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If you are in need of a stylish body care range that will be a stand out in your bathroom but will also help you make a difference to people in need of aid then Thankyou Body Care is right for you. All ingredients in the body care range are derived from nature. They are free from nasties such as SLS, SLES, parabens, harsh chemicals, animal derivatives, artificial colours, mineral oils and EDTA. They contain botanical extracts and delicate scents to nourish and soothe your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored. Its hydrating formulation makes it suitable for all skin types and is the perfect family household go-to.  

Each Thankyou body care product purchased goes directly towards funding access to hygiene and sanitation programs to someone in need. There is a unique Track You Impact code on the back of each product that allows customers to track their impact using a web app accessible through a smartphone or computer. By entering the unique code on their Thankyou product, customers will be provided with detailed information on the project they’ve helped to fund, including GPS coordinates. Upon the project’s completion, a personalised report including a photo of the final project is provided to the customer

"In 2008, we discovered the World Water Crisis and the fact that 900 million people in our world didn't have access to safe drinking water. We were university students at the time, working on our "5-year plans" and we were struck by the injustice of the fact that there were people our age on the other side of the world facing horrific daily battles.

At the same time, we learned that Australians spend a crazy $600 million annually on bottled water - an industry that to us seemed ludicrous when you consider the fact that we can all get water from the tap for free.

We came up with a bold idea to join these two extremes together to make a difference. The result? A bottled water company that would exist for the sole purpose of funding safe water projects in developing nations.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Little did we know it would be the hardest thing we'd ever do. But after a lot of hard work and persistence, with a few miracles thrown in, Thankyou Water was born." said
Director of Thankyou.

Today, Thankyou Water has evolved into Thankyou, a movement overseeing three different brands – Thankyou Water, Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care. Now this amazing company don’t just provide safe water access for those in need, but also access to food and hygiene solutions. And their mission hasn’t changed wither – "we exist to empower the everyday Australian to make a difference through a simple choice within their everyday life. We’ve just stepped it up a level."

Thankyou’s Body Care products are available in selected Coles and Woolworths supermarkets as well as IGA, FoodWorks, Foodland and other independent stores across Australia. To date, Thankyou has given over $2.2million AUD to projects spanning across 14 different countries. They have funded safe water access for 132,661 people, hygiene and sanitation programs for 153,507 people and 5.2 million days' worth of food aid to people in need plus long-term food solutions.

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