has the luxury of space in the winter which urges you to sit & soak up one of the many sun spots. 

Woods and Warner Interior Design are a Sydney based design duo founded in 2007 by Jacinta Woods and Sonia Warner. The industrious pair have a clear love and passion for design and art in the home and are the perfect choice for clients who seek distinctive and innovative design solutions with lateral thinking and execution. Both designers harness a creative challenge which drives them to continue to be an arbiter of style and taste.

Palm Beach South Residence was built & designed in conjunction with Albert Hoggett Architects.

'Clients contact our design studio due to our approachable & adaptable nature. Our ethos to understand the home and the client is paramount for us to execute the design scheme. We encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking shades,’ says Jacinta

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