The come back of the Cactus...

There is no denying it, succulents are out and cacti are in. 

With so many ways to style these gorgeous plants they are a must have addition to your home; and even better they are the easiest of all indoor plants to keep alive. 

Large cacti are a wow factor and will transform a room, becoming the focal point. Beautiful for a big, open airy room, they look great with timber, industrial elements or colourful textiles. Put them near a window or light source for optimal growth. 

Small cactus are cute on their own, in a statement pot on your coffee table, or in  your bathroom or kitchen. However, for more of an impact go for a cactus cluster. Group them together by size, by colour or randomly for a fabulous effect. 

Keep in mind that most cacti require a lot of light and prefer to be in the sunniest parts of your home. You always have the option of taking them outside once a week or so into the sunshine to keep them happy. If you have a dessert cacti ensure it is planted in well drained compost. As a general rule you only need to water them in spring and summer, and use only tepid water. 

Now run out and buy one of these stunning plants to liven up your home.

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Eve GunsonComment