5 couches that are perfect for small lounge rooms!

Image credit | Globe West

Image credit | Globe West


Having a small lounge room does not mean that you have to be limited with your furniture choices. There are an abundance of gorgeous and on trend options for creating your dream relaxation space, even if it is a tad on the small size! 

When choosing a sofa for a small space, firstly think about furniture orientation and what will make the space feel bigger and more open. Try not to have the back of the couch as the first thing you see upon entering the space, if possible create a 'walk way' into your zone, this will ensure an open and spacious feeling.

Keep your colour palette neutral and calming. White and light tones create a sense of space as well as reflecting light and you can add in pops of colour with cushions and artworks. 

Keeping your furniture up off the floor with legs can be a wonderful way to create a sense of space and avoid 'boxy' shaped larger items when possible.

And lastly, try to choose items that are the correct size for the space, you don't want to over power and dominate a small space with a huge sofa or coffee table, although an over-sized rug is a great choice for a small space!

What are your top tips for furnishing and styling a small room?