Let me introduce you to VOYAGER Candles and Perfumed Room Mists. Kerrie Golias, director of Voyager, spent more than 20 years working in the fashion industry and living in many different parts of the world before she created Voyager; born from of a desire to build a business with integrity and combine her life-long passions for travel and fragrance. 

Developed together with an internationally renowned perfumer, the VOYAGER candle fragrances are inspired by nomadic adventures, and are complex and sophisticated fragrances with which to live and journey - Travel the world and ignite your senses with fragrances inspired by luxurious destinations, captured in the essence of Voyager candles. 

Six unique, luxury perfumed candles complete the Voyager range. Their candles are long burning, ethically produced, contain no palm wax or paraffin, and are hand-poured in Melbourne into double walled glass for a floating like finish, the Voyager range encapsulates beauty and serenity. 

The fragrances are an emotional response to my memories of a particular destination. It is deeply personal, but also something to which anyone can connect. My perfumer is like an interpreter, translating these memories into a particular fragrance blend that just ‘fits’. It’s pure instinct” - Kerrie Golias

And now introducing VOYAGER perfumed room mists. Three fragrances from VOYAGER’s candle range have been housed in beautiful glass vessels designed to produce a light perfumed mist that enlivens the room and evokes a sensory journey. Made in Melbourne using the finest fragrances, Voyager Perfumed Room Mists produce a balanced blend of soft and weighty notes that complement each other. 

“With only a few sprays of a Voyager room mist, one can be momentarily transported to another time and place.” - Kerrie Golias

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