Stunning Mutina Tiles from Urban Edge Ceramics...


We think of tiles for use in mostly bathrooms but trust me they can make such an incredible impact in so many space of your home - think kitchen splash backs, floors, laundry's, fireplaces, table tops... the list goes on.

Our latest tile crush is Mews by Mutina at Urban Edge Ceramics. Mews is industrially made in porcelain stoneware with a coloured mass dough. The collection has been designed with both contemporary and traditional use in mind. The variety of neutral tones allows the tiles to be a focal point or a backdrop in any interior scheme.

The Mews collection is inspired by the landscape, the history and the personality of the British capital, and by the huge variety of textures characterising its infrastructures, such as bricks, wooden floors and irregular geometrical patterns. The collection consists of 6 base colours: chalk, fog, pigeon, lead, ink and soot, each of which contains a palette of 15 different shades. This wide colour range adds depth and movement to the tiled surface making it rich and remarkable. 

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