Dream it, Style it, Live it - Carpet Court is your one stop shop!


Dream it, Style it, Live it - this is Carpet Court’s motto and we couldn’t agree more with their way of thinking! Carpet Court really can make your dreams into your reality with their extensive range of carpet, flooring, window furnishings - they are a one stop shop when it comes to creating your dream home.

We spoke with the style guru herself and new Carpet Court ambassador Heather Nette King about all things trending within the world of flooring, carpet and window furnishings, check out her top tips below!

As we now know, Carpet Court doesn’t just do carpet. It really is a on- stop shop for all things carpet, floor and window related.

It sure is! At Carpet Court, you can pretty much make all of the big interior design decisions in one place – you choose your floorboards, some beautiful carpet, and then cover off your window furnishings too. I love this because you can see all of the samples in one place, compare them, mix and match, and be sure that you’re creating the perfect ‘base’ onto which you will layer with your furnishings, art and accessories. Getting those key foundations decided with ease and confidence will take so much stress out of your renovation – be it a whole new build, or just an update to one room. And, you can start the process at home with their ‘Dream it Style it Live it’ online tool. Simply work through the steps on the website, get your inspo, then head in-store for fabulous design advice and to make your final selections.

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Carpet Palm Cove | Colour Far North

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Carpet Palm Cove | Colour Far North

What are the biggest trends you see coming through for carpet in 2020?

There are a few key trends coming through – and the good news it that they are all quite different, so it’s very likely that you’ll find something that really resonates with you.  As we become more eco-conscious, there’s a real move toward using natural fibres in beautiful earthy tones. Also, I think people are becoming a lot more confident when embracing colour – I feel this started with the pastel trend, as it was a gentle way to introduce hits of pink, green and mauve into a space.  We got used to colour again, and it seemed a natural transition to start using the muddier, stronger pastels such as terracottas, and stronger greens.   There’s also a big love of nostalgia influencing us, so glamour and opulence will continue to inspire – the feel of luxurious, sink-your-toes-in carpet is definitely here to stay.

What’s on trend in flooring right now?

I call it the feature floor!  Gone are the days when floors were chosen just for practicality – now they are just so integral to your overall interior design scheme, and this has made us embrace colour, texture and pattern in our floors like never before.  For example, we’re seeing parquetry style floors rise in popularity again, which I love, as they add such a beautiful layer of detail to a room.  Parquetry style shows the richness of the timber, reflects natural light in such an interesting way, and in a room where there is not a lot going on furniture-wise, such as a hallway, it can be all you really need to allow that space to feel really resolved.   With carpet and rugs, we are seeing so much texture – think lovely chunky knots and thick, loopy piles – which don't just feel great underfoot – they all add another layer of visual interest to a room.

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Carpet Palm Cove | Colour Far North

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Carpet Palm Cove | Colour Far North

A major question for a lot of people who choosing carpet is ‘do I choose wool or synthetic or a blend?’ What are the key differences?

Great question – because these days it is sometimes hard to tell the difference!  Natural fibres such as wool were always considered the best choice, but innovations in carpet technology and manufacturing processes mean that now you can have a resilient synthetic carpet with the luxurious look and feel of pure wool.

There are many great reasons why 100% pure, natural wool is still the preferred choice for many people; it’s a renewable resource; it’s highly insulative and durable; it’s super long-lasting, and, of course, it is incredibly beautiful.  Who doesn't love the feel of their feet sinking into wool carpet first thing in the morning?  It's a fabulous to start the day!

Yet still, synthetic fibres are a very attractive choice due to their supreme performance, durability and, importantly, affordability – and their comfort factor is getting better and better so it’s not such a black and white decision now. 

Can we expect to see any colour/style trends coming through for window furnishings this Spring/Summer?

Yes, and I am happy to say the options are wonderful.   I find that when choosing window furnishings there are so many considerations – like how much light you want to let in or keep out, how much heat you’d like to keep in or out, privacy, security, budgets – it goes on and on.  Plus, you want your windows to the world to look beautiful too.  

With all of those considerations in mind – I find versatility is the key – so the new Veri Shades* are really appealing.  When closed they have that dreamy, soft look of a beautifully hung curtain, but you can easily adjust the amount of light they let in, and the best part is that you can easily walk through them. There are no weights or chains so they just sway gently back into place – genius!

I also think window treatments are a great way to add some drama and impact, so I adore the Icon roller blinds in the ‘Night’ and the ‘Flint’ colourways and also the Mercury II in ‘Steel’.  They look super-stylish on the black-framed steel windows that are so hot right now, but will add the wow-factor to any window frame.

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Plantation Shutters

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Plantation Shutters

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Plantation Shutters

DOT + POP - Carpet Court Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters create a designer and timeless feel in a space - how do you select the right shutter for your space? 

I remember years ago when many of my friends were installing plantation shutters into their homes – I loved them but I was worried that they would go out of fashion quite quickly… but you know what?  They are all still in those homes and they still look so beautiful.  They are now what I would consider to be a ‘classic’ – they simply do not go out of style.

Depending on the size of your windows (or doors) you can select either bi-fold or hinged shutters.  This will also help you to control the amount of light and privacy you need.   

In terms of materials, you can choose from timber, Fauxwood* which is a PVC, or aluminium.  Timber shutters can be painted in any colour, which is great if you’re looking to make them a real feature, but they will cost more than the others.  Fauxwood* has incredible heat and moisture resistant properties so it is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Aluminium is another great choice if you’re looking for a strong and durable option for a high-traffic area.  So I guess the great news is that there is now an indoor shutter solution for every budget, every room and every use!


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