Loom Towels Opens Christmas Pop Up - Don't miss out!

Loom Towels POP UP

Loom Towels… the softest, most luxurious limited edition towels you have ever laid your hands on! Handmade in a small workshop in the south of Turkey on 100-year-old shuttle looms using only the highest quality organic materials and dyes, Loom towels are plush with intricate weaves, patterns and colours. 

And for the Christmas season they have opened their first Pop Up Shop at 408 Smith St, Collingwood.

The space has been designed by Studio Edwards, who also happen to work from the office space at the rear of the building. It features high ceilings, modern lighting, grey washed ply, aluminium and of course the stand out - the towels!

The Pop Up provides a chance for customers to see, feel and shop the entire range for the first time! Customers will also enjoy complimentary organic iced tea by Chamellia and Turkish delight while in store… sounds good to me!

Loom Towels POP UP
Loom Towels POP UP

Loom towels are limited edition, once they are sold out, that’s it! However with new collections arriving every 3 months, there is always an equally stunning design on the horizon. The designs are limited because the process of creating each piece determines the amount - it depends on the colours, the roll of threads, the design, and the shuttle-loom, usually around 90 pieces are made per size in every collection. Loom’s newest design, Opal, has 20 colours in it and it was designed on their recent trip to Turkey in August.

Loom Pop Up is only open until Christmas, but you still have a few more days to check it out - 408 Smith St, Collingwood. Open from 10am, 7 days a week.

Loom Towels POP UP
Loom Towels POP UP
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Kip & Co for Home Republic...

Some may say I have a small obsession with Bed Linen… and they are right, I just can't get enough of it. And lucky for me and you, Kip & Co have collaborated with Home Republic at Adairs to give us magical bed linen that will make you smile… 

The range features Kip & Co's traditional Matchstick and Croc prints as well as some new colourful and punchy designs. At a price point making Kip & Co accessible to almost everyone we applaud this collaboration. Check out Kip & Co for Home Republic Kids Collection here...

Matchsticks   - Double from $119.95

Matchsticks - Double from $119.95

Twirled   - Queen from $129.95

Twirled - Queen from $129.95

Croc   - Queen from $129.95

Croc - Queen from $129.95

Matchstick Towels   - other colours available - bath towels from $27.95

Matchstick Towels - other colours available - bath towels from $27.95

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