Megan Morton x Incy Interiors - Four poster bed collection...


Is it furniture, or is it sculpture? Australia’s styling sweetheart, Megan Morton has collaborated with Incy Interiors to create a limited edition four poster bed that brilliantly blurs the boundaries between art and design and I am just loving the beautiful simplistic design, it is so modern yet so effortlessly timeless. 

Available in single, queen and king, Megan Morton for Incy Interiors four poster bed features a no-fuss design with a sculptural quality and artistic elegance that helps create the illusion of space. ‘We wanted to modernise the traditional fourposter bed with a sleek and contemporary interpretation that can be left as is, or personalised with decoration,’ says founder and designer Kristy Withers.

Made out of noble iron in a modern colour palette of rose gold and copper, its long clean lines gives you the creative flex to add individual sparkle to the frame. Its strong silhouette, high shine finish and sturdy frame provides a signature statement to an otherwise bland room, and at the same time has a strong decadence that doesn’t require ‘further fluff.’ 

The Megan Morton for Incy Interiors Four Poster collection is available exclusively from Incy Interiors

QUEEN: $1299 - DIMENSIONS QUEEN: 155cm (w)x 205cm(l)x 200cm(h) / KING: $1599 - DIMENSIONS KING: 185cm(w)x 205cm(l)x 200cm(h)

QUEEN: $1299 - DIMENSIONS QUEEN: 155cm (w)x 205cm(l)x 200cm(h) / KING: $1599 - DIMENSIONS KING: 185cm(w)x 205cm(l)x 200cm(h)

RRP SINGLE $799 - DIMENSIONS SINGLE: 95cm (w) x 195cm(l)x 200cm(h)

RRP SINGLE $799 - DIMENSIONS SINGLE: 95cm (w) x 195cm(l)x 200cm(h)

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Incy Interiors launches a Velvet Crush...


Incy Interiors is adding touch of theatre to the boudoir this season with its range of velvet bed heads. Moss green, vibrant aqua and sorbet pink is set to dominate our little one's and our own bedrooms this season. Influenced by the Elizabethan era,’ this velvet touch’ gives a rich and decadent opulence with timeless elegance. Ohhhh la la.. I can already see my self lounging around on a stunning velvet bed, how divine!

Incy Interiors tufted bed head is a handsome choice- controlled and cushy with delicate detail that adds textural interest with a hint of flamboyancy. ‘We wanted to create a collection that helps us step back in time with a little vintage charm,’ says Founder and designer, Kristy Withers. Available in King Single (124cm w x 122cm h) and King (200cm w x 122cm h), each are substantial in size and add dreamy decadence, without overpowering the space. King size bedhead RRP $999, King single bedhead RRP $699. 

‘There’s something timeless and eternally alluring about velvet- it’s a fashion stalwart that we’ve applied to our modern-day designs,’ says Kristy.

For those who prefer a hint of plush without having to commit to an entire story, get touchy and feely with a Kids Style Incy Interiors Sofa (142cm w x 67cm d x 56cm h) or Ottomon (45cm d x 124cm w x 53cm h). Plush and practical, their clean lines create a ‘contemporary meets classic’ crush so you can venture into velvet with a ‘modern- day’ frame of mind. Ottoman RRP $499, Settee RRP $999.

Whether it’s used to bring a pop of colour and lustre to cool tone rooms or to add warmth, depth and texture to an interior space, velvet commands its own definitive sense of chic.

Scroll down and get ready to lust over this dreamy, velvety goodness!

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Megan Morton and Incy Interiors four poster bed collaboration...


Megan Morton has called the four poster bed the little black dress of the bedroom world and we couldn't agree more! Her collaboration with the fab Incy Interiors features a simple metal design, complete with a matte finish in your choice of black or creamy white and you can request custom colours as well.. Incy we love you!

 “The classic design of the Megan Morton Collaboration will suit bedrooms for people of all ages. It's simplistic lines and neutral tones will compliment rooms with both classic and modern designs.” Said Founder and Director of Incy Kristy Withers.

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