Designer Australian Furniture - The Hoshi Collection by Skeehan Studio


Skeehan Studio is the design firm headed by founder Tom Skeehan, based in Canberra. The Studio designs and manufactures here in Australia, working closely with local vendors to ensure quality articulations of its designs, fostering local support and efficient sourcing of materials.

Skeehan Studio produces commercial furniture as well as product design, adopting a uniquely considered, material-minded process. Their designs have been awarded and exhibited internationally with high acclaim.

Tom is committed to education, his own learning and also activating knowledge of just how great good design can be. He regularly presents talks and events encouraging community participation, sharing of ideas and most of all enjoyment.

The Hoshi Collection is calm, inviting and honest. It uses classic elements of a campaign chair and lounge design with a pure materiality and a sober, functional design narrative.

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