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If you have a candle obsession like me then you need to try Grace and James Candles. You will fall in love with the soy and coconut oil wax blend which are all hand poured in Melbourne. They feature a 100% cotton double wick which ensures optimal burning that lasts up to 80 hours. 

Grace and James was born out of a love of homewares, art and an obsession with candles. Emma Davenport the owner and founder of Grace and James worked tirelessly to source and develop a 100% local product that is still affordable. 

The packaging is an absolute standout, each candle is adorned with exclusive designs by some of Australia's favourite Artists. Grace and James collaborated with Hunting for George, Tevita, Curio & Curio, Laura Blythman, Santiago Sunbird and Steele for her debut collection with each exclusive design made to catch your eye, by creating a story to illustrate their unique collection of scents. 

Meet the Designers behind the fabulous Artwork adoring Grace and James Candles...

Curio & Curio
The inspiration behind my design... We wanted to create an eye catching design that visually evokes 'Spicy Pear' . We designed strong geometric pattern using a simple pear shape with a nod towards 1950's wallpaper. I chose warm oranges and pinks to conjure up a spicy feel. The grey background is the perfect foil for the bright colours, so they pop off the packaging. By flipping and mirroring the pear shape I've also created an inverted pattern which reminds me of Middle Eastern / Moroccan tile patterns or architecture.

Hunting for George
The inspiration behind my design... I love my scent ‘Moroccan Mango and Honey’. Instantly it made me think of seductive belly dancers dripping in jewels, dancing hypnotically somewhere in an indulgent Moroccan palace surrounded by nothing but patterns, colours and gold.

Laura Blythman
The inspiration behind my design... was the smell of the delicious creamy vanilla candle made me think of twinkly sparkling lights, creamy vanilla / night skies and ice-cream topped mountains.

Santiago Sunbird
The inspiration behind my design...we wanted to create something fresh, fruity and floral, reflective of the beautiful pomegranate candle. 

The inspiration behind my design... was to create vibrant pop colors splashed on crisp white makes us dream of tropical balmy nights, blueberry martinis and romance. ’White Valencia’ captures the essence of summer.

The inspiration behind my design was..florals. They're very big for us this year and the toucan is a central figure in our Summer '14 campaign, so this wild tropical print was the perfect match. 

And if you thought Grace and James Candle Co couldn't get any better, they now make custom wedding & event candles... Want to send your guests home with something extra special? Now you here

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