Christmas Gift Guide - Under $50!


Christmas is officially less than 1 month away and I am left wondering, how does it continue to sneak up on us every single year?!

To mark the beginning of the rush to the finish line, I have compiled my TOP PRESSIES for UNDER $50!

Perfect for your family, loved ones, Kris-Kringle, stocking fillers or for anyone who deserves something special this Christmas!

Source: To mark the beginning of the rush to the ...

My top 5 Timber Christmas Trees...


Christmas is just around the corner and if you're like me you haven't even thought about putting up your tree yet! So maybe a beautiful modern timber Christmas Tree could be the perfect choice for you (and me!).

And let's be honest it is totally annoying picking up what feels like thousands of pine needles off the floor and the dreaded thump in the middle of the night when the whole tree has fallen over - does this happen to anyone else?!

I have compiled my top 5 timber trees which are available online now... minimalist, modern and super on trend! 

One Two Tree - same as above tree, just arranged differently.

One Two Tree- same as above tree, just arranged differently.

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Christmas Gift Guide - Under $50!


It's the 1st of December tomorrow... how did that happen? So what better way to start the official Christmas Season than with an Under $50 Gift Guide!

Check out my top picks for the perfect pressie for your loved ones, a fun KK or a stocking filler to finish off your haul.

And yes of course we have a grey, pastel and metallic theme... you can thank me later!

Ivy Muse - Haws Brass Mister $50

Immi & Indi - Terrazzo Cannister Rose $39

Sly Cushion - Flux Round Cushion Charcoal $49.95

Behr & Co - Jewellery Tray Cararra Marble $49.95

Sly - Teatowel Feathered Grey $19.95

Immi & Indi - Natural Belly Basket $39

Oh Eight Oh Nine - Petal Heart Print $15

Hunting for George - Eskimo Cushion Cover $29

Maxwell Willaims - Cloud Platter Storm Grey $29.95

Maxwell Williams - Square platter set of 3 $39.95

Adore - Interiors Coffee Table Book $40

Milk & Sugar - Chester small pot grey $29.95

Lightly Design - Geometric bottle opener round $24

Hide & Co - Classic Leather Basket small $39

Country Road - Ister small vessel $49.95

Ekhi Candles - Copper candle $39.95

Olli Ella - Neutral basket mini $49

Lightly Design - Round tin copper $45

Lightly Design - Rose salad servers $35

Milk & Sugar - Bowie Platter $34.95

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