Isn't it the best feeling when you stumble across a picture while scrolling instagram and realise that you need to have everything you see as it is just so you and so perfect? That's how I feel about cushions... LOVE! is a small collaborative business run by Interior Designer and Stylist Nina Provan, and Nick Rennie, a Product Designer affiliated with well known International furniture companies Normann Copenhagen and Ligne Roset.

With a strong focus on design, quality and simplicity, Nick and Nina bring diverse and complimentary strengths to the creative brand through their individually harmonious approaches. With all products both designed and made in Melbourne, Nina and Nick take great pride in ensuring local enterprise is an integral part of the core philosophy of the business.

A common interest shared between the two is their love for all things Japan- from the minimalist design approach, the selection and use of materials and the finite detail evident in Japanese aesthetic - all of which has combined to form the heart of their creative ambition for creative. 

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