On the Sly Textiles... meet Lauren Finks

On the Sly Textiles create gorgeous products with personality and lightheartedness that are the perfect addition to your home. They deliver a cheeky pinch of colour and a big punch of style to your space; and you will be even happier knowing that all their pieces are designed, printed and assembled in Australia with only the best materials. 

I was lucky enough to chat to the lovely Lauren about design, running her own business and what inspires her... 

"Think of On the Sly as the relish on your burger, the heat in your Bloody Mary or the hot pink lipstick in your all black ensemble. We are the perfect addition to any home, any style or any occasion. Enjoy our products and embrace the sly effect."

We are so excited to have you on Dot + Pop – we love your gorgeous style and all your products - Tell us about On The Sly Textiles and how it started?
Thanks so much for having me. I am a graphic designer by trade and still work as one at Another Colour studio in Sydney (I work remotely). When I was living up there for a while I decided I'd like to pursue a project that was my own using my own unique style. I just went for it and didn't hold back!

How important is the term 'local' to you when developing your products?
We like to keep things local and that's why we design, hand-print and assemble here in Australia. For a couple of things we have to source outside of Australia to get the quality we need but local is and always will be our first choice and we like to support local business. 

You are also very eco-friendly and aware of using recyclable products - why is this so important to you and your brand?
Yes we like to wear the green hat. This is important to us and our customers. We have this saying at On The Sly that "eco can still be chic" and we believe it.  With a bit of research and persistence we seek to find materials that have a greener footprint.  And if people continue to buy them then it keeps the cycle going. There are always choices when developing a product and if we are able to make a green choice in the process then we will always do it.

Can you tell us about the creative process you go through when designing and sourcing materials?
Well, having a design background I like to research, go out, go shopping, read magazines and see what people like and also see what grabs my attention. Then it's to the computer. I skip the sketching stage and get right into it, I like to try things and see what works and then push further from there. Research, Research, Research when it comes to sourcing. I like to compare, hunt around and experiment with different things before I make decisions.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
I love to look at design blogs, magazines, even take notice of tiles or patterns in the streets and everywhere I go. If I see something, the iphone comes out to capture it for later. Even instagram, it's visual a feast.

What does a typical day involve for you?
Well it involves a lot these days! I spend my days balancing my full time job with Another Colour as well as packing orders and maintaining On The Sly. On weekends you'll often find me out for coffee, or having a design session at home coming up with new ideas and collating the inspiration I have found that week. 

What can we expect next for On The Sly Textiles?
In the new year we hope to be bringing out our A4 prints which is exciting. And lots more secret squirrel business going on!

What is On the Sly Textiles best ‘pinch me’ moment so far?
Gosh there have been a few in a big first year for us. Being asked to be involved with Real Living magazine in November was a highlight and I think actually the other day when I looked at our stockist list to see all the gorgeous boutiques that have picked us up. I still can't believe it :)

Who are your favourite designers for inspiration at the moment?
Ooh a tough one, For fashion I love By Johnny, Jac and Jack, Ellery, Bassike (keeping in in Australia). For homewares Jardan, Mark Tuckey, Marble basics, must mention also is Hay from overseas. I also love Tassel and Gaine, a totally different style to me but love their energy in their cushions.

Top 3 instagram accounts you follow and why?
lotta_206 for her simplicity, amazing taste and lovely feed
nectarandstone for her ridiculous talent stunning shots and amazing sweets!
elsarum again for style i love, mono, minimal, simple clean and beautiful
And we must include Dot + Pop for a very gorgeous feed as well... 

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