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Welcome to Dot + Pop Charlie and Fenton! As the newest designer to join the D+P family we would love to show you what this fab brand is all about. Charlie and Fenton are an independent textile studio in Melbourne Australia, founded in early 2013 by Isabella and Jannah. This collaboration brings together their collective backgrounds of over ten years in the Art, interior design, textile technology and set design industries.

Our beginnings were simple, just two friends who met working in the textile industry a few years prior. Between us we realised there was a strong desire for an increase of independence and creative initiative within our working lives’, the only way this seemed achievable for the duo was to go out on a limb and create something new and decidedly different from what was currently on offer within the textile industry.

‘We wanted to offer people high quality, unique soft furnishings in a market that is so saturated with throw-away poorly made goods. In Australia we know great quality exists but where is it and how do we get our hands on it? Great design should be inclusive and accessible, that’s what this store and our approach is all about!’

And that's exactly what they have done, welcome to my life Charlie and Fenton... I'm in love, but I am a marble addict! Scroll down to check out their collection, click their link to see even more from this talented duo or to shop click here now!

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Charlie and Fenton here - Instagram here - Facebook here - Twitter here

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