6 top tips to create a sophisticated master bedroom with Manchester Collection


A sophisticated bedroom evokes a sense of elegance and luxury. The aesthetic is modern, the colour palette is refined and it’s a space that will stand the test of time and continue to evolve as your style does.

With the help of Manchester Collection we have compiled our top five tips to help you create the bedroom of your dreams… and rest assured, it doesn’t have to be a complicated or super expensive makeover, just a few tweaks and we will have you on your way!

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1 - Colour Palette

The first step is  to decide on your colour palette. The easiest way to do this is to pick out  a piece art that you love, a quilt cover that you plan on using or an accent item such a bedhead or item of furniture. Now you have your main colour,  so it’s time to work with it by adding in 2-3 complimentary colours in the form of accessories and linen.

2 - Texture

To create a space that has warmth, depth and a feeling of cosiness you need texture. Using bed linen that is the same tone (think grey, charcoal and white as a combo) and adding interest to the space by using different textures - imagine pure linen bed sheets and covers, quilted cushions and a knitted throw.

3 - Layering

Layering adds the luxe factor and creates a bed that you will want to run and jump in. Opt for high quality sheets and quilt covers, add a quilted bedspread to the bottom third of the bed and then layer that with a throw rug for a polished sophisticated feeling. When it’s time for your pillow placement it can be overwhelming, personally I like the euro pillowcases to match the quilt cover, the standard pillowcases to match the sheets and then add a couple of accent cushions to finish the look.

4 - Go big

When choosing a quilt and quilt cover it’s important to always go for a size larger than your bed. For example use a king quilt on a queen bed, a super king quilt on a king bed and so forth. It allows the bed linen to drape over the sides of the bed to creates that soft and lovely styled look you have swooned over on instagram!

5 - Accent items

Try using a certain material different ways in the space. For example, you could use brass pendant lights, a brass vase by the bedside and a touch of metallic in your artwork. Another option would be to use timber as the accent, timber frames around your artwork, a timber bench seat at the end of the bed and timber bedside tables. It naturally brings to whole look together and makes the room feel more cohesive and thoughtful.

6 -Add a touch of greenery

Adding greenery to your space will give it the finishing touch and will make it feel inviting and lived in. Flowers by the bed in a beautiful vase, a hanging planter with a cascading plant or a basket with a fiddle leaf in the corner are all great ways to utilise green in your room.