What's HOT in 2019 - Interior Trends to watch out for!


The world of interior designs is always evolving, and to that end, we are always looking ahead. With this being said, trend forecasters have been busy planning for what will be HOT in 2019. 

Flyn Roberts is the talented Exhibition Manager of Life Instyle and has shared some of the key trends that will be evident across the Life Instyle event next month. These trends are coming from those who are at the forefront of the industry and responsible for what’s HOT each season, so it's time to see what we can expect to see on our shelves in 2019!

Here are Flyn's TOP THREE picks...



A distinct shift towards sustainability is being felt across the industry and that’s filtering down to styling and pieces alike. Making a shift towards products that are either recycled, or able to be recycled is a responsibility as much as it is a preference. Sustainable fabrics and alternatives such as animal-free leather and worm-free silk are gaining popularity. Even without these examples, people are becoming increasingly concerned with how and where and by whom interior products are made so sustainability and ethical product are topping the list for me. 




There is always a colour d’jour when it comes to interiors, but don’t be surprised to see a shift back towards black for homes and interiors. Matte black is popping up across exteriors and interiors alike, and also across a lot of homewares. Black is exciting because it creates a lot of drama and allows bold statements without being so trendy that you’ll want to change everything in 12 months. (Think millennial pink!) To complement the black, browns, beiges, golds, and warm neutrals will see a resurgence. 




Wallpaper and window dressings will continue to be very on-trend. Wallpaper is incredible as the limit is literally your imagination.  Bold styles will feature heavily, and pattern and texture are where this trend really comes to life. From faux leathers to embossed baroque styles, homes and businesses are increasingly choosing wallpaper to make a statement. Window treatments are also enjoying a lasting come back, with everything from layered drapes to crisp clean shades expected to continue to remain popular into 2019. To my delight, simple lines are key here also. 



Life Instyle will take place at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne from 2-5 August 2018.

For further information on how you can register, visit http://www.lifeinstyle.com.au/register