Living through a renovation - The life saving Hoover React Advantage Handstick


I have lived on many a building site and let me tell you that it is not at all glamorous… my Instagram pics may suggest that I’m having a great old time but constantly walking dirt, dust, concrete, saw dust and everything else into the house is tedious to say the least.

Which is why I am so lucky to have been able to review the Hoover React Advantage Handstick from Godfreys and I promise you that when I say that it is a life saver, I mean it! How did I ever get through the day not having a cordless vacuum cleaner? It is actually a miracle, especially for someone who has to vacuum multiple times a day… that dust just doesn’t give up!



Apart from it being cordless, my favourite feature is the FloorSense™ Technology. Floorsense means that it instinctively detects a change in floor type and changes the brush roll speed automatically for optimum cleaning performance. Tiles, floorboards, carpet, concrete - it just knows, and isn’t convenience all we ever want these days?!

Easily and effectively tackle deeply embedded dirt and dust with the specially designed WindTunnel SurgeTM, it’s quite amazing how much this beast picks up (especially when you thought your carpet was actually quite clean!).

It has a 23 minute battery life to easily vacuum your house - and as a special offer, for a limited time when you buy a Hoover React Advantage Handstick you will also receive a bonus battery for FREE valued at $149.95! So you will always be charged and ready vacuum!

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My tops tips - ‘how to be a secret domestic goddess with the new LG twin wash’.


When 2018 was still in the near future I had grand plans to organise my life - clean out cupboards, give away clothes, re-organise my pantry, file away all the piles of paperwork lying around the house, change my insurance companies, go through my direct debits (because who even knows what all those debits are for) and obviously eat like a super model and exercise like an athlete - but let’s be honest, 2018 came along and I drank all the margaritas and I ate all the food and I haven't call the insurance companies to negotiate new fees but what I have done is become a secret domestic goddess in the Laundry Department and that’s because of the new LG TWINWash, the first of it’s kind in Australia - and it does all the work for you, I haven’t changed a thing! 

Domestic Goddess Tip #1

Smart ThinQ - The LG TWINWash smart phone integration feature means you can manage your laundry anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone with the LGSmartThinQ app! You can remotely start and/or monitor the wash cycle while you are absolutely ANYWHERE!

Domestic Goddess Tip #2

Dual Wash Cycles - yes that’s right, you can wash TWO loads at once! The Front Loader for your regular loads and the smaller Mini Washer for your speciality loads - both of these can run at the same time, so you can wash your delicates at the same time as your towels, yes, that’s what I’m talking about! 


Domestic Goddess Tip #3

Washer/Dryer Combo - The front loader in the LG TWINWash also doubles as a dryer - so you can set your load to wash/dry with one click and return to clean and dry clothes, it’s a miracle, I know!

Domestic Goddess Tip #4

True Steam - The LG TWINWash combines both water and steam which gives a deeper and gentler clean. The TrueSteam function fluffs up fabric fibres which allows for the steam particles to clean on microscopic level… I didn’t even know I needed this feature until I tried it out, now it’s the only way!


Domestic Goddess Tip #5

Mid Cycle Pause - Even though this baby is a front loader, you can still pause it mid-cycle to add that missing sock, genius!

Domestic Goddess Tip #6

Style - I love a sexy appliance, it makes cooking, cleaning and laundry SO MUCH better. The LG TWINWash is a stunning Laundry appliance let me tell you and it has been designed with an Anti-Fingerprint stainless steel finish, amazing right? You don't even have to clean your own or your kids grubby finger prints off this! 

Domestic Goddess Tip #7

Reliability - This won’t make your house or your clothes cleaner but piece of mind makes life so much better, therefore the LG TWINWash comes with a 10 years parts warranty!


Disclaimer -  LG gifted me the TwinWash to trial and review, all views and opinions are my own.

Source: what I have done is become a secret ...