We have found the most stunning new nursery furniture for your little one...


Children’s interiors brand Incy Interiors has just released it’s latest range, The Maxwell Collection. This beautiful new collection is mid-century inspired with a contemporary edge, and features timber panelling with rich architectural details that are iconic and emanate a bold but gender-neutral impression on the nursery world. 

Popping up as a new trend shortly after World War II and remaining popular until the 1960s, mid-century style and furniture is characterised by rounded shapes that are inspired by the natural world and simple designs that are functional for the home. Mid-century homes and furniture are often characterised by their practical designs and beautiful craftsmanship.

The Maxwell Collection includes the Maxwell Bassinet; Change Table and Cot in both New Zealand pine and white colour options.


Founder and designer of Incy Interiors Kristy Withers says, ‘mid-century is one of my favourite styles of all time. One of the main reasons I admire this style is because of its timeless appeal.’

The Maxwell Bassinet is the first bassinet to debut in the Incy family. Its silhouette is solid in design with distinct elevated tapered legs that instantly bring a vintage-edge to modern- day interiors. 

Incy Interior’s Maxwell Cot features a handsome design that blends sleek geometric lines with natural characterises such as raw edges. One of the cot’s extraordinary advances is its built-in conversion kit which helps it to transition into a ‘big bed’ as your baby grows.

Kristy says ‘we know that kids grow up quickly. That’s why we have designed a transitional cot so you can get the most use out of it at an affordable price point.’

The Maxwell Change Table  offers the perfect balance of authentic 1960’s style with contemporary finishes and durable craftsmanship. Its removable topper, three generous sizes and soft-close draws mean that it can be easily transformed to a charming dresser or occasional piece.


The Maxwell collection, like all of Incy Interiors Products, champions the use of sustainably sourced New Zealand Pine that is non-toxic, water based, and the deep walnut coloured stain is free of VOC’s.