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Sydney based interior design company, Woods & Warner brilliantly blur the boundaries between art and design. Founded in 2007 by Jacinta Woods and Sonia Warner, are a creative force which stretch style parameters for residential and commercial clients who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar.

Each design is a spontaneous and adventurous masterpiece that embraces indulgent detail. Woods and Warner encourage strong monochromatic foundations and like to ‘build up’ their spaces with dramatic powerful colours, patterns or textures.

Clients contact our design studio due to our approachable & adaptable nature. Our ethos to understand the home and the client is paramount for us to execute the design scheme.  We encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking shades,’ says Jacinta.  

Greenwich Residence Ground Floor Renovations is their latest project. This space uses a monochromatic black and white colour scheme which theatrically contrasts against vibrant artworks, commissioned by Kate Clarkson & Lola Santiago. The colourful interplay of turquoise, dove pink and canary yellow balances out with handsome midcentury furniture and contemporary fittings.     

The industrious pair have a clear love and passion for design and art in the home, Sonia’s style is quirky and alive whilst Jacinta has a subdued with a classic undertone. 

As a business it’s like we have split personalities….we can look at a residence that deserves a nature driven palette & we slip into the style like a great pair of shoes.’

This is very noticeable in each of their homes. Step into Sonia’s space and enjoy a retro-renaissance. Glittered with bling, her home is a bold injection of pattern, colour & texture with a few vintage finds. ‘It’s very eclectic and has an antiquated feel,’ she says. Contrary to this is Jacinta’s home which is ‘light’ and understated; white wash walls and floors embrace touches of pastels and earthy greens. ‘I love lightness and breezy spaces that are elegant and chic,’ she says.

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